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Monday, February 06, 2017


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So Health Sciences nearly beat Oracle by 100 points yesterday. Very big of them. Gaines dropped 50 points. Great job. I hope he did all of that in the first half when they were up 62-14. If not, then Coach Parker should be embarrassed. Oracle has 2 wins this year. They previously beat Oracle by 31 points.

No Health Sciences starter or regular contributor should have been playing in the second half. According to the Buffalo News online, only 7 Health Sciences players scored. 7?!?! The team scored over a 100 points. Did the team only have 8 guys dressed? When they lost to St. Francis they had a lot more than 8 guys dressed. That would at least explain a little bit. Otherwise, run the shot clock down to below 10 seconds before you take a shot, play zone defense, something.

In today's pampered society surrounding high school athletics, I have hard time believing that this is OK. If Coach Starling Bryant got a talking to when his Traditional team of the early '00s beat Performing Arts by 100 then I would imagine Coach Parker would. Then again, who is there to govern the Charter Schools? Do they even have an Athletic Director.

Can't wait for Health Sciences road quarterfinal game against MEC.

Well said StateChamp. Not only is that an issue with coaches without class but the issue of coaches on both boys and girls side being so cut throat about winning that they think there are know rules they need to follow. Like recruiting and bringing kids to public schools who live outside the district and running illegal practices with illegal players at practice. Good to hear some coaches have been suspended due to not following the rules of the sport.

you cant get mad at health sciences for having their team dominate the whole game a kid score 50 when just recently a girl played the whole game and scored over 50 and set the 3pt record with 16 and they killed the other team and she was praised

It's too bad there isn't something the parents can do to stop the recruitment, especially when it's to another public school that can't offer a free car and dancing girls like the privates do. But we all know that similar to the war draft back in the day, you can basically either move to Canada or go where you've been recruited. Why is it that parents can't just simply say no thanks, my kid will continue to go here? I guess they are powerless when the unmarked van rolls up to abduct the athlete.

And those illegal practices you speak of, hopefully they slow down with the building of the wall. Because I know that dirty trick of letting an alumni scrimmage at a practice was an isolated incident and has never happened anywhere other than the one reported time. Who would even think to let such a thing happen. I feel dirty even typing about the subject.

I could care less about girls high school basketball. This is a blog about Western New York high school BOYS basketball.

Believe me, I'm not mad, but if I was the coach at Oracle I would be. There are far superior teams in Western New York than Health Sciences playing just as terrible teams as Oracle and I don't see them playing their starters when up by more than 50 points.

Gaines' 50 points against a hapless Oracle isn't nearly as impressive as say Greg Dolan's 24 points against Rochester's UPrep or Julian Cunningham's 18 points against Park.

I Think St Francis should be #1 but I can understand it but after tonight win vs The Park School St Francis will earn it with hard work and great coaching from Brian and his Staff and didn't have to pay for his players. That's what separate There program from all the others..

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