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Monday, January 20, 2020


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What park did to st joes is not good! You don’t treat people/schools that way.. the only MMA school to play you ... you take on other games since season started and you pull out?? There is absolutely no explaining this away... NO local school should play them next year... MMA graciously accepts them to the MMA .... and now it’s not good enough for them anymore.... they are takers!!

Lol @ Stanley what the MMA did to park this year by changing a rule that was in place .Or interpreting it another way to rule a kid ineligible who was not is not how you treat prople ! Then everyone agreed to play Park one time until and Husband and Schneider convinced everyone to form a United front against Park! Park should have never thought about playing a MMA team after that. BTW the MMA is horrible this year with two good teams . Park is not missing much.

Park, I would suggest being more diplomatic. What happens if Park’s ability to play a out of area schedule goes away? Something to think about. As I’ve said many times in the past if you burn all your bridges you’re left on an island. While the MMA is far from perfect it is the only league in WNY in which Park fits. Good luck the rest of the year.

The MMA needs to remove Husband from being the voice of it until then nothing is diplomatic. Its a dictatorship . It's as if he is the head of the league along with Schneider (that's not a conflict of interest). The fact that the other weak coaches and ADS bowed down to his demands is a joke. Joe's did agree to play and I wish things were handled differently about that game, but no one knows specifics.

Maybe Park should've whined and complained with cries of discrimination when the league decision came down, then they might've backed down and let them in the league. Hey, it worked for the BPS in football, why not Park too?
It's pretty sad that a school would drop a team from their schedule a week before the game due to "lack of revenue" or whatever the excuse was. We'll see which players these schools pillage from next year and who transfers where. Bradberry's been at 5 schools in 5 years I think. Maybe WNY high schools should set up a transfer portal like the NCAA so that we can try to set up all-star teams. I have no problem if MMA gets players that enter their schools in 9th grade (that's the grade that their schools begin!), but when they actively seek players beyond grade 9, it's ridiculous and it's why the section won't ever let them in, and all the movement of players is why MMA gets a bad name around town.

Liberals, since you think you know alot but obviously are clueless. You are defending Joe's if I'm not correct they just got pretty substantial transfers.Make up your mind. Secondly if you plan on using my sons name know some facts clown . No kid transfers from middle school to High school..second Nc closed if you were not clueless so yes he did transfer one time in high school and to let u know it's working out great academically, athletically and he will take that and go to college for free. And I bet you are a avid trump supporter since you think that was a good move to keep the BPS out of section 6 clown.

Oh wait your right 4 transfers if 4 years!!!!Played varsity at Wheatfield and then transfered to Niagara Catholic....Did even live in Niagara-Wheatfield school district!!!!

Liberals, obviously you had trouble with math in school. Bradberry transferred one time. He started high school at NC that closed he went to the Falls that is not a transfer was he supposed to not go to school anywhere? Then he transferred to Park that makes one time simple math. I hate guys that come on here and bash kids.

Jalen has had a strange career to say the least. Moving from 8th grade to freshman year is not a transfer technically but he was playing varsity so it’s a grey area. You can’t blame him for leaving a school that just closed at Catholic, so was that real a transfer that year? Every Division 1 level player that was at the Falls the last 3 season (Bradberry, Gayle, Lightfoot) has transferred, so clearly something is going on at that school that is making talent leave.

Now he ends up at Park which seems like a good fit for him socially/academically (see Dad’s post above) and athletically as we can all see by the results. The only issue is that Park somehow is in the middle multiple storms this season that have nothing to do with Jalen but people can”t help but associate him with them because he is their best player And that he has moved around more then normal for the reasons listed above. After all of that he has a strong chance to be the areas all time leading scorer and if he does anything at a high level of college basketball he will go down as one of the areas top players ever.

CC does Parks lack of a full schedule and abbreviated playoffs erase Jalens chances for all time leading scorer?

As for as the current Park fiasco. It seems that both Park and the MMA made mistakes along the way and both sides are equally to blame. Park never should have dropped the St. Joe’s game without giving a reasonable explanation. For Park to take what would have been the biggest game of the year from a team that doesn’t get to play in front of the local fans much was a real head scratcher.

What will be most interesting going forward is to see what the Hutchins exit strategy is once Caleb graduates next season. Something tells me we won’t be hearing much from Park after that.

With regard to the above comments, I don't believe that "Liberals" stated anything incorrect regarding Bradberry and his multiple schools attended, he just stated the facts. I'm not sure that he was knocking him either (at least outwardly), instead it appeared as though he was knocking the fact that so many players have gone the transfer route (or pillaging route), including St Joe's, which is ridiculous. It seemed to have struck a nerve with one poster however. As for the "avid Trump" and "keeping BPS out of section 6" comment, the BPS wasn't being held out of Section 6, only out of playing non-BPS schools during regular season league play (just as they are during every other sport), as ECIC would play ECIC schools for league play and NFL playing NFL, etc. You sir, much like many others, took that as "being kicked out of Section 6", when in actuality they never were. Maybe the BPS should realign their teams so that they have more than 5 desired teams for football, trying to manipulate the enrollments for classes, not needing 9 schools combined at Hutch Tech or 7 schools combined at Bennett.

Hey loony Liberals, it's a free market out there. Let players play where they want. So what if they want to transfer 4 times in 4 years. That's their choice.

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