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Monday, November 26, 2018


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This was awesome!! Best local sports coverage in country. Lets go Canisius!! Also Johnson should be allowed to play at WSW he is a great kid and might be best guard in the area.

Lewport just beat Canisius by 20 easy in scrimmage...

My boy is no longer a pioneer CC....BUT the orange & black bringing home the title again. .....I definitely respect ferris coaching though!!!!

Mad Mike question as to why Johnson should be able to play? From what I have heard, he played in the 8th grade re classed like all these kids that parents think they are going to be d1 players do ,and came back in 8th grade why should he get an extra season. There has to be rules in place that pertain to this. All these dads with their d1 and NBA dreams is a joke. Kids should not be held back solely for athletic advantages so other kids doing it the right way suffer.

"...but if Cardinal O'Hara doesn't win it all with the squad they have this season, I'll be covering wrestling next year." I'll call that bluff.

Great take with Frannies. We will be a lot better this year. We have top talent and youth. Do not be surprised if they run the table undefeated. Also Johnson should not be able to play Mike for the sole fact that he does not have eligibility left. Interesting they let him play football. Interesting that they are fighting the decision now instead of the summer.

Thanks for the great job you do covering WNY HS basketball. St Francis is a very solid team and well coached but I’m still sticking with the defending champs. Park looked pretty good in their opener against UPrep. Real good starting five and some scoring off the bench. In my opinion Noah Hutchins is clearly the best guard/player in WNY.

@Why? – Unfortunately, you have heard wrong. I realize there are many rumors regarding our family's matter. For those who care to know, the complete details will be revealed soon. There are rules in place, and for the record, we are abiding by those rules. As far as me being a dad and D1 dreams being a joke, I am a dad who ACTUALLY fulfilled his childhood dream of being a professional football player. Also, I’ve had two sons play D1 football and one of those sons played professionally and now works in the front office of a professional football organization. I also have a brother who started 2 years for the University of Michigan, whose son is currently in the ninth grade and has just received his first D1 offer. Furthermore, other family members have also played at the D1 level WITH good ACADEMIC standing. So, in my household and extended family, having a D1 dream is far from being a joke, it is a very attainable reality. I understand this may not be the case for you and your household, but that does not hold true for everyone else. I acknowledge this is a public forum and everyone has a right to their opinion, but this is a very serious matter for my family, especially my son, Juston. I would appreciate if you would at least dignify your commentary by posting under your real name. ~Demeris Johnson (Juston’s Father)

I did not want to start any problems about a family or D1 talent. Lets keep it in basketball. But lots of good points Mr Johnson. I was going to say the family would not fight the ruling if they did not have proof. @Why? you got your answer.

Relax Pops. But I do believe your son should play if you think you were done wrong. Like Scott from Park. Also Johnson is likely top 10 talent but not near the top 3 guard. I would take Hutchins, Bradberry, Lightfoot, Poumpey and Briggs. Look out for Timon. We will surprise a lot!!

I’m not trying to get into the debate on the situation with Juston but I have to commend a father that protects and stands up for his son/family.

I also believe that Juston Johnson is a D1 talent in football so one way or another he’ll be D1. I don’t think that was ever an issue.

That boy Justin Hunt will have a breakout season for BASCS he worked hard everyday of the off season

Raekwon Graves is the best in charter

Juston Johnson can’t check Kam Briggs facts

Amir Morris will have a breakout season for CSAT he don’t stop working, I expect 30+

Zamari for West Seneca East is going to have at least 3 50point games

I certainly hope that Juston is deemed eligible as it would be a great dis-service to him otherwise. Props to Demeris for his great attitude and his guidance of his family.

Centercourt goes out of his way to create a preview that highlights every team and talented player in the area. For people to come on here and talk about certain kids, or their parents, or their parents aspirations(which they know nothing about) is despicable. From what I have heard about the Johnson case, he has a legit reason, which falls under the section 6 and NYS rules, for asking for another year, and he is of age. If he had eligibility left, he’d be of age next year too, so it’s not a case of a kid being old, and playing against younger kids for an advantage. The thing will be decided in the next few weeks, good or bad for the Johnson family, but attacking kids and parents is reprehensible. Also, the amount of coaches who inquire and want to stick it to Johnson and see him ineligible is laughable. Anyone who has played any sport in their life, wants to compete against the best, and in turn, beat the best. Bums who never accomplished anything, and were mediocre players are the ones who want to see a kid hurt. Again, this will play out in the next couple weeks, and if Johnson is found ineligible, he won’t be able to play anyways, but for grown men to salivate over a kid being hurt is pathetic. And if you have to ask yourself if you’re one of those guys, you probably are.

On a side note, by any measuring stick Johnson is one of the top two players in WNY. To say otherwise is to make yourself look foolish. On top of that, he is a great kid, great teammate, great student, and great athlete. Regardless of what happens with this sectional decision, Juston Johnson will be wildly successful in whatever he does in life, while some of you guys will still be anonymously commenting on social media about 18 year olds because you never had what it took to make anything of your own life and athletic career. (Side Note: I understand the irony of me criticizing anonymous posters while I post anonymously but I’d be emabarrassd to have people think I’d give some of these nobodies the time of day).

Chad keep up the good work. Best in the business.

Mr.Johnson it seems you have done a great job with your kids.I have categorized you with the wrong group it seems . But that still does not change the fact that he should not get another year to play , rules are for everyone.
And why do ppl ask , I never attacked Johnsons ability at all or discredit what he has done. As for being a top two talent I question that as now you are discrediting ton of other kids who are good in the area.That opinion is yours.
So maybe this does not pertain to you but this reclassification is crazy the Falls kids,Lewiston kid, Park kid and many city kids that are doing this is ridiculous and 95 percent of time it points to athletic gains.

Mr. “Why” it seems as if you are speaking ignorantly on subjects you dont know much about. Johnsons case is not a “reclassifying” issue. He was not reclassified for athletic gain. It is from my understanding he had an injury that caused him not to play a year after his clock started from playing JV in the 7th grade. You speak on rules being for everyone, well if you know the rules you would know that an injury is in the “rules” as an acception for a student athlete to get his year of eligibilty back. You say rules are for everyone, but it sounds like they are do exactly what your saying shouldnt be done and not following their own rules for Johnson. The kids are allowed to play 6 yrs of hs sports, Johnson has only played 5, playing this season would be his 6th which is the “rule”...You also said someone else was discreting kids but its actually you discediting what johnson has done. To say hes not top 2 when as a junior he was the runner up for player of the yr after leading his team to a 24-0 record, going toe to toe and beating the eventual POTY to only follow that with a 43pt performance an win in the A crossover game. He was 1st All WNY last season which would make him a top 5 player last yr over those same kids you named but hes not a top player this yr? There were only two Jrs on 1st team last yr and he was one of them which would make him one of the top 2 players in WNY this yr. All the other players you named are great and you are right youre entitled to your own opinion but opinions can also be ignorant when they blantanly ignore facts.

Juston will land on his feet regardless of the decision.

People are Idiots, the rule states if a player starts playing basketball in 7th grade he has 6 calendar years to finish,not playing years. The clock starts running on the six years as soon as he starts ( I’m not sure if I’m in agreement with it but a rules a rule). It also states if a player has an injury it must be the specific reason he’s out of school. I know of one case where a student athlete was given an exception and his situation kept him out of school for the whole year. A friend of mine is very involved with section VI sports and over the years he has challenged me to read the rules and I have rushed up on a lot of them. I don’t know what the specifics of Juston Johnson’s case is but saw your post and it seems like you didn’t know or misunderstood the rule. Have a great day.

Why? Who reclassed from the Park team? My son plays on the team and I haven’t heard anything about it. It could be a rumor that you heard and maybe some of the things we are hearing about Juston Johnson could be just that, rumors.

People Are Idiots. First, I never mentioned any other kids. Second, I never discredited Johnson (you seem a little touchy) I just stated he may or may not be top 2 kid. That is yet to be played out.
My comment was about his eligibility and his reclass that has effected his eligibility obviously, call it whatever you want.

Park Proud Hutchins has reclassed to the year 2020 , however that works.

Johnson is best guard I have seen in a while. @Why? The Hutchins reclass has no effect on WNY. He already has several offers. Also some Ivy League schools. Why even mention his name or his reclass? I think he is over rated. Dude will not play an extra year buddy. Also it seems like we are all sleeping on Joes. We got the size and shooting. I think it is a complete tossup in MMA A. Go Joes!

I mentioned because I was asked . I was not asked about the effect on WNY bball and Hutchins is a absolute stud.

I agree with you on Noah Hutchins being a stud Why. I followed the team all through the season and traveled to watch them through the playoffs and championships, yes that is plural. Lol. He played against the best players and teams in the state. Tom Huddle obviously hasn’t watched him play. Overrated not one bit. Hands down the best player/guard in NYS. Can’t wait to play St Joes. Tom was right on his reclassifying not meaning anything to WNY HS basketball.

One more thing, Juston Johnson is a very good PG but I’m my opinion not to the caliber of Noah Hutchins. I think there’s a lot of fact in that statement.

My last post was supposed to read the best player/guard in WNY. I know he’s also in the top ten in the state.

All this private school talk. Do not forget you heard it here first. Will North will surprise everyone and take the AA. Also great job CC.

Johnson broke his arm, that's the big injury. Supposedly he took a year off between 7th and 8th grade then came back to 8th grade. Sounds like he has no case, but what do I know...I'm just repeating what I heard

It could be but the rule reads that injury had to be the specific reason he was out of school. If he is allowed to play it will open up the opportunity for many others in the same situation throughout the state. Only time will tell.

Primeballer. Park scrimmaged Wil North tonight. You could be right they are big and strong offensively and defensively,good shooters and well coached.

Could be CHS worst year in what, 15 years? Can't remember the last time they weren't at least in the cup final.....St. Joes just might turn their program around with Gabe at the helm and steal some of the talent that usually flows into the blue doors. CHS has always had the best collection of talent in WNY, maybe not the best overall player, but the deepest teams, so it will be very interesting to see what happens in a year where they seem to be flying under the radar with no big names of years past like Helton, Nevins, Hart, Weir, McDonald, White, Trueheart, Reed, Washington, etc.

How about we change the subject? Start a new positive conversation.

By my account--- the "real" WNY 2016 Class has had 8 players hit the D1 floor!!!

Stafford – Hofstra
Howard- Syracuse
Jordan – Louisville
Takal- Canisius
Amadi – St Bona
Maceo – Geo Wash
Gram – UB
Dan H - St Francis
I looked back and it seems the 2016 class has the most in recent history by far (2 or 3 from other recent years).(Not to mention several D3, D2, JUCO players)
Quite impressive!

Who else is playing, where, and how are they doing?

I quick count 5(?) other D1 players currently playing---

Sterling - Tulsa '14
Dom - St Bona "17
Cam - Howard '15
Colby - UB '17
LT - NwSU '15

We should have an ongoing forum so all the kids can see what the players before them are doing and have experienced. It would be great to get updates from all of you--to shout out some college players. Only 3% go on to play in any sort of college. We could help CC feature a former player story once in a while, so those still in high school can be inspired.

D3, D2, JUCO Etc

Good luck to all this year! Have fun!
Thank you CC for all your hard work.

Donel Cathcart - O'Hara 2015 - Youngtown State
Ryan Funk - Clarence 2014 - Marist
James Rojas - 2017 - just committed to UB

Alot of talent as usual in WNY

pre season predictions on classes
Private A
Private B

AA Falls
A Lew Port
B Olean
D ?

Johnson is better than Poumpey, Briggs, Bradberry, Lightfoot and it's a coin toss between him and Hutchins. How one has the offers idk. Prediction: WSW gets to federation along with O'Hara.

Everyones opinion Johnson is in the perfect system he gets every play called for him and dominates the ball for every possession. He won't be able to play that way in college , maybe that's the answer to why not one but three of the kids you just mentioned have offers and interest and he does not @ j grant . College coaches probably know less than you though I assume.Coin toss must be one sided because it's not remotely close Hutchins is head and shoulders above any guard right now in WNY.

I think Amherst will make a jump. No Greg Dolan in the way finally. Stewart will arise as a premier guard and considerable upgrade from the previous point. Amherst wins A this year.

J Grant--SectionVI makes a good point. Johnson is a very good player but he will not be able to play that style of basketball in college. If he is reinstated, running more college type sets would do him a world of good in the recruiting world. Johnson is a college player, no doubt, but the level he can play at is still in question. I know the “offer” thing is far from a perfect science and often times not accurate. I am sure that some colleges have expressed interest in Johnson. That being said, according to Verbal Commits, Hutchins has 14 offer and Johnson has 0. It may be a toss-up to you but apparently, college coaches see it differently.

Interesting debates. I have seen Hutchins and Johnson play and they are both great. You can argue about who the best is for a long time. One thing that bothers me about the local basketball scene is how some teams' stats are published on Max Preps and others are not. Folks, it's 2018 for Pete's sake. Let's post all the stats.

Falls will be best team. Then Will North. Don't sleep on middle early and Will North. Also Ohara is over rated. I got Timon with surprise MMA A winners. Only ones arguing if Johnson is better than Hutchins are delirious WSW fans and his wacky support.

section 6 should be ashamed of their selves for not letting Juston Johnson play! section 6 has no damn reason to not let the kid play.The family did everything the right way to let him reclassify just for arrogant section 6 to do this to him. safe to say if they dont let him play i will be done with section 6

Niagara Falls And Park should be the top two teams. Wil North looks real good. I’ll be very surprised if Park doesn’t win MMA A division. Cardinal OHara and Nichols should fight it out in A division. As far as the debate of who’s better between Noah Hutchins and Juston Johnson, Hutchins is definitely the best PG/players in WNY (led his team to state and fed championship while WSW lost to Irondiquoit). That being said I am still somewhat baffled that Johnson hasn’t received at least one offer.

It should state that Cardinal O’Hara and Nichols should battle it out in MMA B division.

Crooked section- the section VI rules are on line for everyone to see. I think people are offering opinions without knowing the rules.

Lewport is for real!!!!!!!!!Nichols beats Health and Lewport beats Nichols by 16.....They A crown goes thru Lewport!!!!!!!!!
1 Park
2 Falls
3 Lewport

LL what are you talking about? Nichols and Health science are not good teams. Lew port may be top 10. Gotta be a Homer or a johnson wsw fan saying that. O'Hara clear #1

Colonel,Health #5 large school and Nichols# 5 smaller school.....O’Hara is ranked in small school and large,pay attention.....

LL do not post Lew port as #3. You pay attention. Not talking large or small and neither were you. They not the #3 team for beating those 2 teams so chill. O'Hara is still better than them.

Anybody that thinks Johnson is better than the falls guards, Hutchins, Pompey or Briggs you are messed up. Please tell me he is

Falls /Park/Ohara are the three top schools in area . Then there is a gap followed by Olean . Lew Port might have the best young kid in area in Gayle and possibly already he is a first team kid as a Frosh. But they have to beat more than a lukewarm Nichols team to be taken seriously.Hopefully there schedule gives them a chance to prove that they are for real.
After a week the Falls team has posted the most impressive wins as Park looked great in beating a Uprep team that is struggling, Falls vs Park this weekend is the game of the year too bad its being played this early.
Middle Early looked great , luckily I got a chance to see them dismantle Amherst. Class C is theirs to lose , I don't see Taperstry or Randolph being able to play with those guys.
Will.North looked impressive as they are top 5 behind Olean overall in my opinion.
Any word on Johnson?, be fair to the kid and his family and give him a ruling this is a joke making them wait.

Park vs Falls is deff the game of the year for top spot. After that third spot is up for grabs IMO. I know its early but I see what LL is saying about Lew-Port. I have them at number 4 right now behind St. Francis. I was told by a good friend that Lew-Port outplayed Canisius in scrimmage this year. I saw Will North play in the Youth Advantage League and I would take Lew-Port over them. I have not seen St Francis but I am going with CC top 10 and putting them ahead of Lew-Port right now. At 5 I would have Canisius, 6 Will North, 7 WSW/South Park depending if Johnson is allowed to play. Regarding his situation I don't know all the details but I know it is very difficult to get approved for an extra year of eligibility. The state is very strict on granting that to anyone. From what I read above I don't think they will grant an extra year for a broken arm. If they do they are opening a door for 8 years of eligibility for everyone in the future. If I had to pick a someone to have on my team FOR THIS YEAR it would be Hutchins. He is the best player in WNY right now. With that being said I would take Lightfoot or Gayle if I could have any player on my team because of there upside over the next few years. I saw Lightfoot play over summer and in a scrimmage and he has a swagger about him that you don't see in many seniors let alone freshman. His defense puts him over the top of Gayle if I had to chose between the two. Gayle is very smooth and has a huge upside. He sees the floor well and is a very unselfish player and can do everything. If he can get Lightfoot mean streak and take pride in defense like Lightfoot he would be best player in WNY for the next 3 years. Love reading everyones opinion, but lets remember these are kids and try not to bad mouth any of them. Good luck this season everyone.

Very good take Nick on top teams . Though I think we get caught up in early season hype of teams .Is the Falls really that good? Is parks one win that good . Who are the top kids on these teams as Park lost alot and so did the Falls.
Some teams have not played a game and we are talking about who the best player in WNY is? Johnson was not a thought last year and was hands down the best player in the area for last year, regardless of him not getting voted for player of the year.
Also pitting two Freshman against each other is good for now, but no one knows how these kids will continue to develop or have they peaked early ? I have seen only Lightfootin person who is special but you never know if these kids peak and level off or continue to grow. I will hold off from predicting the future. And if they are as good as we think do they stay in this area or get scooped up by national prep schools ala Daniel Scott?
Should be a fun year though.

How no one is talking about Schmidt(olean)my pick for player of the year(great career and if he leads team to states why not him, Bradberry(NFHS), Hemphill(Ohara) , Hynds(Randolph) Briggs(Health) the returning guys that have proved they can sustain for a year is a little funny. I know we are in a microwave society, but I will think when its all said and done these guys will all have a say in shaping the WNY landsape this season.

JLP Johnson was not the best last year, your are very wrong. Must I make a list of kids I would take before him? Olean is a good team and always is. But please do not put Schmidt in this conversation.

Nick W,spot on....But the comparison of Lightfoot and Gayle,take this into consideration.....Lightfoot is16,Gayle is 15..... A year makes a bigggg difference...

Alot of experts in here, maybe ESPN should hire all these guys as consultants lol. One thing stays consistent Canisius will be there when it counts. For everything else let's see how it plays out.

No way Lightfoot is 16 in the 9th grade that has to be a typo???????

He us 16....no typo

Real talk—Didn’t realize age difference. They are both special players. I like Lightfoots mean streak on the court. He is in your face on D the whole game.

Crusaders- everyone is allowed an opinion, you have yours about Canisius. No one is claiming to be an expert. So good news is ESPN can hire you too...we will be co-workers

Lightfoot is damn near 17 to be honest. Also Johnson is underrated and likely better than Hutchins. Park Proud you are ridiculous in 90% of what you say. Park will not be top 5 by years end. Canisius will again surprise everyone. Watch out for our talented sophomore group in a JV that went undefeated. Destroyed all others.

Canisius has been real good for a long time,but this year they will not be in top 10.....West by 15 easy....

Canisius Proud- Chad has created a great sight which is a lot of fun. It has many different opinions and although we don’t always agree with someone’s opinion we can handle it in a mature fashion. No need to try to put someone down for their opinion. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell me you couldn’t have handled it different.

Nice review a lot of talk about the big schools ! Watch City Honors in Yale cup II . They have a three headed monster in their backcourt in Amir Radford , Kevion Taylor, and Jaden Slaughter. Radford is a thousand point scorer an Taylor and Slaughter will be there soon. These guys took Olean down to the wire last year ! These guys are the real deal!

Taylor’s a player. He’s very underrated.

Let's keep it on basketball Park Proud. We'll see who's on top year end. City honors will be decent not a problem like some think. Also middle early and will north will be up there as top 5. Schmidt is over rated too.

Canisius Proud- I watched MEC play and watched Wil North play twice. I agree with you they’ll definitely be up there when all is said and done.

Mike Schmidt would be the best player on Canisius and wouldn't even be close. He will be playing for a state championship this year while Canisius tries to win the play-in game. Instead of talking smack to Park maybe you should acknowledge that they controlled the supposed Super Team you had last year and beat you twice. You guys beat Park once in the last 5 times so not sure where all this arrogance comes from unless that's just the Canisius effect.

Late to the party but very nice article CC. Clearly best high school SPORT coverage in the STATE. Love the drama between big schools this thread created. Love it. Sorry to hear about Johnson and Scott. Heard they both can't play. Opens up the field for everyone else. Frannies will make us all believe again. Got some of the best backcourt and one of the best sophomores. Canisius is down and Park will be finding identity. Also Schmidt is a great kid and love what he does. But MMA A is a step above his talents

I appreciate the praise, though I think there are several bigger & better publications across NYS. But, I have to disagree on Mike Schmidt. The MMA is hardly a step above his talents and there isn't a team in WNY that he wouldn't start for. He's a top five point guard in WNY who would thrive in the MMA just like he does at Olean.

So we all have seen the Johnson story in the Buffalo News.
What a joke,there going to court ,not to win appeal but to get stay so he can play until the appeal comes back no....cmon...So basically they know he won’t win appeal but are looking for loop hole to play.....But even if they con a judge into granting the stay,I guarantee section 6 has emergency meeting and speeds up the appeal process...

This Johnson story carries many major issues with it and all at the cost of those who follow the rules. The player was held out by his father to gain a physical advantage. That is clear. The injury to the arm is being used as a catalyst for the case yet it doesn't hold water. That's been reviewed by two boards and the ruling has held up. Here's what happens next. By asking a judge outside of the NYS athletic association to rule a temporary stay for Johnson so he can play you are essentially telling the rest of the team we don't care about you. How? because when he is found ineligible again all of the wins, points scored, standings etc. will be vacated and deemed forfeits because WSW decided to play with an illegal player. No worries though. WSW has been operating without regards to the rules since DEsmond Randall became the head coach. They have a player on the team who lived outside of the school district but was allowed to live with and use Mr. Johnsons address so he could play at WSW. Timon got rid of that crew for a reason.

Hey all you cheating Dads out there thinking your putting your sons in a better position, try focusing as hard on their education. If they're good enough to play college ball they'll find em.

WSW should fire their athletic director as should every school that allows these silly shenanigans to cloud all of their programs.

@ Park proud Amherst doing the same thing ! Every knows that Jaylen stewy whatever his name is don't live in Amherst and sure don't live with that coach ! If they over turn Justin decision they are gonna have a problem with all the others that are in similar sittuations

Justin dad and Des tried to beat the system and they got beat and in the end ended up hurting that kid . Now they big mad .. if everyone in the family is already a D1 pkayer then they know where to find Justin , there's a reason they ain't come for him yet and it's not because he didn't play his senior year yet !! But Des better watch who he talking to because you never know who knows who ... I'm just saying and you are doing more harm than good . Anyone and EVERYONE can see what you post . Why Justin didn't make big moves like Scott ? Why didn't we see him crying on the news and social media ? Oh yeah because his skill speaks for itself

Park showed last night that they are in their own weight class.Hutchins proved he is front runner for POY . The big man Ngabo is clearly the #1 big man in the area, and the bright lights didn’t shake their young sophomores. Pretty crazy to think 3 Division 1 players from last year transferred and they’re still this dominant. Shouldn’t be any question that the park school is the premier high school basketball program in WNY.

So many people have the facts all wrong. Bunch of Park homers honestly. Juston will play this year and we don't play Park this year but I am confident we would beat Park. WSW has looked great even without Juston. Also Schmidt is better than we give credit for. Also St Francis will be beat Park this year

Turner Time- you talk about a home job, WSW couldn’t beat Park on their best day. I guess you didn’t follow the playoffs last year because I believe WSW lost to Irondequoit by a pretty large margin and Amityville then beat Irondequoit by double digits. Park then beat Amityville by 25. WSW not in the same league with Park with or without Juston Johnson(although with Johnson they are major contenders in their class).

So the basketball players at West Seneca West left school today to hold a press conference at the Townhall because they don't think Johnson should have to abide by the same rules everyone else in New York State does. That's fine, except it's a school day and the team has a game tonight. This is a terrible look for that school. Apparently Johnson having seven years to play since beginning and seventh grade is more important than being at school to get your education today, but don't worry they'll all get to play tonight. But what's more important really? schoolwork or a bunch of rebel rousing and protesting and petitioning with the media there to make you feel like you actually have a case which you don't. I hope Williamsville knew enough to get extra security for this game tonight because as soon as they realize they're going to lose it could get really ugly like it did on Friday night at Canisius.The administration at West should be ashamed

I am slightly confused by the "6 years" rule. If a kid fails 7th or 8th grade, they are ineligible to play sports once they reach 12th grade? Johnson repeated 8th grade since he was home schooled, but is every kid who failed 7th or 8th grade held to this standard? If that is the case, then I would imagine that there are a number of kids who are ineligible every year that go unreported. Johnson has only played 5 years of basketball at the high school level, not 6 looking for a 7th and is not over-aged, so I don't understand what the problem is.

You can repeat a grade in 7th or 8th BEFORE you play JV or Varsity.

Johnson played JV in 7th so his 6 year clock started.

That’s 6 consecutive years no matter if he plays or not.

So he is penalized for making the JV team in 7th grade? It seems like a silly rule, considering there is an age limit that can't be exceeded. If he was over-age or already played 6 years, it would make more sense, but he isn't/didn't. He's younger than several kids out there but punished for being capable at a young age or punished for his school's limitations early in his career (hence his need to be on JV in 7th grade).

Transfers- look up the section VI bylaws and rules. Knowledge is power. It goes by calendar years.

Billy Bob is dead on.

Transfers-read the rules.

The thing that needs to be acknowledged and completely understood is this. The Johnson kid didn't homeschool in 8th grade because he was injured. He homeschooled as an effort to enhance his athletic ability when he reached this point in 12 the grade. Hence the reason for the rule. Schools do not want student athletes taking a redshirt year in middle school in order to leverage the playing field. It's unfair to kids who play and maintain age / grade appropriate status. The max age rule is in place to take care of the kid who has been left behind numerous times in middle school and has not played a High school sport. The two rules are not an either or.

The Johnson Family, the school district in west Seneca and Des Randall are all perpetuating a lie. Trying to use emotion as a strategy to overlook the rules. The family knew the rules when making this decision and are pointing the finger in the wrong direction. They screwed up and in turn did a disservice to what sounds like a very nice kid. So unnecessary. Without any viable offers for college and an obvious potential feeling amongst his family that he is a division 1 basketball player the obvious move should have been to place him in a prep school like many other athletes from WNY have done in the past and currently.
Overall it is extremely disappointing to watch this nonsense play out. The kids as always are the victims. Supposedly there will be some type of ruling from the courts tomorrow. The consensus is that the courts will rule a non decision as they have many times in the past in matters related to eligibility. The courts tend to not get involved.

Whatever the outcome, play or not play, I hope this stupidity ends. If he plays God bless him. If he doesn't I hope there's a plan B for him.

There is a rule regarding eligibility that has clearly been in place from the beginning and in writing. The fact that it doesn't suit the Johnson family doesn't make it punishment or unfair. If anything it makes them look silly for all of the stir they created and portraying this the way they have. The most unfortunate part that no one is talking about yet is that after these kids get put through all of this because it's the coaches kid, he will be long gone next year anyway and leave those kids to clean up his mess.

Park Proud - I'm glad that you are the expert on all of the rules. You seem to be really happy about the whole situation. How do you enjoy that your son's school keeps adding new kids and keeping your kid on end of the bench? They'll stay for a year or two, age out, then go on to prep school. That's something to be proud of and exactly what high school sports are all about, right?

I’m not happy or sad about it. I don’t know what the outcome will be. If the situation is within the rules then he should play. After a decision is made I hope people can start focusing on basketball. Daniel Scott had somewhat of a similar situation and his father and he chose for him to go to Oak Hills Prep School. It just seems like people are making statements without knowing the rules. I had a friend who’s involved with sectionVI challenge me to read the rules when I got a chance(not pertaining to this specific situation) and I did. Private schools like Park need to recruit to get students in the school while the public schools have great numbers of students. By the way who did Park bring in this year? My son gets plenty of playing time. This is a great site and even if at times we disagree we can do it in the right fashion. Yes Park is ranked #1 in the state.

The Buffalo News stated today that it doesn't matter which level the child plays at (modified, JV or Varsity), they receive 6 years after starting 7th grade. If that's the case, there are several kids who failed (academically) 7th or 8th grade over the years who played through 12th grade without any issues like the current one Johnson is having. So either the Buffalo News is wrong (which certainly wouldn't be the first time) or Billy Bob/Park guy are wrong. If it's the latter, then there should be some serious checking into a few of the players around the area over the last few years.
It's high school basketball, not the pros and unfortunately there are many around the area who don't understand that. How many go D1 (or even lower) from here? Few. How many go to the pros from here? Close to zero. Let the kids enjoy playing HS sports as it was intended (without taking away from hard work and competitive nature), away from the constant transferring and craziness of many adults.

@ParkProud- You talk about how Park beats Canisius 4 times outta the past 5 meetings but lets talk about more than just two years, and take a look how park had the much more talented and skilled teams and Canisius still came out on top (the Stafford vs Nwora teams). You all were so hurt by not beating them that you brought in three illegal big men to still lose the next year to FRANNIES! Why were they all sophomores last year and two of them left? Show me birth certificates and tell me y'all won last years championship game fairly. Im not sitting here saying that park wasn't a good team last year, they had a lot of talent, but when it comes down to it Canisius doesn't cheat to win their games. The real match up last year should not have any of those big men in the game and tell me park comes within 20 to them because that game is not even close. Canisius is the most dominant program in all of WNY and be ready for them to be back on top again this year.... I will say that I don't believe they'll be #1 but I be surprised if they weren't top 5 large school at the end of the year.

Also, with the whole Juston Johnson situation I think y'all should stop tryna cheat the system and let your kids play basketball, he shoulda graduated last year and send him to prep school if you really think the 5'8 Pg who doesn't pass and drives to the hoop on oversized defenders really has a chance to play division 1 basketball.

No negative comments on Johnson’s eligibility. However, how embarrassing were Randall’s tweets following the CHS game last week? Blames the refs because West was dominated in the second half. It’s great to stick up for your kids but you don’t need to do that through Twitter, making you look like even more of an excuse maker. Would this team have won any of their 3 games even with Johnson? In all honestly it is terribly sad for the kid as he is missing out on a fun year with his teammates, anyone speaking negatively about the kid is pretty sad especially if you are an adult. Leave the kid alone.
The real issue here is why does anyone even care about West Seneca West? Des’ only accomplishment is that this forum even considers them important to WNY basketball.

If there is one coach in WNY who should not complain about the refs it is Randall. His tweets after the Canisius game were a joke and crossed the line. Remember the WSW and South game where Juston Johnson got more foul shots than the entire South team! Seemed like Randall liked the refs then. This whole thing probably will come to an end on Monday. Time to talk about basketball and players.

I don’t think I have ever in my life seen a high school coach go in on the referees after a loss on social media like Des did after that Canisius loss. I know many have probably wanted to but it creates a few issues that you’ll never overcome.

1. Your players are watching. Now they know the referee is not to be respected. Coach told me so.
2. You just made an excuse for your team and teams that allow excuses lose.
3. Great coaches win close games. You didn’t.
4. Every ref in WNY now has you on the enemy list. You’re screwed.

Bad idea. Bad look. I really thought the WSW school district would have reprimanded him for such poor public judgement. Shows you what’s going on over there. All that pressure is eating them alive.

Does anyone know what West Seneca West's record is this season?

Owen Fore- I think their record is 1-3 but three of the losses are to highly ranked teams. With or without Juston Johnson they should still be a strong contender to win their division.

They were Owen Fore before yesterday but now, with win over Lockport (68-60), they are One'n Fore!... Lookin' to be Twowin Fore on Wed. (@WSWHoops) check out M.Robertson's stats in the win (triple double).

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