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Sunday, February 25, 2018


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What's with everyone running away from the Nichols head coaching gig? This will be their 4th or 5th coach since Plumb left in 2011?

They ran Jim MacKinnon out which they never should have. He is the reason the team won another title after the '10 team because he was the guy that assembled the roster that won it later, just never got a chance to develop all the young studs. Nichols didn't like MacKinnon and ever since that the coaches they do like don't seem to like them. Maybe its the school administration or maybe its the parents who get way to involved because they think their fat check entitles them. Either way that place needs some stability because its become a sideshow over there. I bet they wish they never ran MacKinnon out!!!!

The St. Mary's coach left because he could run his business there as well. No idea why the current guy left other than he is an ex college coach who was left without a job when Jim Baron decided to quit coaching so my guess would be he's ready to get back to the college ranks and has been looking for quite a while to do just that. Before those two Reinholtz decided to hang it up before then.

It would be nice to see Nichols circa 2006-10, but the maim reason to attend Nichols is the outstanding education provided. They will be fine hoops wise.

Clarke is not looking to get into the college game at this time unless the perfect opportunity comes up. He is full time at Canisius College and as you may know he was a successful high school coach at Walsh before joining Baron at Bona. “Tom Donahoe” hit the nail on the head, dealing with parents was one of the primary reason he left.

Parents!! Good parents with legitimate expectations and a RESPECT for the development of their student athlete are becoming harder and harder to find.
PARENTS!! Who are an integral part of their student athletes development, who coach them from the stands, who's only interest is their child's interest, who tear coaches apart on social media are becoming the norm.
Parents are the reason for this coaches move and should be removed from the process moving forward. Don't worry Nichols no their school wants those parents either.

I hear the parents at Nichols are extremely hard to deal with. This year and last few. Unfortunate because more kids would be interested if there was stability.

I did some research since I don’t follow high school basketball as closely as I once did. I’m informed that one parent in particular was a major problem. That’s a shame. Teams succeed because they work together rather pulling apart st the seams. Unfortunately this individual caused far more issues than helping. But parents involvement is nothing new. I saw a couple stand up and get more or less in the refs face near half court at the south game Saturday night. This particular person became more restrained after Larry Jones directed a state trooper to 1/2 court.

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