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Monday, February 03, 2020


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Great job as usual with rankings and insight.
Expect Niagara Falls to fall hard and soon.

Constantino was the rock that held that program together through good and bad times. Teams were always tough and more than that he handled the hard issues and his teams had some years with the highest academic achievement NFHS has ever seen.While serving as a stern but fair coach.

The Falls is currently suiting up 7 of the 12 or 13 players on the original roster . One starter and two other players have quit the program in last few weeks .Add in two academic casualties, the coach is not new as the falls boosted he had 20 plus years experience when he was hired . So he should've been ready for the challenges at NFHS.
Instead players were allowed to not miss a game this year while having grade point averages in the teens in core classes , until they had to be taken off the court due to eligibility rules . Coaching is more than collecting Ws and Ls. The Falls youth deserves someone that cares beyond that.Rob Harris is the JV coach and I bet would do wonder for the kids in this community.
The talent runs dry after this year if you have seen the JV team play . Alot of these seniors were in great youth feeder programs that are no longer in place in the Falls to develop talent.Sad state of affairs for what is on the horizons for a once proud program!
I assume the coach will make a run at Lightfoot to come home and save him next year, because that will at least insure him some more Ws on his record .

How is falls ahead of Amherst? Falls lost and barely beat a Roddy Gayle less lewport team?? Amherst beat the falls as well this season??

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