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Tuesday, February 18, 2020


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What a week. First the Park debacle. That situation if true is a huge black eye for the Park School, good luck bringing kids in when you tell them they have no post season to play in.

Second Randolph who many have questioned if they are legit blow Tapestry out by 20 points. A team Health Sciences struggled with twice.Them and Middle Early will be a great battle.

Third and maybe the biggest news. Niagara Falls goes into today's huge game losing its 6th player of the year. 4 have quit. two were academic casualties. One i believe has been let back on the team in time for playoffs. But the biggest loss comes as Sanders quit a possible All WNY selection.Falls is dressing 6 varsity guys and brought up maybe 4 JV kids to fill there roster( a shame considering they are the largest school inn section 6). The future does not look bright as the falls JV had its first losing season in the history of the new NFHS. Bring Constantino back please!!!!

Timon at #13 maybe the surprise team of the year and will bring there big three back next year. Great job by Coach Rowe.

Bring Sal back? After not winning the league and needing an all time performance from Lightfoot to squeak past North with all that talent? You do remember Sal quit right? Falls trolls are outrageous on this board. Colangelo got run out and Sal quit. New coach takes over what are clearly some difficult dynamics over there after 2 future NBA kids and another who will probably play in the MAAC have left the program in the last 2 years. Parents and culture there are beyond what 90% of coaches deal with just ask Sal!

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