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Monday, February 17, 2020


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Rumor is Park is not going to be allowed in the playoffs. if so that is a huge and unforgivable error on the admission/AD/coach at the Park School and I would expect a huge fallout.

What is the reason? Did the state or Albany Academy wait until now to make the decision? Doesn’t make sense.

Seems like one thing after another at Park. At some point the blame game they play for everything stops working. If they don't even have a postseason and are barely seen playing in Buffalo why would kids want to play there?

Randolph?? With that schedule ?? They are maybe 6th?? Never would I want Individuals to seed the sectionals!!

LMAO, better check common opponents. Beat #4 & #6. I believe they never trailed in either game. Tapestry beat CSAT by 10, Rand. beat them by 40.

Agree Steve, the Big guy situation, the St Joes game, and if this is actually true now. Then I would think Park could kiss there program goodbye. Parents should be demanding answers.

MMA IF YOUR CHILD is not at Park or effected why do you care ? Maybe the parents
Have all the answers they need ? Maybe parents send their child there for a top notch education not just basketball? Education comes first that’s what wrong with the MMA win at all cost , not very Christian to me . If the situation at Park is true think about the student athletes not about pointing the finger . Btw I have a finger for you !

Supporting the kids!!!!!!! Do you think the kids are ok not playing a playoff game? since you support the kids. Ending the season against one of the worst teams in WNY, was this the replacement team for St. Joes ? the team that it seems the school was afraid to play? I am sure the parents that send there kids to these schools know they are getting a great education and should not get short changed on the field by a fumbling administration who ran from Joes then dropped the ball on these kids season. Someone should answer dont you think , and its not the kids.

It’s none of your business! Is my point . Ofcourse the kids deserve a post season ! It’s not a field it’s a court btw . 😂 Park didn’t run from St joes . If you knew what you were talking about you wouldn’t say that . I never said the kids have to give CC followers an answer or owe anyone an explanation. I’m supporting the kids who are the victim in all this . If you were a Park parent you would have all the answers. Park owes no one but the Parents and players an explanation. Obviously you are not either or you would know . Do your MMA thing or “ Christian “ thing and point fingers , place blame because you are clueless. Worry about MMA and your own kids ! Park and the b-ball program will be just fine ! Let’s see how MMA survives priest scandal and bankruptcy. Again I still have that finger for you !

Park is the #1 academic school in the state
Over the past 3 years parks basketball team has held an overalll GPA ABOVE 90%
Park plays a national schedule and is seen around the country
A park graduate will be a first round draft pick in the NBA this year...

So Steve you tell me... why would parents want their kids to go to park?

Park is the #1 academic school in the state? I'm sure there are a lot of schools that would be very surprised to hear that.

Park is a very good school academically but not #1 in the state.

Park isn’t even the best school in WNY.

Who is better

Nichols, Nardin, Buffalo Seminary, probably Canisius. That only includes those schools in Buffalo.

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