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Tuesday, December 18, 2018


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Maybe the Harrisville coach was correct about last year. Your buddies at NYS sportswriters thought so. Of course I didn't see any of those quotes ,but anyway. I did think the "deep-woods moonshine distillers " comment was kinda clever. But on to this year .....

By the way ,in Section VI, what school's grade wasn't counted this year so they could be in a class that they didn't belong in?

Would he have had the same comments if they had drawn Moriah in the semis and got blown out just as bad?

Would he have had the same comments if East happened to be a suburban or rural team of the same talent level rather than an inner-city school?

Lastly, was there an uproar over all of the times private schools from section V made the state finals in class D and C(Finney, Batavia-ND)?

Harrisville coach Brian Coloney following the loss to East:

"Maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but the state ought to rethink how they do classifications," he told 7 News sports anchor Rob Krone.. "I mean, we basically played against an "A" champion or at least a "B" champion."

As far as which grade Section VI won't be counting this year for classifications, I believe they will once again not count the senior class and base BEDS numbers on enrollment in grades 9 through 11 like they do every year. If I told you every Section does the same, it would poke holes in the conspiracy theory that both the state and Section VI wanted to see East hoist the plaque, so I won't mention that.

I ,for one, have always been against the private schools in Section V competing in the public school sectionals and state tournaments . In fact one coach is still griping about being placed in what he saw as a class too high. Of course his team is undefeated, so that kind of blew his argument out of the water. And as for Harrisville, he may not win this year because of other schools that won't have a grade missing .Also TML 1000, the point was never about East being an inner city school.

By the way , I finished my chores earlier today so I could comment and the weekly square dance starts early tonight

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