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Wednesday, March 01, 2017


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Will South should have beaten McKinley by a lot more. A very sluggish start where they couldn't buy a bucket didn't help and either did the officiating who I thought called a very close game with a lot of borderline calls being made. McKinley benefited from this the most with South's big man, Branieki being in foul trouble the entire game. McKinley's FT shooting was terrible and couldn't capitalize on their chances.

McKinley just didn't have it this year. Their best player, Wardlaw, was held in check by Dolan all game. McKinley turned the ball over a ton. I didn't understand the constant on ball pressure McKinley was giving Dolan. He's way too good for that, especially when being pressured by smaller guards. Michael once again getting the best of Dorsey.

The Grand Island vs. NT game was a complete snooze fest. Grand Island was terrible and NT is the most mechanical team I've seen in the playoffs. They play a well organized 2-3 zone and really pack it in. Nothing special about either team. Everyone in the gym seemed like they just wanted that game to wrap up to get to South Park/Cheektowaga.

Overall, I think the officiating if fine but agree that some seem to call a lot of early tic-tack fouls which really can change the complexion of the game. I think part of the issue is going to a 3 man crew for the play-offs. It seems like some feel obligated to become part of the game by making early calls. Personally, I would rather stay with a 2 man crew as they use all season which would mean that only the most highly rated officials would be at Buffalo State.

Certainly South seems to be the better team in A-1 but
NT's zone will be a little different look than South is used to from top teams. When South played Park, the Park zone gave them some trouble. Albeit that NT does't have the length of Park down low, South has to be aware of settling for standstill 3's, shooters need to be in rhythm when shooting. Their perimeter shots need to come via penetration and kick outs.

NT's size on the interior could give South trouble also, similar to what McKinley's size did. With Lombardo hurt South is thin down low.

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