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Sunday, March 01, 2020


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Falling to #3 after winning two games since becoming #1 ..and oh beating health science ..The BOYS have suffered enough through this through the adults agendas..But it keeps piling on...hey guys just know you never lost a game in WNY played the toughest schedule by far and you beat who is now deemed #1 weeks ago. Go finish strong in SC playing teams stronger than WNY teams and know your worth. We will see if guys and teams who fell early in playoffs will be penalized the same , I can give that answer now ..no

BTW canisius moved ahead of you guys without playing a postseason game lol and they only play one game to go to states so that 1 game trumps a whole season lol

It's almost like they're punishing The Park School for playing with illegal players. Hard to be ranked number one when you don't even qualify as a playoff team. Parks season is over. Now they go to South Carolina to play against a 9-9 team and call it a better tournament? Should be playing Albany Academy if the AD at Park was qualified for the job and not somebodies daddy. Ohhhh those poor children. No worries you can always transfer to a new school. Never been at one for more than one year anyway. Adios Los.

The best thing that happened to Park was not being able to play in the NYS postseason. Who would want to get run out of gym by Albany Academy again? Albany Academy is the heavy favorite in Class A after they lost by 1 to #9 in country LuHi in OT on a buzzer beater.

The team Park just beat in SC is 9-10 whose best win is 10-10 Spire Institute? In the last month, Spire has lost to #14 in country Oak Hill by 65 points and St. Ed’s in Cleveland by 63 points. Always nice to win but really grasping at straws to call this a great win.

Changing the subject, which we should anybody got updates on locals that are playing in college, just curious. I will start Breon Harris 1000 pt. Scorer on a very good Daemen team,hoping for tourney invite. Let’s keep it positive

There is one team who beat Health this year . Who was that team ? Ain't no thing either your team lost to a team you never should have in sectionals after you ran off kids from your team , or you are a canisus parent or supporter who buys Kyle's kool aid . Either way anyone with common sense knows Park was the best team ub the area this year and no ones polls cause convince ppl who know bball anything more. And do you realize that records cam be very skewed by there competition. I would love to see a NFL team play a schedule any of the schools park plsyed in SC.

I thought Park lost to McQuaid? The same McQuaid that lost to St Joes and Canisius.

The best thing about this conversation is whoever thought Health Sciences would be the measure as to whether Canisius or Park or Health is the number 1 team in the area. Ty has brought that team a long way.

I would imagine most teams would lose shooting 35 less foul shots than a team and 4 starters fouling out. You can create whatever scenario you want to justify your thoughts . Facts are Facts . Head to head park beat Health. Canisus lost to Health. Also no team has as many quality wins as Park has . And none has a loss as bad as Timon (a loss everyone sort of swept under rug). With that said , competition matters. Ty is now the standard of what coaches in WNY should be, ducks no one , develops players and wins the right way.He has built a top football and bball program . Now good luck to those still playing , represent WNY and show some unity against the other sections , as we never will amongst our own.

You talking about the Timon that’s playing for the state championship? I forgot about them. By the time it’s all said and done Park won’t even be ranked. You know why? They didn’t play in the playoffs. They went to an AAU tournament and got blown out!

Getting to the state chsaa game is easier than playing class c in the southern tier. Beat a 6-16 team to get to the state chip ,stop. Or maybe you can be in the state A chip game against a team with 10 losses, smh. You are probably someone who actually thought Randolph was better than MEC. Its Health , Park ,MEC and everyone else. You can keep your wny rankings and 1 win state championship Journeys.

Very entertaining to watch the same person post under different alias to try and justify his opinion. The best part is everyone knows who that person is and is LOL

It’s not opinion. It’s FACTS!! And by definition facts are whatever this character says they are. So blind he can’t see he’s sharing his opinion and stating “these are facts”. But that’s the world we live in now. If I believe it, it must be a fact.

More teams should consider going the route Park did. Lose to Rochester teams, duck St. Joe's, get destroyed by Albany Academy, erase games from your schedule when you find out they're illegal, cry poor, and then use the Centercourt blog to tell everybody you're #1 in the area because you beat Global Concepts to end your season and then went and made sandcastles in Myrtle Beach.

CHS, do you have facts on the Park situation! MMA disqualified John Oregun but was he really illegal? Albany Academy refused to play Park in the playoffs but were they right in doing so? The only thing I see as a concrete fact is that Park pulled out of the game with St Joes and it didn’t look good.

The same 5 to 10 ppl post on this site daily, with 200 different names, like you "kevin".Bottom line Park did not have an illegal player, Parks reason for being out the playoffs was on administration not on the kid you guys keep trying to pin it on. Sad adults, who have nothing better to do. Well karma works various ways.

Hey - at least he admits it :)

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