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Thursday, March 22, 2018


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Briggs was the guy who sealed a win over Olean and went off in the state playoffs. And he's one of the best shooters in the area who I'm sure could shoot a high percentage against Nichols and Ellicottville. Plus there's a huge difference between deep sectional runs and deep state runs.

Mad Mike
I was just stating he is top 25!!

Agreed. Briggs should be either on same team or team above Briggs for what he did consistently. Gaines has Tennessee and huge games against the worst of the worst.

Honestly the center Court list should mean more than Buff news. CC sees way more games and knows the talent better.

Devogel ,cmon...he would not start on any MMA team...Can't dribble with left hand and can't shoot...

Any team in MMA with Devoogal as number one option may not win a game. Should not be mentioned in same breath regarding basketball with top wny names. Additionally, most of the kids know each other in todays game and would never truthfully state true feelings about other player's games. So ask Dan Scott nothing about Devoogal

I feel sorry for any kid who is put up here by a biased person to be evaluated. Whoever singled Devoogal out and threw him up here to be evaluated isn't doing the kid any favor and can't see things correctly. He doesn't belong in the top 25 but is a definite HM candidate. He may start at some MMA schools but Park, Canisius and Timon are not possibilities.

The kid had a great small school career but is a perfect example of why ALL things are not the same. If you can't beat Medina who lost to Nichols by 20 and St. Franny by 40 how are you going to compete in the MMA.

You're not

Great career, great stats.

No competition, no top 25.

Sorry DAD

Yes from the looks at the scrimmage all star game on a mini court today I'd say Devoogel is not top 25. Top 35 yes! Just playing around you can see the difference. Definitely the least talented on the floor with a team including Sanford. Good career though. C'mon sir Chad give us the list!plz

Any list without the bigs are Park is a joke. Those kids just led Park to the Federation title and please do not think that by giving Noah, Dan, and Brandon credit that somehow you do not have to do so for those bigs. None of those wins are possible without them. WNY is loaded with guards, the difference at Park is that they have both great guards and real big men.

Max Weber was Newfane’s best player regardless of scoring average. In games against good teams the ball was in his hands and he made them go. Results against Barker, Akron, and Albion are less relevant. Max could be successful on a lot of teams including in better leagues. And that’s a non-biased opinion.

Went to watch a friends son team play,they had a strong team,TBook, Jcarey,Liberatore,ARuffino,Grabbar and they got killed by a seventh grader,I think his name was Jalen...Some of these kids being mentioned for all wny might be overrated...

Webber from Newfane was also on that team,that couldn't guard the seventh grader...

Two things. First, it's a team game folks. Looking at stats is nice but there is an art to these teams too. If you play for a state champ you may be the best player in WNY or you may be blessed that other guys on your team play help-defense and have to be guarded, so you get more open looks. Just use common sense and a small bit of game knowledge.

Next, all the players deserve love, honor and respect. Without the players there is no game. PEACE

No one is probably more excited for the graduation of Greg Dolan and the departure of Gabe Michael to Joe's, than Zaire Dorsey. Those two guys have had McKinley's number the last 4 years.

Will South goes to shambles. Degree and the 9th grader should transfer. Canisius?! Also Bradley got POY in MMA. Has to be first team. Devoogel had a great career but should not be mentioned other than an honorable one.

Degree cant transfer to MMA and play going into senior year, Who is the freshman?

Schooled me. Forgot that rule. Good one. The freshman don't remember his name but he played a good amount of minutes when healthy. Hope Joe's goes back to old Glory days. Once Park seniors are gone it's an open game again.

Everyone one on Park is a senior.

Y'all talking crZy. Park had exactly one senior this year and South had exactly zero freshmen on varsity. Can't truss it!

Flave is correct, I think the kid you are referring to is Mike DiGiulio, who is a sophomore not a freshman at South. Broke his foot and missed most of the season but played great in the play-offs coming off the bench, had about 15 points vs WSE. South will not be the same team next year but they will be a solid team. If both Degree and DiGiulio return they will have a very good backcourt. They have a couple other guys returning in addition to a strong JV team.

Park loses one of bigs,smith and possibly Scott if so they are beatable.

I saw South JV play. They are not strong. But agree on the varsity having a good back court. South will still be in play for Buff state next year unless Amherst makes a return. Park will be barely above everyone next year. Still have more size so that will help them stand out. Watch for Canisius to make a move. They always do.

Hoop Junkies - next year, try and catch WS East's Zamari Mitchell. 6'1" junior is in line for many school records. Followed up 46 vs Springville with 35 vs N Wheatfield two nights later. Was the only scoring option on a young team. But, he is a very impressive scorer, quick as lightning, and fun to watch.

Thank you, Chad, for your fantastic work with hoops in WNY!

Any update on when the teams will be officially announced?!

Buffalo News has posted they are doing theirs the 21st not sure about Centercourts,maybe the week before or after.


.coach joe and statechams2003 have the most credible lists in my opinion. Pompey is a good point guard, but unfortunately for Frannies, his affinity for going coast to coast led to more turnovers than points. probably cost them a few wins

How similar will Center Court and Buffalo news teams look?!? All star game was pretty fun. My daughter got to compete in front of a pretty good crowd. Didn't stay til end but enjoyed it all.

dolan, gaines, justin j, willard, hutchins

scott, bradley, cunningham, pope, book

briggs, bradberry, radford, james, scmidt

allem, erickson, hemphill, jayce j, B. Smith

dobbins, Bowen, gayle, hind , Goodridge

Coach of year



1st team
Dolan who will also win best player
Johnson because he took bums to the championship
Willard because he won a state title. Class D or not it is history

2nd squad
Gaines who played big all year except when needed in big games
Bradley MMA POY
Cunningham helped Timon have a good year for a royal 3
Book had a great year leading the not so talented Jack's
Bradberry led squad to a title

3rd team
Pope absolute bucket waiting to happen and can be a 2 team kid
Hemphill where if he had help would have shined more
Briggs was the true core of that HS team but numbers not on tickets level
Radford was best player on that team and overlooked because Cunningham is not a play maker
Schmidt very under the radar but super solid

Anyone got an argument otherwise for POY?

Tomorrow we find out! Loved this conversation. Thanks for the platform.

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