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Monday, December 17, 2018


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Niagara Falls HS Coach Sal is definitely the worst coach in western ny with the best roster top to bottom in WNY... The falls would be 6-0 with that team under a different head coach!!!

If Falls coach is the worst then the Ohara coach is right behind him. All that talent and should have lost to Health. He's also online hyping up competition when he know that he got POY material on his own squad. Sorry about Johnson but he is not best player in area. I'd take 5 kids before him and he's not in same class as Hutchins and Falls guards.

Man, lets clarify on them coaches. Sal + Tony only the worst of the coaches we actually hear about. There some coaches in the BPS only in it for the paycheck that don't give two craps about nothing. Theres a reason why bad teams stay bad, good teams stay good, and other teams never as good as they should be. Coaching a big deal YEAH BOY

BPS coaches are only in it for the paycheck? Never! They have a lot of great leadership and direction from their great AD!

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