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Monday, January 07, 2019


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They play the games for good reasons, namely, surprises happen. NT might play up at home v Lewport but I dont think the 2-3 is likely a problem. Lewport simply plays defense and transition game at highest level. Scotts defense and floor command set tone. If they have to go half-court there are 4 or 5 legit knock-down shooters from three. Duff, Scott and Gayle can all get to the rack and will expose zone seams. When they play anywhere near their potential they are best in WNY. LP scoring 90 to 100 points while sitting starters for 12 or 14 minutes!

Gotta love cc makin LewPort out to be more than they are before they even play anybody and then their fans saying they the best when they play to their potential. Sounds like a excuse already. Why they can't just be the best team without throwing anything else in? Answer cause they not. They probably the most fun team to watch though but they about to find out starting next week what it like to play good teams. Aint beat nobody yet! Nobody! If they win even one of the big games coming up I'll come correct but it aint happenin. YEAH BOY

Top five large teams are all very good and Ohara also IMO.on .any given day if shots are falling or not ...this five can prolly beat eachother..CC has been at this for a while..... he knows his stuff. So let's let games play out.Gona be an interesting rest of year.

He usually sticks to the results with his rankings and I know Lew-Port hasn't lost, but they have no wins to warrant that high. Best win on paper looks like the one at Nichols and I think the top 8 large schools would all do the same. I agree the top 5 all very close.

The rankings are for fun and fuel conversation. Frannies come tourney time will be ready. Rankings or not the cream will rise. Also let Lew Port enjoy it at the top and if they are real they will show. Look forward to the events. Health sciences be on the watch. One of best backcourts I've seen in WNY

Doesn’t matter where your at now, it’s where you end up. Polls are created to have fun and generate excitement, not build resentment or hatred! Let’s wish everyone well and see where it all ends up When it’s over . I would also throw Olean as well in there with Cardinal O’Hara as one of the better overall teams regardless of size! These polls generate discussion, and the more positive the discussion the more fun it is for the KIDS!!! Nothing better in the winter in WNY than going to a gym and watching a great HS basketball game!! Good luck to all those involved and let see how things play out, until then have fun and cheer these kids on!!

Justin Johnson was robbed of an opportunity. Clearly best in WNY look how awful that team is without him. Amherst should start getting some recognition as well. Those 2 guards and bunch of hard working role players. Stewart was clearly held back by Park and is showing he can compete with anyone

St Francis at Park was a great game. It went back and forth all night. Again, Coach Ferris had his team ready to play and gets the most out of his players. I believe player for player (starting five) Park is more talented but they continue to struggle. The game against St Joes and last nights game were perfect examples of their struggles. They pulled out the win but they need to find their way on defense and their bigs need to be more of a factor. Noah Hutchins is all he is built up to be and with good reason the leading contender for WNY player of the year and Justin Pompey for St Francis is the real deal. With every team bringing their A game against Park Coach Jacob needs to find a way to have his team better prepared and get more bench scoring. Not convinced they are the best team in WNY right now.

Ok so Frannies proved they are 2nd best team in the area. 1.Park 2. Frannies 3.Falls 4. Canisius 5. Lew
Port .Joe's looked great beating Nichols easy. MMA again proving to be the cream of the crop in WNY.First time seeing Nichols in person and after seeing them Ohara has a cake walk in B if that's their best comp. Ohara is the topnteamn in area.

WNY fan you strike again with the worse takes in all basketball. Park will lose but we all know that. Frannies best competition. Canisius will be good next year. Not yet. Also keep your eyes on Lew Port. Scott is one of best guards.

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