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Tuesday, February 16, 2021


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Great job........again. You keep WNY hoops going , thanks Chaf

Awesome CC great to have hoops back. Hope for fans soon.

Rich Jacob is still the head coach at the Park School. Marcus Hutchins is acting head coach. Coach Jacob is avoiding the high risk exposure of COVID as he and family members are at higher risk.

Does anyone know why Bradshaw was allowed to cancel the Will East game on Monday? Is he the athletic director there also? I thought he just headed the recruiting department. Someone please explain. If you lived in Lewiston like me you would know it was 28 and sunny when the game was cancelled due to ‘weather’ - interesting that the other 17 scheduled games to played that day. It couldn’t have had anything to do with his second best player being ineligible until Tuesday 🤔

Great to see Monday that 18 of the 19 games scheduled despite getting some snow after 9pm. How can Lew Port cancel the game 2 hours before at NOON tip? I've lived in Lewiston off Center street most of my life it was about 26 and the sun was peaking out at Noon Monday. Where was the 'blizzard' that caused the coach to cancel it? Sickening that you would try to re-schedule it when your key player is back eligible. If you truly cared about the kids, you would never do that. Glad to hear the media is looking into this, I know the Gazette is running a story.

18 of the 19 games scheduled Monday got played I meant to say. Back in my day we didn't use computers, they didn't exist - we talked to people. Sorry for my mistake

Hello. Is the NT game at Lew Port still on for tonight? I encounter some blinding sun on my way home from work so I wasn't sure if the LP coach cancelled it. Please advise.

Awesome preview. Does anybody know when fans might be able to see games in person? These live streams are just not the same

Will east has covid!!!!!!!Amherst was there last game and they should not be playing!!!!!!
Good thing lp canceled!!!!!!

Wow what classy response from LP. Maybe next time use some extra punctuation to really make your point

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