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Saturday, February 17, 2018


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Is you crazy. Medina win 13 in a row? They haven't won 13 games all year.

I is crazy and I failed Mustang math :)

Remember where you heard this.Southwestern has a very nice club.Saw them again the other night vs Chautauqua Lake and the game coulda gone either way.Devin Pope and co.eeked out Avery close victory.Anyhow I liked what I saw and could see them very possibly at Buff State

Class AA: Niagara Falls
Class A1: Will South
Class A2: South Park
Class B1: Olean
Class B2: Health Sciences
Class C: Chautauqua Lake
Class D: Franklinville

Class AA is weak, again. Anything but another championship for NFHS would be a disappointment for them.

Greg Dolan won't be stopped. He's going to carry this team on his back if he has to.

A2 is the hardest bracket to predict IMO. Yes, I know South Park lost at Maryvale (by a point) back in December. Yes, I know South Park lost at home to Cheektowaga (by 4 points). But hear me out. South Park lost its first meetings to MEC and McKinley but they won the rematch against McKinley and Yale Cup Champion, MEC by 9 and 13, respectively. I think they can beat Maryvale and Cheektowaga in a rematch.

Olean back in Class B. Enough said.

Shame we have to see MEC and Health Sciences play in the semi-final and not the finals. I'm going with Davonte Gaines and HS.

I think Tapestry has the most talent in Class C but also the least experienced and will virtually be playing an away game in Jamestown. I really like Devin Pope and think he runs the table for Chautauqua Lake.

Anyone who knows me, knows I like East High. But I actually think if they were in Class C again, they would have a better chance than in D. Their lack of depth concerns me a lot (8 warm bodies and maybe 4 guys where I don't cringe when they have the ball, but those 4 guys are GOOD), playing in Jamestown again and the fact that Franklinville has an extremely talented big man and shooters all around, I like Franklinville repeating as D Champion.


A1: Will South- Dolan carries the day
A2: South Park
B1: Olean
B2: Health Sci.
C: Tapestry
D: East- Anderson and Allen overcome Franklinville

A Crossover: Will South
B Crossover: Health Sci

Best possible match ups

Will South vs West Seneca West
Health Sciences vs MC
Class C & D Semis and Finals these should be some of the most entertaining games of the sectionals, will be super competitive.
Class A&B Crossovers

Best Chance to win a State Title:

Class B and Class D representatives

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