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Monday, December 11, 2017


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What are the odds that Dorsey STILL votes for McKinley as the top large school in next weeks rankings? Even after losing to a small school that's not even ranked in the top 5 and losses to Park, U Prep and Kearney. I'd say the odds are still good. #takehisvotingcardaway

What a joke the Buff news poll has become. Can't even get the all the pollsters to vote??? Both large and small polls only had 8 people vote. How hard is it to text the idiots that dont vote and say YO send your vote in??? And then they let Dorsey vote on the poll who won't even play catholics anymore and you think that was a good idea??? When was the last time Mckinley won anything and he votes his team #1. The whole first poll is a JOKE!!!

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