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Sunday, March 19, 2017


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Really ? NFL? Rose on 3rd team while Aquila and James are on 1st

I think that some of these leagues give a trophy to any kid who put a uniform on this season.
Yale Cup 1 - 29 kids for 8 teams. That's 3-4 kids/team on average receiving post-season honors.
Yale Cup 2 - 22 kids for 7 teams, still over 3 kids/team getting honors. That's insanity!
The Catholic league has a POY and 5-1st team awards per division, in what is considered the top league in WNY.

Where it gets really dumb is when there are 6 guys on a league's 2nd team, like they just couldn't choose between 11th & 12th best player in the league.

Farszmil on 2nd team being the third leading scorer in that division???

Lol....that's so funny.. I'm literally over here dying laughing to what you posted your name.."you get a trophy. .etc...
But I absolutely agree with you!!!

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