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Monday, January 30, 2017


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I'm gonna go ahead and disagree with you on the East Aurora vote. For THIS WEEK I would have put Middle College in at #1 even though I believe it wouldn't last long. Last week they not only beat the then #1 ranked small school team on a neutral court but they also won @ Burgard by double digits. The same Burgard team that is currently ranked and own wins over Franklinville (#10), @ McKinley (#8), @ Lackawanna as well as first place Medina.

I look at East Aurora's schedule and I see zero quality wins. Their best win might be a home win against Cheektowaga (unranked) for whom they also lost to. Their other two losses are a 20+ blowout loss to Olean and a loss to Newark, the #3 Class B team in Rochester (Health Sciences owns a win over the #2 Class B team in Rochester, Early College. MEC beat Health Sciences).

Also, I know there are a little over two more weeks in the regular season and I'm not sure how accurate the standings are on www.section6boysbball.com but as of right now, Burgard is the #8 seed and East Aurora the #1 seed in B-1 and would play each other in the quarterfinals.

Another interesting possible seeding outcome is in B-2. Currently, Health Sciences is the #6 seed and MEC is the #3 seed. Would set up a rematch in the quarterfinals. Health Sciences only has two more games left so they don't have a lot more opportunities to move up in the sectional seedings. Their last game is scheduled for 2/6/17. Sectionals don't start until the week of 2/19. So it'll be more than 2 weeks before Health Sciences play again.

I look at this latest poll and feel legendary writer Allen Wilson must be turning over in his grave seeing how the 2 most dominant programs of the 1990's - LaSalle (now Niagara Falls) and St Joe's - have completely fallen off the map.

St Joe's I see finally won a league game beating CCA tonight who really is a poor IAC team. Overall Mark Simon seems like a nice guy but clearly it's time for him to resign at the end of the season. He can't recruit, his best player quit the team, I think they have been in last place for a few years in a row, after this season they haven't won a Manhattan Cup in 9 years - this is a team that used to finish #2 in the Large school poll almost every year in the 1990's to LaSalle. I get Mark did some good things with the program 10 years ago but so did George W Bush. You may say 'well who would replace him' - Paul Schintzius, well known former coach of Sweet Home who had that legendary win over Johnny Flynn and the 'super school' in 2007 is looking to get back in I hear.

LaSalle turned Niagara Falls has turned into a middle of road Yale Cup team. How can the largest school in WNY (after Lancaster) in terms of numbers in a city like Niagara Falls not even field a .500 team? I know they are ahead of CSAT in the NFL, but they have lost to half the league! You are talking about a team that used to win the NFL in its sleep when it was half the school (LaSalle) and a team that made 5 State Finals in 6 years (04/05/06/08/09) not that long ago! So they screw up not giving Monti the job back in 2001 and he ain't leaving Naples (who in their mind would), they let Gulio go after losing 2 State finals and a bad 2010 season (Wade Phillips anyone?), but Sal somehow in 7 seasons assuming he doesn't win it this year will have only 2 sectional titles (LaSalle won 11 in a row from 1988-1998) in 7 years! And it will make 8 years in a row Falls hasn't made it to Glens Falls after LaSalle in the 90's basically had that weekend as part of their schedule. Again - 'who should replace him?' - well Pat Monti's 20 year assistant coach Frank Rotundo is still around and did a great job with Pat, knows the game extremely well, and I bet would take the job if asked.

Maybe the Bills being a national joke for 17 years has lowered everyone's standards around here. But for St Joe's and Niagara Falls to be complete disasters is bad for area hoops. Let's bring in new blood to make Niagara Falls and St Joes basketball great again!

FWIW re St. Joe's someone recently told me they are unable to provide financial aid as they had in the past, which accounts for the slide in talented bball players heading to Kenmore Ave. Mark was and remains a very good coach and an even better person.

Bring back the 90's - I don't agree with you. Some of the best coaches in WNY do a great job with the talent they have and get no recognition. Not everyone is blessed with college level talent, making it significantly easier to "coach" and receive all sorts of accolades. I'd question the recruiting process, quite honestly. St Joes and Niagara Falls have great coaches. Bringing in a new coach isn't the answer, and you're crazy if you think it is. I'd pose your concern differently. Take a look at losses with great talent, and ask yourself if the team needs a new coach.

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