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Monday, January 06, 2020


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Not much to argue here. Great list. I think Joes is going to keep pummeling teams throughout the year with Poland back and the best guard duo in area. Frannies have some good wins and can see some surprises there

How is Canisius ranked above park even though they just lost?

Centercourt, how is Canisius ranked higher than Park locally if the State does not rank them ahead of Park? If they are not playing each other this season you should be following what the state is doing since there is no logical conclusion other than your bias for Canisius.

Another clarification that needs be made is that Canisius and all MMA schools except St. Joes opted to not play Park once Park was forced to go independent by Pete Schneider and the MMA. This is one of the most shameful moves ever orchestrated by Pete but it was championed by the same people acting like Park made this move on their own. Canisius is certainly poised to win the MMA but it will be a tainted chip without ever playing Park to get it. Personally I hope St Joes or any other MMA beats Canisius and wins the MMA title just as a way to prove that cheating to win a title will gain you nothing.

Kudos to St. Joes which has more guts than any MMA school this season. You can thank Pete for ruining the best basketball competition in Buffalo (MMA). Use to be that there were no nights off in the MMA! That is no longer possible to say with a straight face.

Vic you must be a huge MMA fan. The MMA is weakest it has been in a long long time. Agree Joes is one of the best teams in area,with or without Poland although they struggled with a very average CBA team. Right now the NFL is the best lg in the area with Falls, Lewiston, NT, Ken West, and Lockport is coming on with a win over Amherst , who in reality may have the best guard duo in the area. And Rust Belt and anonymous Cansius deserves to be #1 as they hold a win vs a common opponent with Park.

MMA has been best league for a decade or 2 and I am a fan of it proudly. My son played public so I know of other leagues too. NT Ken West? Get real. How does Amherst backcourt compare to Glover Ashley and Jayden? I would take Frannies backcourt before Amherst. Also did not know MMA backed out I heard it was actually Park that canned the games according to Canisius. Pete Schneider is a crook just like most superiors. Just like they did Johnson at WSW.

Rust Belt Basketball -

I appreciate the question - why is Canisius ranked higher than Park and I'm happy to answer. However, the sentence that followed that question is one I take issue with.

You said "If they are not playing each other this season you should be following what the state is doing since there is no logical conclusion other than your bias for Canisius."

I should be following what the state is doing? Oh...okay, yes sir! LOL!! Have you followed the state rankings over the years? That will never happen. Maybe they should follow what I'm doing. I doubt you understand how the state rankings process works, but I do, and I'll explain it in a bit.

But first, no logical conclusion other than my bias for Canisius??? You are a Park guy. I'm a WNY Hoops guy. Who's biased? That would be you. I may be biased about a few things...beer, pizza, & women quickly come to mind, but I'm not biased about ranking teams, even your hated Canisius. Who was my preseason #1? Park. Who did I say on my second podcast on December 13th was the best team in WNY? Park.

But then, a few hours later on December 13th, Park lost to McQuaid. I watched St. Joe's beat McQuaid before that. I watched Canisius beat McQuaid after that. In fact, McQuaid lost four straight games after beating Park and they are currently 4-6. They'd be 3-7 if Park had beat them. But Park did not. I don't care about the second loss in NYC to a prep team, but I do care about a common opponent game like the McQuaid one.

Now as far as the state rankings, here's how it goes. One guy from WNY tracks the records and results and then every Sunday, he makes his case for the local teams on a conference call with reps from the other sections. I happen to know this guy extremely well. He knows his stuff well. But Park is his favorite team in WNY. He was the only Buffalo News pollster voting them #1 for the last two weeks, and one of two that voted them #1 this week. He hasn't even seen Canisius or Health play this year, but has watched Park 4 times already.

So you saying I should follow the state rankings is saying I should value someone else's opinion over my own, even if I'm seeing more high school basketball. I've seen Park 5 times, Canisius 3 times, Health 3 times, St. Joe's 2 times, Falls 2 times, Lew-Port 2 times, North 2 times, OP 3 times, NT 1 time, East 3 times, Amherst 2 times, Will East 3 times, and McKinley 1 time. Those are just the top large schools in the area. I've seen a lot more, and it's only January 7th. I will always rely on my own efforts when ranking teams and players. I won't ask how many games you've watched that didn't involve Park. It doesn't really matter.

Maybe the state should follow our rankings!! The state voters don’t watch our games and much as center court or the buffalo news... we have 1 rep on the voting for states... buff news as several!!

Not an MMA guy, but park had an illegal player based on their guild lines... that’s a fact!! Did park feel entitled that it should be over looked?? So since they chose to opt out of the league rather than continue on without (6’9.. if he was 6’1 they would still be in the MMA... they would have told 6’1 no thanks) the player they made their bed... since they opted out because the kid was ineligible in the MMA canisius or any MMA has no obligation to play them and I don’t blame them...

Why is Health science an A school ... their beds numbers have them as a B, and tapestry a C school . Right where they should be according to the beds... who makes that decision and how??

Thank you CC for all you do for HS sports

Larry Jones made that decision. Is the section 6 chair. Why he did that I have no idea

Health is in A cause the section chair coaches a B school!!!!!!!How convenient to get Health out the way.....

So any comments telling why Health is in A will be deleted....We all know why!!!!!The cover up continues.....unreal....

Johnny stop drinking the Kool-Aid.The standing rule was that you can return from a boarding school and still play your senior year!!!!!! Look up the rules before listening to the good ole boys. The kid was given a raw deal because Kyle did not want anyone in his way of winning a chip. He also tried to argue that slaughter and Haskell were illegal transfers. Even called Schneider to complain Joes was running illegal workouts. This is his last chance to make noise in a while and he wanted no one in his way. Joes will win the legue and he will get whats coming his way
To go further there was a meeting or phone conference call , where everyone agreed to play park one time, and Husband jumped in and told the others to form a "united front" They are all in the good ole boy network and its a shame what they were allowed to do!
CC is in no way biased he goes off results , even though no team in WNY would have won the game park lost with 4 starters fouling out in regulation, no team losing 4 starters would have even been close. That should be taken into consideration as much as injuries are. With that said the rankings are pretty spot on with alot of games to be played.All games are not created eqaul.
Lastly Vic open your eyes the MMA is weak after two good teams this year, NT would challenge the top 2 and would be by far the 3rd best team in the MMA and they are behind the Falls and Lew Port. Yes Lew Port lost bad but the best player in the area was injured in the first qtr, that game holds no weight.

Your clearly a park guy and nothing will change your view... in my position I have seen the rules..I have them at my disposal! No need to get nasty and call out people!! Has nothing to do with coach husband...

The only one drinking cool aide is you my friend ! Follow the rules or go independent ..park made their choice

Johnny you talk about having rules and knowing the details but you are clearly wrong. I do not like Park at all but after asking around it is weird Joe's is only team playing them. Best competition should play each other. That said Frannies would break NT don't even. Everyone has bias it's what makes us Sport fans! Schneider and Husband may not be popular or courageous but no need to disrespect the leagues themselves.

Vic...Frannies would hardly break NT...but that's funny!

CC, thanks for your explanation. I think the Mcquaid game can be easily deciphered from the stats which you eluded to after the game. I have watched most of MMA teams play locally including all of Parks and Joes fyi.

Johnny, Park does not have an ineligible player as per the so called MMA rules. Pete Schneider simply played the game he has played against Park in the past with Dan Scott to weaken the team to either not compete in the MMA or stay in the MMA with a reduced roster. His disdain towards these young African kids attending Park since 2016 has been on full display since those kids first arrived here. I am certain if those kids attended CHS none of them would have had an issue in the MMA. Hmmmm

I am happy Park left this season in order for the kid to play proving that HS athletic is meant to be fair and impartial. I think that is what Pete has forgotten that the MMA is made to give the local kids fair opportunity to play in the top league in WNY and boost the value of WNY sports. How does Park not being in the MMA benefit the MMA? How Kyle and Pete play into this unfair narrative I do not know but CHS ultimately is the beneficiary of all of Pete's moves. This is a disservice to the community and especially to the kids who are competing. As I said I will cheer on any team except CHS to win the MMA this season and hope Joes runs the table on all the MMA schools. CHS has great kids on that roster but they should all know that their Coach and Pete are the ones devaluing the competition in the MMA to give them a win. Karma is a real thing! This will not end well.

If anyone at any coach, parent, booster or school staff at any MMA school says that Park did not want to play them be certain it is a lie. Every single school in the MMA except St. Joes colluded to drop all scheduled games with Park. This is especially true of CHS trying to ensure a MMA title. Unfortunately that title will have a big asterisk next to it.

Rust Belt, I believe a lot of HS basketball fans want to know the truth about the situation between Park and MMA. There is more than one story going around. Is your post based on facts or on one of the story’s you have heard? Thanks

CC, thanks for the informed rankings and I look forward to following them the rest of the season.
And a big THANK YOU to the bickering commenters in this thread. It has kept me quite amused while reading your posts. It’s funny that in all your musings concerning Commissioner Schneider and Canisius Basketball, you forget to note that Mr. Schneider was the AD for a while at St. Joe’s and left the position to assume the commissioner job in the wake of the Chad Kelly scandal.

Timon was done dirty by MMA too for a few years. If it is not for better of Canisius this league goes hard. If it's Canisius let's look past. Park is no Disneyland either as I heard from a recent transfer kid parents that should have gotten way more playing time. I believe the MMA needs new leadership that possibly resembles the actual athletes and their goals. All said Timon will be best team in a year or 2 with the best young class around.

Canisius and Joes are the two best teams in the league, whether Park was in it or not. The depth of the Canisius roster may push them ahead when it comes playoff time. After seeing both teams play, it is definitely set to be a great matchup. Anyways, people have been suspicious of Parks players and recruiting since day 1. Most years the kids on the team look double their age but have seemingly been allowed to play. It’s about time they did something about Park. I wouldn’t blame Pete Schneider for anything. People have been suspicious for years, but I would still like to see Canisius play Park.

Everything I am saying is first hand knowledge. Facts only. No need to restate rumors and innuendo.

MMA needs new management. Pete serving at Joes in the past as AD has not changed a thing. He has proven that he has no allegiance to Joe's either.

Basketball Fan, you are either a child or a dummy fan! Winning States and Fed means you are the best in WNY. Even though you cannot see it through your thicket, all MMA Schools recruit. Park has just done a better job purely based on luck which started when Jordan Nwora attended Park. That pipeline is open now!

You saying the Park kids look older is really dumb because if you have proof that the MMA or CC does not have I am sure we will welcome such information to lobby the state to shut down Park's program due to such an unfair advantage. In reality we know you are just talking BS, will never provide proof or substantiate your statement so retracting your poor comments may help you gain some credibility.

Park and Canisius will not play this year unless they meet at Fed. Pete and Kyle have made sure of it.

The Park School of Buffalo, providing 20K education to African kids 6'6" or taller at no cost since 2015. Might as well just toss that slogan on your school site while patting yourself on the back for being such a good recruiters

Park Proud,
Did you ever think there might be boosters or alumni helping the African boys with their tuition? Parks not the only school that does it.

“If any coach, parent, booster or school staff at any MMA school says that Park did not want to play them be certain it is a lie.” -Rust Belt Basketball

One week later Park backs out of their game against St. Joe’s.

The MMA is not above changing the rules in mid stream to benefit Canisius, Joe’s etc. It has happened before. Personally I tend to always side on what’s best for the kid and not hard and fast rules about eligibility. Naturally some rules must be enforced rigidly because they are essential to the fair administration of the game. I just don’t know enough about the Park/MMA relationship to make a sound judgment.

I think reneging on a commitment to play St. Joes is Bush league. The reasons offered up by the Park AD strike me as bogus.

And lastly here’s a standing ovation for CC for his blistering take down if the person above who suggested he is biased. As someone who was as active as he in commenting on hs hoops back in the day of TBN’s hey day with the great Keith McShea as the prep talk beat writer and then discussing his idea of bringing this site to life, I can say no one loves hs hoops more than he and no one is less biased than him. WNY is damn fortunate to have him. Bravo CC!!!

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