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Tuesday, February 06, 2018


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I am from Prattsburgh and apparently you know nothing about our program..We have never been afraid to play anyone at any time ,so your shot at us is based on not knowing facts..We will see if your misinformed comments don't come back to bite you

I know that the Prattsburgh program has one sectional title this century and that year they won it they lost to International Prep from Section VI. An inner city small school, similar to East High this year except this East High team is better than that I-Prep team. Not to mention Franklinville and Ellicottville might be better than East.

Prattsburgh's schedule consists of exclusively of D and C schools with a loss to a 9-7 York team.

East's schedule consists primarily of A and B schools. They're only losses are to McKinley (A), Aquinas (AA) and Leadership Academy (A).

We will see won't we..Before you start handing out the state title to East, there is a little school called Clyde Savannah you might want to worry about as well..Prattsburgh may have only one one sectional title this century but only Notre Dame of Batavia has more wins over that period of time than we do..The York loss was one small chink in the armour...The point was made about us feeling the pressure , we may lose but we will never turn anyone down or play anyone..On that point the writer was totally off base

Also ,if Ellicotville and Franklinville are better than East then that proves my point ..I have seen Belfast play .Ellicotville beat them by 16..So that proves we are in the ball park

I'm very familiar with Clyde Savannah, as they've spent most of their time the last few years in Class C. They lost to Middle College of Buffalo in the 2014 Regional. Middle College is a Class B team this year, who East beat by 20 points this year. To go a little further, Middle College is the only team to beat Section V's Northstar Christian this year. Northstar plays Clyde Savannah next week. Should be good.

With so many wins and so few titles, one would think that the pressure does get to Prattsburgh...

16 points isn't exactly a close game.

What does 2014 have to do with this year? 16 may not be a close game but Belfast has played a weak schedule and if Ellicotville beat them by 16 they aren't head and shoulders above anybody in this area ...Try again ..

Of course when Section 6 is polishing off the empty spot where your state title was suppose to go just remember...Class D ..Section 5 , 7 State titles Section 6 , 2 state titles

And the writer can attack a bunch of high school kids , but like I said we have never been afraid to play anybody and I hope the teams he mentioned can back up his bold statements and big mouth...we will see

Just pointing out that I am familiar with Clyde Savannah and their programs history.

Now look who is talking about past years...

Try again eh, ok, how about Franklinville winning the regional game against Finney last year (by 23 points). Finney who beat Elba, who beat Prattsburgh. Franklinville returned all 5 starters from last year.

Ellicottville beat Randolph twice this year by 9 and 11 points. Randolph lost to CG Finney by only 7 points this year. CG Finney beat Genesee Valley who beat Prattsburgh this year.

The writer is definitely not attacking any high school kids. Merely stating his observations from the teams he has seen play in WNY and comparing them to how he would think the Class D teams would fare if they had the same schedule. He's seen more high school games the last decade in WNY and Section V than most people so I'd say he's pretty qualified to give an opinion. He's basing his opinion on the games he's seen from the three mentioned Class D schools from Section VI and the Section V Class D schools losses and lack of games played against larger schools.

This is good stuff.

hahaha. Always good to hear from you, TML. The blog has been missing some good banter.

Ms. Presler, can I get your opinion on the Prattsburgh girls team? I see they are having quite the season. I cover section VI girls teams and am looking forward to a potential Franklinville/Prattsburgh regional. Franklinville girls have wins over three ranked large schools this season.

Prattsburgh girls start 4 seniors so we do have alot of experience..The program has been very good for the last several years..We play typical Prattsburgh basketball,get up and down the floor quickly

Well, I had no idea my comments would illicit such a response. Mainly because they were far more harmless than the overly emotional reaction they drew. But reading these comments over has been a lot of fun, so for that I must thank you Tracy!

Here's a recap:

Tracy said I attacked a bunch of high school kids with my bold statements and big mouth.

Here's my quote she's responding to when I was referring to East having just lost at McKinley, followed by a 31-point win over St. Mary's:

"Can you imagine Prattsburgh rolling into Mack High to take on McKinley? I think the pressure might get to them. I don't think they'd lambaste St. Mary's either."

As you can see, quite the bold statements made by my big mouth. But if you know anything about me from over the years, I'm all about a good attack on high school kids...

Tracy also said "We have never been afraid to play anyone at any time ,so your shot at us is based on not knowing facts."

Two things there -

1. Interesting that Prattsburgh having never been afraid to play anyone is a fact! Very interesting. Prattsburgh is located in Steuben County - fact. At Prattsburgh Central School, the student body makeup is 49 percent male and 51 percent female, and the total minority enrollment is 6 percent - fact. And now, Prattsburgh has never been afraid to play anyone - fact. Who knew? Certainly not me and my misinformed comments.

2. When I wrote that I thought the pressure would get to them, I didn't mean that they'd be on an anxiety-riddled bus ride to McKinley suffering from nausea, and fearing that the entire community of Prattsburgh may ostracize the team upon its return should they lose. It was meant in a much more basic manner. McKinley is deep, fast, and athletic. They've made a living over the years of pressing teams into submission. I was implying that pressure would lead to a McKinley win.

The good news in all of this is it's still early February, which means teams have not completed their schedules for next season. It seems like the logical progression from this entire exchange would be Prattsburgh scheduling a nonleague game at McKinley next season. What do you think?

I'm not the A.D. but I am sure if the opportunity arose we would have no problem scheduling McKinley. Part of the problem around here anyway is there is no advantage for a larger class school to play a smaller class school..This will all play out in the end ..Just don't shine up the trophy case for a Championship trophy until it is won..

Also to another poster..The Genesee Valley ..Finney was at the beginning of the year and Genesee Valley is a young team that has improved signficantly as the season has gone on and I will admit we did not play well against Gen Valley but they are a good team and probably the team Clyde Savannah has to beat for the D1 title..

If a small school is good then that's incentive enough for a large school to play them. Happens all the time in WNY. Franklinville has played Niagara Catholic (B), Burgard x 2 (B), Olean (B), Pioneer (A), Iroquois (A), and Medina (B). East High's schedule consists of ONLY AA, A and B schools.

How about saying something as to why you think Prattsburgh will win sectionals. Like "we have Garrett Socola and Mason Putnam who were named to the 1st and 5th all state teams last year." Something that's a little less subjective.

All of this commotion, over Class D? I’d be more interested in this argument if it were 1995, and we were about to have a J Rowe/Marius Janulis playoff matchup


Northstar Christian - 77
Middle Early College - 81


Middle Early College - 52
East High - 72


Clyde Savannah - 63
Northstar Christian - 91

Just sayin...

Tracy Presler...calling Tracy Presler, you're wanted in the trophy cabinet to come shine this Class D regional trophy East High won yesterday...by 16 points no less.

It's disappointing that after all the perspective-lacking small town pride in this thread, Tracy Presler can't just eat a little crow and own being wrong. Very wrong!

Not only were my "bold statements" made by my "big mouth" correct, but I even nailed it when I said we'd beat Clyde-Savannah rather than those good old boys from Prattsburgh. And when I say we beat them, I mean put one on them to the tune of an 16-point victory! East didn't beat Ellicottville or Franklinville by that much. Why? Because both of those teams were better than anything Section V had to offer in Class D. I suspect Sherman would have knocked you off also!

That's right, we most certainly had the D's!!!

"And the writer can attack a bunch of high school kids , but like I said we have never been afraid to play anybody and I hope the teams he mentioned can back up his bold statements and big mouth...we will see" -Tracy Presler

No, I never attacked any high school kids - but I'm going out of my way to take a few shots at you sir Tracy! Be sure to take a break from your chores this weekend and see how the best Class D teams in NYS fare in the tournament you've failed to send a Class D team to for now FIVE straight seasons. It's really sad you'd pick this year to squawk, because I remember when Section V was competitive in Class D.

BTW, my prediction was Section VI would win Class D & Class B in the regionals, exactly how it shook out. I picked Section V to win AA, A, & C. It's not like I don't respect or pay attention to the top programs from Section V - I do. Unfortunately for those who insisted all season that Section V would win Class D all year, you're making predictions based on emotion rather than logic. This was an easy call because it's the best group of Class D teams I've ever seen in our area.

If by some miracle Section V would have won the Class D regional, the peanut gallery would have tortured this thread all week until they closed the streets for the big Friday night square dance & bingo. I gave you a couple days to come correct and eat your crow, but you didn't man up. So I served you a heaping portion! #BOOM

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