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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


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Lockport has some delusional fans. It is only 8 teams in AA does not take much to get to Buff State. Not a top 10 team maybe not top 15 when you add in the small schools that will beat them including Olean Ohara Nichols and Tapestry and MEC. Get over yourselves you have a football player that's a great athlete that will be 4th team or third if they buy in to inflated stats .

Shouldn’t this be about an individual player and how they contributed in the game. Sometimes you can’t cherry pick your team. Remember, there were several teams with less than stellar records that ended up at Buff State.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Wheatfield

4 NFL teams made it to buff st!! Can any other division (maybe Yale cup... way more schools!! ) say they sent 4??

NFL sent 4 schools to buff st!! Best league this year!! 2 won sectionals! Can’t argue with numbers!!

Don’t sleep on them St Joes boys. Many skilled players.

NFL had probably best year ever for getting teams to semi-final games. 4 is alot of teams for 1 division even though NFL is split into 2 divisions just like ECIC is in 4.....2 of the teams were fake news though. Lockport scored in garbage time and NW was just bad. Then Lewport takes a beating in regional. Falls rules that league every year and best again this year

Why is there not a order for these teams like 1 point guard, 1 shooting guard, 1 small forward, 1 power forward and 1 center for each team? These teams are loaded with guards which does not make any sense. The best players at each position should be on these teams and so forth. Not every player can make it to 1st team. The minute you have 3 to 4 small guards on a 1st teams that is evidence basketball in WNY needs help. There is a player for each position. The only lock for point guard on the 1st team is Hutchins(Park). Power Forward is Hemphill(Ohara) and Center is Nnagbo(Park) in my opinion. Who is the shooting guard and small forward?

Gayle deserves first team for sure....led us Lancers to 21-4 record, and if we hadn’t been unlucky enough to play one of the best teams in the state in the regional game we very well could have been in the final 4 or championship game. Scott also deserves to be somewhere on a team and Duff should get an HM. Every team LP has lost to this year is still playing right now, and very well all of them could end up being state champions of their respective division (Park Catholic Class A, O’Hara B, Niagara Falls AA, and Pittsford Mendon A), you don’t just have a team that good without multipl superstars.

A big sleeper is the big man from falls. Joey palka... this kid can flat out play honestly deserves more time. He brings a certain swagger on the court that can’t be matched. Kid throws them down in warmups!!! Not that I know much but this kid reminds me of jokic. Hell of a player I’m rooting for you big Joey!!!!

Digiulio deserves a spot on the list!

We need a All Star game for these kids against another section!

NFL 4 teams at Buff St!!

Stuart from Amherst should not be past 4th team. He has grown show much this year and shows he was being held back. Look for them next year to be just as good. If not for Gayle (1st teamer) locking him up I would say he is a lock for 1st team. I agree with Vass getting a look he led one of the best teams in the area.

River Reinhardt

I have followed this great website closely for four years as my son played for St. Joe’s and I want to thank the editor/publisher for helping to boost the great sport of boys high school basketball.

I divide this post into two parts; first to express my opinion about the best players I SAW PLAY in actual games (not scrimmages) this year; second to express some facts about one overlooked player. I coached this player in grammar school so no one should credit my opinion but “facts are stubborn things.” (John Adams) (Obviously, there are many good players I did not see play this year.)

The best players I saw this year were in no particular order except for the first player mentioned:

Noah Hutchins, POY
Ebuka Quentin Nnagbo (Park)
Lucas Theisen (best player on Frannies)
Dewayne Vass (best player on Canisius)
Tahron Goudelock (best player on Timon)
Justin Hemphill (best player on O’Hara)
Rodriquez Gayle (added the three to his game since the previous time I saw him)

The last player I will mention, SG Will Ostrowski, I coached for five years so I am biased. With a new coach and six new players in the rotation, he was part of a balanced attack and did not get the shot opportunities or minutes he might have gotten on another team. Yet, he went out and played good, hard, team basketball at all times. He averaged 11.1-4.5-1 per game. Here are some more stats.

*Joe’s forced Park into overtime in the playoffs and Will was the best Joe’s player in the game, the biggest game of the season in Monsignor Martin “A”, the best division in the state. (Park demolished Canisius in the finals.) Will had 15 points, 7 boards, and 2 steals.

*Adjusted FG % for the season was 53 (good for a shooting guard and higher than any starter on Canisius or Frannies!).

*Joe’s record was 12-13 with a tough schedule BUT was 7-3 when Will shot 11 or more times—the three losses were in OT, by one and a close loss to Frannies where he had 20.

*Joe’s was 5-10 when Will shot 10 or fewer times!

*Will was plus 30 in a huge comeback against Aquinas, who Joe’s had not beaten in years. In 22 minutes, he scored 24 pts, 4 boards and 3 steals in a 35-point swing at home. Joe’s won by 8.

*Will generally played well in big games including the three wins over Timon—he scored the winning points in triple OT at Timon and had 15 and 6 boards in the playoff win, Joe’s first playoff win in years. Will and Tino Martone (another very underrated player), led Joe’s to victory over Lyons (20-3), the highest ranked team they beat this year.

*Will played a key role in most of the other quality Joe’s wins: Iroquois on the road—15-8-3; CBA on the road—15-7-1; Nichols—11-8-1; St. Mary’s—4 threes.

Bottom line: about each candidate for post-season honors, we need to ask four questions:

1. Did he maximize the opportunities (shot attempts, minutes) he was given by his team?
2. How hard was his schedule? (Joe’s had the fifth toughest schedule in WNY according to Max Preps)
3. What did he contribute to his team’s key wins?
4. Did he show up in the tough, close losses?

All eight players above have met these tests.

Someone tell that guy ^^^ we can see his name You aren’t biased b/c you coached him, you are a relative. Stop trying to live through your kids its pathetic.

Jim great analysis. Definitely flawed towards MMA but great work. I think Frannies were a bit better than it looked. Also Ostrowski was a good player but was the 3rd or 3th best on his team not sure which all team you want him in. Don't overlook Middle early as some of those kids deserve spot too.

1st Team:
Noah Hutchins (POY)
Justin Hemphill
Roddy Gayle
Mike Schmidt
Willie Lightfoot

2nd Team:
Quinton Nnagbo
Jaden Slaughter
Jalen Bradberry
Adrian Baugh
Jermaine Haynes

3rd Team:
Jaymond Jones
Dwayne Vass
Tyler Hind
Trent Scott
Mason Goodridge

4th Team:
Jaylen Stewart
Chris Stineman
Cal Shiflet
Zamari Mitchell
Cam Barmore

5th Team:
Josiah Harris
Noah Grabar
Jacob Belote
Julius Laureano
Malik Brooks

Honorable Mention:
Jalen Carter-Keith
Anthony Mack
Jalen Duff
Matt Droney
Aidan Horan
Marciano Lamar
Jake Mullen
Jacob Jerebko
Tariq Eubanks
Sam Flanders
Jaemon Turner
Josiah Harris
Cam Sionko
Deyonce Farley
Alex Card
Earl Howard
Mike DiGiulio
Josh Haskell
Will Ostrowski
Earl Howard
Noah Denz
Torree Cheatham
Adam Rankie
Roman Smith

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