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Sunday, December 30, 2018


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Upset special of the week. St. Joe's beats Park , Joe's has the one player in WNY that matches up with Parks big , Keep Park out of transition and zone them make them make jumpshots. Heard it here firs. Joes will win .
Why teams pressure and play park man baffles me ,they are very beatable.Two kids are on the court that don't even look at the basket . Soft press to slow them down, then back into a packed in a zone. Drop 2 guards back to keep the young guard out of transition. Put there big in constant pick and roles on other end in space.He will foul and you will pull him away from the basket . Joe's by 5

I agree Park will lose more games than thought. Saw them play falls and OP. They are not a deep team at all. All bench players do not belong on a varsity roster it's that bad. Park still may be best but closer than we all think. MMAFan has a whole game plan sounds like a Homer though. If Joe's loses do not comment anymore. Watch out for Canisius heard it here first.

How homeboy gonna come on here talking about being a homer then being a homer about canisius? Barely beat the Seneca west trainwrecks and not even better than Ohara. Park smokes them like a session YEAH BOY

Mad Mike is a good name . He's mad for sure , contradicting himself one broken sentence to the next . You forgot one major aspect of the team , JACOBS!!!
Even if we lose no MMA team can do what we did last year .

Mad Mike is not my birth name. And im not a canisius fan. Actually Frannies til the end! Their coach is good as parked look way better than years past. Canisius although had best coach in area and under rated roster. If they let Johnson play we would be talking about WSW. We all know they would have beaten Park.

Nice one Mad Mike. Thanks for the laugh. So that means if Daniel Scott would have stayed and played at Park they’d win the state and feds again? I didn’t know that ifs win and lose games.

Everybody hates the best .The one major aspect in Park winning is bringing over seas kids over here strictly for the purpose of helping the basketball team win games. So tired of the whole Park madness without the bigs they somehow brought over and got there school payed for they wouldbt win a thing.Best team that money can guy. But privates do anything to win. Always has been the case.

Yea buddy that is conspiracy talk. We don't know anything about those boys. And trust every team recruits players in a fashion. It's natural. I still think Johnson is best guard in area. Even if Scott returned.

The best PG in WNY is Noah Hutchins.(don’t you think the college coaches know anything, Hutchins has 15 d1 offers and Scott also has a # of them) The best guard combo last year was Hutchins/Scott. Justin Johnson was a very good player in Section 6 but a step behind these two.

......stayclutch 🤷🏽‍♂️😬

MMAFan, what is your next prediction? I need to laugh a little and gain some of that armchair basketball knowledge you possess.😂😀😂😛

@Dave Davis
Was not far off Joes had lead down to 6 in fourth and without some horrible officiating it could have been closer , A charge on Hutchins was not called and numerous over the backs on the big, officials swallowed there whistles and that was on the road. I take Joes when Park visits. More surprised that a weak Timon team almost canisius

MMAfan I told you to stop posting after your terrible assessment and excuses make it worse. Don't worry Park will lose some games. I was not at Joe's but heard it was good. Canisius looked shaky from box score. Frannies may be best out here and only team that could challenge WSW if Johnson returns. Heard he might.

Mad Mike, How and when is he returning? As for MMA fan, I attended the Park-St Joes game. Bad refereeing favoring Park? What game were you watching? Not the same one everyone else was.

Mad Mike you a troll straight up. Johnson long gone and them West Trainwrecks already lost more games this year than offers Johnson got. Thats 6 losses and no offers if you was wondering and West aint even the best team from West seneca..........just like football YEAH BOY

Correction. Johnson is done for the year I misspoke. Johnson did not get offers and I do not know why but I am sure others agree with that assessment. Everyone challenges me with WSW picks but say nothing when I say Frannies so we are all tooting. Out next game may be at Park or it is coming soon. You will all see and then be quiet. Flavor flav is literally a troll.

@Davis My next prediction is Park will lose two MMA games , Ohara and one of Frannies games. They will still be the top large school in WNY at years end . MMA is tough again in A division Canisius has taken some losses but have had a brutal schedule they will be battle tested , and they are good. Joe's will be a tough out as they are looking though despite record. Have not seen Timon yet but losing there big hurts them he is top 3 big man in area.

Then there is the 2 unbeaten teams Olean/Lewiston. How many teams would be unbeaten playing those teams weak schedules?alot. No way Olean Should be higher than Ohara and Lewiston should be no where higher than a 5 based on competition. And watch out for Amherst who was impressive as any team in win the other day vs a good Will South team .So my prediction is this Davis !
MMA large (park)
MMA Small (ohara)
AA Falls High
Overall A - Amherst
B- Olean
D- Really don't pay much attention to it .

MMAFan and Mad Mike you write a lot and say nothing useful. Your assessments have been nothing short of lunacy. You should all listen to the CC radio interview other day. Honest assessment and shows love to us small schools!

@ Adam yes show love to the small schools who can't play with the big boys . I listened to the show to hear about the same suburban kids talked about over and over again while playing weak competition. Or about the best team money has bought in area .One prediction I missed was park/Joe's and it was closer than any of you thought it would be. Keep driving buddy .

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