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Monday, January 13, 2020


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Park has the best wins of any team in WNY facing a much tougher schedule than any team in the area. Canisius football team constantly gets ranked #1 in football no matter how many losses, due to there schedule. Maybe if Park played the weak WNY teams and won by 30 they would bump up to #1 ,time to move on past the one questionable loss to start season.no team has played a tougher schedule and no team has as many quality wins.

Canisius has played good competition this year. Its disappointing that Park isn't in the MMA so we can see those teams compete head to head this season

Just remember this...Park not being in the MMA is not the reason Canisius isn't playing them. The reality is Canisius and all the MMA teams EXCEPT St. Joe's colluded and refused to play them. And reality is also no one cares about the small MMA teams playing them. So in the end Canisius and St. Francis refusing to play them makes them look like one of two things: cowards or babies! Cowards because they are afraid to keep on losing to Park or babies because they didn't like how Park handled this situation with the big guy. Either way it definitely doesn't make them look like forgiving Christians

Reality, there’s two sides to every story and I believe that the powers to be in MMA put a lot of pressure on the teams not to play Park. Did the schools have to cave to the pressure? Maybe, maybe not but who knows what was said to them. I would still love to see Canisius-Park.

Falls beats Canisius tomorrow, if no one has seen the Falls they have a great team.Team is coached better than it has been in previous years and they have great size. Losing players people, includingmyself thought they would take a step back. Calling it here first. NFHS will beat Canisius in a mathup of two of the best coaches in WNY.

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