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Monday, January 21, 2019


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City Honors should be on the small school list, 9 or 10 , wayyyy more talented than medina

People always want to make claims of where teams should be .Medina only loss is to Tapestry but I can respect that loss , they were playing one of the best small schools. Who has City Honors played to be taken seriously ? Make your non LG games count instead of playing in a bad lg then in weak non lg games .Then you have an argument. Enough of cupcakes on schedules to pad kids stats , a common occurance in WNY.Plus you guys lost to Hutch Tech and Depew bad losses .

Same city honors team was down to Olean in the 4th by 2 last year, the kids can’t write the schedule they play, beating most teams by 20. Depew game they were in the Depew tournament and got screwed by the refs because Depew coach is head of section 6 b-ball . A lot of talent including 3 kids radford, slaughter, and Taylor who will play at some level in college . Keep an eye out for them

As an alumni and former player for City Honors, they do have a pretty good team this year but their only quality win is a one point home win against Seneca. It's tough to gauge exactly how good this team is with the level of competition they've been playing. I'd be more impressed with them and would respect their two loss record more if they were playing in the more talented division of the Yale Cup. According to the 2018-19 BEDS numbers, they're the 6th largest school in the City, all 5 schools above them play in the more talented league as well as the smaller schools of East, MEC and Burgard. They have no business playing in the lower division.

Medina's only loss this year was against Tapestry and they are first in their league so I'm OK with them being ranked ahead of City Honors. Medina beat Grand Island earlier this year and Honors plays GI in a couple weeks which will be the only real barometer you'd have to compare the teams effectively.

The rankings are good for chitchat and motivation. The good thing is that it shakes out in the end. Quality wins are really at and through sectionals and beyond. CC does a great job and you can compare state rank, buff news etc -- all in good fun. Best not to use ranks to bad mouth folks, kids, refs, coaches et al

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