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Sunday, April 05, 2020


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Amherst in front of NT?? How??

Not bad of a list. Hard to make with the circumstances. Canisius is my pick for 1 and Health at 3. Joe's dealt with injuries so couldn't win big one. NT deserves to be over Amherst. I was there and almost beat health

Amherst beat falls/ NT lost to Fall twice any other common opponents other than health that they both almost beat ? Seems pretty fair. Head to head should matter first then strongest common team.

Amherst gave Health a better game than NT, ask Health. Both lost to them by 4. I was there too lol

Park should be #1 and Health Sciences #2. It’s simple they beat Health Sciences head to head. Not taking anything away from Health Sciences though. Again, great job by Centercourt.

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