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Sunday, February 19, 2017


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CC that Olean prediction is quite ambitious, requires them beating Maryvale, then Amherst and Cheek/South Park winner.


AA- One of the 3 NFL teams. League play will have them ready to compete every night in the playoffs.

A-1- Will South
A-2- South Park
Overall A: Will South
B-1- East Aurora but not easy
B-2 Health Sciences
Overall B- Health Sciences
C-1- Chautauqua Lake
C-2 - East
Overall C- East

Look out for Randolph in Class C2. Gave east a game late, and ever since that loss have been unstoppable. I see them over coming that loss to East and squaring off with Chautauqua Lake. Overall, I think Chautauqua Lake gets the job done for the overall C crown

AA-Kenmore West
A1-Will South
Overall-Will South
B1-East Aurora
B2-Middle Early College
Overall-Middle Early College
C1-Chautauqua Lake

-MEC has seen a lot of success recent years. They know how to win big games. Never count them out to make a playoff run even bumped up to class B this year.

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