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Sunday, February 26, 2017


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Thx for the recap CC. Definitely rooting for Frannies and Nichols. I hope Frannies breaks out the huge flag that I last saw in the 2007 MC finals. Nice job this year by Coach Fenn. Good luck to all four teams.

St. Francis is a very good , unselfish, well coached team. Welch, Sierika and Cunningham may not match the hype of a Jones, Scott and hutchins but they have beat the crew three times. Park is still young though, you hope the staff can develop these kids and team to get the most out of them. Jones does not have a jump hook, counter move or up and under which is puzzling at this age. The guards take quick contested shots and it seems that roles are not established on this team at all.The last two years this team should not have lost a game in WNY.

section 6 observer - your referring to coaching.

Unless you attend Park practices, I don't think you'd know what moves Joe Jones has, cause he rarely sees the ball! Those guards love to dribble and play 1 on 1 though, that we have seen plenty.

CM not a bad observation - teams win championships - not individual players.

I have seen Park in 6 plus games to see he has not attempted any of those moves.(actually I saw one jump hook) You usually do what you practice. Its obvious the coaching staff is not developing the talent these kids have or doing much in game. I will not be surprised if there is at least one defection or more from this team. Too many alpha dogs at guards everyone thinks they are the fist option.

You don't need a neurosurgeon to figure out that coaching is important this time of year! Jus sayin....

Frannies have Parks number it is that simple. Match up really well. Jones is his own problem. I agree the coaching is some of the worst at this level. That does not excuse Jones play throughout the year. Not once did he step across the paint and demand the ball. He is a mid major D1 level player. You would think he would salivate just knowing the advantage he has. Can not teach him to be hungry. Also be sure to give Frannies the credit. They play their hearts out! Led by their best player Bo Sreika!!

Saw criticism of coaching and have to give a few coaching staffs credit for getting the most out of their players with strategy, Team play and effort.
1) St. Francis
2) Canisius
3) Aquinas
4) N.Tonawanda
5) St. mary's
just an Opinion from what i've seen during season.
Didn't see everybody.

How do you leave out the Falls or the Nichols coach?

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