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Sunday, December 01, 2019


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I would keep an eye on Zach Fahey who transferred from Park to WSW this year. Could be a sleeper.

In my opinion Kianje Carter should be on the player watch list for juniors. He’s a special talent.

Great stuff here CC always look forward to it. Canisius and Joes will battle it out and likely top 3 teams. My frannies will have to battle to get back to Glory. Collins will have a breakout year.

Carter is not listed because he was alrady mentioned in honarable mention.

The Falls winning section won’t be a surprise, good talent returns,6’5 transfer and Brent will have them ready. Count on it

I look forward to this site every year. Thanks

I think Olean is being slept on but they will prove the doubters wrong. Thanks for this CC you're the best!

Do we get a girls season preview

Amazing! Just amazing! From humble beginnings as a blogger and big time hoop fan on TBN prep talk and a visit from Norman Dale to Newfane you have come a long long way. You have become the finest resource for boys high school hoops WNY has seen going back to the 70s with a huge shout to Keith McShea who did tremendous work in his own right while no doubt providing some inspiration for you. Bravo!

There has never been much of a girls preview outside the TBN Moe. There was for a time about 8-12 years ago when you could get some great girls info from a local AAU team tha unfortunately no longer exists. So for the girls you're stuck with TBN.

Love it CC! Amazing job and as always...im just here for Random Smatterings!

Great stuff CC! Watch out for 6'6 Wing, Xaier Mitchell from Maryvale... played with Noah Hutchins, Vass, and Orogun in Las Vegas, and with Park in the team camps/summer leagues.. most improved player in WNY, can shoot, defend, dribble and is selfless with serious skill, fun kid to watch that nobody is talking about.

For some girls coverage you can follow me on twitter...@TML1000

I do not put out the long form like centercourt but I get out to as many games as I can per week, provide weekly polls and some analysis from what I am seeing out there.

Xavier Mitchell is very talented. If he wants it it’s there for the taking.

What happened to st Mary’s? A 30+ pt loss to Lancaster? Woof! Bring gill back

For years I, and others, critiqued how WNY players got too few good looks at the college level. Just like you, I wanna see the local kids play here, but reality sets in. The HS game does not provide college game prep.
A 6'4 kid is not a D1 Center but that's his responsibility at a WNY HS. He needs a few years of playing college-ready ball. That's why hes gotta prep. Even Lightfoot has to get exposure to a game where the "big guy" is 6'8" plus. It changes the game when it is played in those circumstances for EVERY player. We just gon hafta learn to celebrate and promote our kids goin prep

St Joe's is best team in area. Coach is over rated and never won anything past Buffalo titles. Now he has multiple talents and believe we will be at the top of the totem at year's end. Best team since WSW few years back! Yes including Canisius and Park. Please do not name a kid from Maryvale as their league is horrible WNY and Bd1

Vic, your post in simply confusing. What coach are you referring to when you say we? And when was WSW ever the best team in WNY? The kid from Maryvale is good.
There are good and bad teams and players in every lg.
Joes has a long way to prove they are the best team in the area. I will reserve judgement untill March.
Lastly NFHS has a ton of talent and needs to be taken very serious , way to much talent to be at lower end of the top 10.

Bball4life I agree with everything in your post. Especially WSW was never the best and the Mitchell boy from Maryvale is very talented.

Joe's will prove at year's end they are the best. Gabe Michael is the coach who has not won anything past Buffalo! I think he has a lot of promise and finally has the talent! I believe in him just not the hype he is some Wiz like I hear. No offense to Maryvale but yea that league is awful. WSW was best the team 2 years ago before Johnson got a raw deal. I hear he is doing great and leading at his Prep school!

If Joe's proves they are the best by year's end, it will be a very impressive feat for a team that was fourth best in a five-team league in 2019 and got swept for the umpteenth year in a row by their rival Canisius.

Gabe Michael has never won anything past Buffalo...except for that year he did. Winning a Far West Regional and advancing to Glens Falls is the very definition of that, which happened in 2016. He's more of a Woo than a Wiz.

Jehuu Caulcrick played football at Clymer and reached the NFL. My point being, the league you play in is no indictment on a player's talent level. And ECIC III is not awful - it's not the MMA - but it's not awful either. Stan Wier played in ECIC III for East Aurora and earned the CC MVP in 2012.

West Seneca West was the best public school in Section VI two years ago, but not the best team from WNY that year. The best was Park, who beat Canisius for the Manhattan Cup and then went on to win the Fed in Class A...the same Class WSW played in. Second best was Canisius, then WSW. Canisius defeated Irondequoit that season, the team who ended WSW's season by double figures.

What happened to Anthony mack and jayson armstread @ south park? does willie hutch even know what he’s doing???

You are right with south winning a far regional but that was it. I meant winning States but you're right deserve some extra credit. I remember 2 years ago with Park winning but I still believe West would beat them. West is awful now and not worth mentioning. Joe's now has the stars from top to bottom and my early prediction to win. If not for refs we would have beat Park last year. Stan Weir was the man no disrespect towards him.

Refs never decide a game. There are always enough opportunities to make up a questionable call in a game.

Park and Canisius seem like top 2 teams in area. Wish they played but heard from Canisius that Park declined after leaving the league.

After a week or two if play top 10 I'd go with overall
1. Park
2. Health
3. Canisius(no games so far)
4. Joe's
5. Amherst
6. N.Falls
7. Lewiston
8. Olean
9. OP
*huge gap this year early from top large and smalls it seems, big win for Olean

Vic... Park had 9 collegiate players on that team that won FEDERATION two years ago,....i'm not sure if you're aware but winning Federation literally means you're the best team in the state. You trashed a young man a few posts ago saying "his league is horrible"... WSW played 5 ECIC 4 opponents the year you said they'd "beat park", Explain to me that logic??

Yea I know what federations are but I think bc West Seneca west is best because they went undefeated in area not even Park can say that. Also Johnson had a MVP year and it's give or take between him and the Park guards. West is awful this year and that transfer kid they talk about is no help. Never trashed the man just his school and league. Unfortunately my Joe's take seems a little off and Health is looking like the favorite.

Vic! The transfer kid had an awesome 4th qtr tonight and they beat OP. Also Park has been the best team 2 years in a row and it’s looking like a 3rd. WSW wasn’t in the same class with Park two years ago.

I will say when I am wrong and the transfer is better than I assume. Watched the OP game my nephew in law is on JV. The transfer I hear is from Park or south park and smart player I was wrong. They still won't win the division. How about Joe's showing improvement!! By year's end will be best team.

Awesome centercourt podcast. For those of you who haven’t listened I highly suggest that you do. Great job again.

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