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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


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A month ago I thought Park was too talented to be stopped but obviously that was wrong. CC calling it the no nights off Monsignor was pretty accurate in the end. I think it will come down to Timon or St Francis winning the Cup, even if Park wins the semi against St Francis. The team I think has been grossly overrated all season and living on past reputation is Canisius. Only 1 win in 6 games against Park, St Francis and Timon. The Park games were total blowouts and the last Timon game wasn't really close. And really they were lucky to get the 1 win against St Francis. The best story of the year would be watching Joe's beat them in the qualifying game. Best time of year and best playoffs are in the MMA

Park has talent but no coach. Coaching will win you the big game. Talent will win the average games. Coach has no idea what to do after he calls a timeout. Proven last year in the final. They are very talented but you can not get get rid of the financier.

Canisius could lay out a list of excuses for you "Dose of Reality" but your hater attitude is just what they need to hear before playoffs. Thanks for the ignorance. It's obvious that the early year rankings held them way to highly. Center Court had them being number 1 because he had been wrong so many times before. So please all of MMA, sleep on Canisius and count it as a win before it starts, that's exactly what they want you to do.

Hardly a Canisius hater. But you will have to forgive me for not believing a team that was a clear number four and got blown out twice by Park will suddenly be the team they were when they had different players in prior years. There is no Trueheart on that team this year and no Madut to clean up when he gambles. I would expect them to be back in the mix next year. You can get as fired up as you want about what I'm saying, but wont do you any good. Enjoy beating Joe's again if you can it will be the last win of the year.

Hardly a Canisius hater? They got lucky against Franny's in a game they never trailed in? They were overrated ALL year at number 5-7 in the news poll? The only thing you said that had truth to it was they aren't the same team they were last year. Put your real name in the blank and we'll all know where that hate comes from. Anonymous PUNK!

The last time I checked, there were no Shupinski's on the Canisius roster and the only type that would get his panties in a bunch like you are is someone who has little precious in the program. So I'm an anonymous punk but you are the real Jimmy Shupinski? That makes you an anonymous CLOWN! Even RaiderNation, DSG, JZ, Park fan and the rest of the people using their real names think so. Do you do kids parties? Anyway if you were at the St Francis game they won at home you would know that they survived to get their only good MMA win this year and they didn't start out 5-7 in the polls they started out grossly overrated. Good luck today maybe Canisius will break the losing streak against Timon. Try not to trip over those clown shoes walkin in Jimmy

Ooooooooooo get him!!!!!

You guys arguing about this is like debating who won the 'popular vote' - Sad! It's all about winning the Manhattan Cup which Park will do EASY - believe me! Right now all this back and forth about Canisius is FAKE NEWS. You guys r just as bad as the dishonest pollsters from the FAILING Buffalo News who vote Amherst #1 for beating Hamburg by 4 points - SICK people! Look at Olean - they lose their entire team yet still Make Basketball Great Again!!

And then that happens!!!!

Everyone hating on canisius needs to take a seat. They clearly have the best coach in the MMA.

1.) WNY basketball fans should simply appreciate the strength and parody of the MMA! @dose of reality - the main reason that Canisius was so "grossly overrated" early on, in your opinion - is the same reason they just beat St Joes and Timon this weekend. Real basketball minds knew/know who Canisius is, regardless of the perceived lack of talent. Although you may have hit the nail on the head about Mr Shupinski about a few things, he was correct in his assessment of Canisius. Not sure which is worse, tripping over clown shoes - or having to taste your own boots afterwards.
2.) @make basketball great again - Olean is a basketball factory. No question. Other than, when will they ever play a good team on the road during the regular season?!
3.) Good coaching may tend to outweigh talent during this time of year, this particular season in WNY. Canisius vs St Francis ; Amherst vs Olean ; East Aurora vs Dunkirk ; Franklinville vs Ellicotville.

Wont bet against the Crusaders, but love the cogs that St Francis has. Amherst is clicking - Olean is clicking, so something has to give. The young Kensy just watched his dad's team lay an egg. I dont see them doing the same on Weds at Buff State. If EA plays basketball as they are capable, Dunkirk's talent may fold. And as for Franklinville/Ellicotville - should be a great one for any basketball fan. Fville may have a chip on their shoulder after losing a coin toss and having to play an extra game. Haskell seems to have Ellicotville and Bowen figured out.

Anyway you look at it, its a great week for HS hoops in WNY. Jus sayin....

I would like to maintain my innocence from hating Canisius. I really do not. What I am guilty of is being over opinionated about their chances to win the MMA. I'm really not surprised they won yesterday but what changed was my opinion after watching them win yesterday. Different team than the one I was not sold on before. Guess I should have seen that coming but I did not. Husband is an excellent coach but so is Ferris. Different types of teams should make for a great final. The boot tastes lousy but not the first or last time I will experience that.

Best Coach in MMA is Fenn. Period! Husband completely out coached the guy from Timon, Although not hard to do. Timon had way more talent.

Who is running the large school poll released this week - CNN?!?

Will South clearly #1. Who r the 3 IDIOTS not voting them 1? Just ignore the fact that they WON AT FRANCIS by almost 20? I hope WikiLeaks finds out who is voting Amherst #1 - what is next free college for all? Yes they split with South but Timon CRUSHED them head to head! So just ignore that? And have u seen their wins lately - barely beating Sweet Home, Hamburg, Starpoint-Sad! And anyone who doesn't have Park RIGHT BEHIND St Francis needs to get their head examined. They lose to them in OT, double OT, then by 2 in regulation and suddenly Olean who lost to Chataqua Lake and Maryvale is better? They CRUSH Canisius twice but now they r ranked BEHIND them??!? Unless Miguel at the FAILING Buffalo News finds Russian influence at work, the poll results r FAKE NEWS. Thank God Fox News - or I mean the State rankings - usually get it right, many more people see those rankings - believe me!

Hopefully Miguel speaks clearly and dumps at least some of the voters next year so we can Make the Poll Great Again!

Two great high school basketball games in the A bracket! Four very good team but the common theme for the winners was the offensive sets of Canisius and St. Francis. Lots of movements, quick passes, backdoor cuts, slipping ball screens, and reacting to what the defense gave them. On the other hand both the Timon and Park guards dribble way too much waiting to make something happen off a high ball screen, while the other 3 players stand around watching. They had some success but not nearly enough to beat the solid help defense of Canisius and St. Francis. Should be a great final.

There was another 'common theme' for the 4 teams that won at Villa on Saturday - think New England Patriots wide recievers....

New England receivers?
Scrappy? Smart? Fast? Undersized? Well coached? Hungry? Resilient? Champions?
Interchangeable? Coachable? Unselfish?
I thought that all of the 4 teams that won were very different. They certainly don't have all that in common.
Hopefully your not referring to race.

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