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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


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Ohara looks scary good magical year , saw them last night again very impressed. Ohara/Park game for all the marbles end of the year. Would not mind seeing them play Falls also.ALtough Falls lost to Park early it seems they are playing on top level. Those three teams are clearly top of the heap in WNY with Frannies and Olean game lurking.That would decide top 4 teams in the area . Then I will go Will Notth, Canisius, Lewiston, Amherst in that next tier playoffs will be fun.Watch out for WSW also big win last night .


Now that I've read this article, I think that DaVinci should be ranked...they've been trying hard. I didn't realize that we should praise the efforts of coaches and teams that lose every game by 60-80 points and have coaches who don't know the sport.

No need for that comment at all DV stars. They go out there and play their hearts out. Sure they are not on the level as my Frannies or other MMA teams but glad they showed some love.

Lol I'm sure the taxpayers are happy to shell out the amazing cost for those 7 kids to play "varsity" basketball. Let's do the math...head coach (who even by his own claim, doesn't know the sport)$6,000, assistant coach (who played on a great DV team from the past) $3,000, section 6 membership (no idea what that costs), officiating fees, gym usage (wherever it is that they practice, since they don't have a gym of their own), equipment, home game management personnel. Seems like they'd be better off paying for the kids to play at the Y or in a boy's club league. Surely their opponents are also gaining a great amount when they play against a team that gets beat 100+ to <10.

Why is DaVinci opting out of sectional play if the kids are having so much fun and learning so much? I guess taking one more beating must be too hurtful for the kids. Sort of how they filled out their non-league schedule...since the kids were having so much fun playing in the games. I'm glad the coach and AD gave them all of their allocation of opportunities to "learn the sport" and "have fun".

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