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Monday, December 13, 2021


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Is there anywhere you can find schedules and results for Catholics ?

The MMA teams all use Max Preps & keep schedule, results, rosters, & stats updated consistently

CC what was your opinion on the Jamestown Health Sciences game tonight. The referring (of 1 specific) was some of the worst I’ve seen in a while. His calls on both teams were questionable all night and truly impacted the game all night long. Sad to see.

But overall a great contest for both teams, and one that’s going to make both teams stronger and better.

Refereeing not referring*

I don't like to comment on officiating, because I think they generally try their hardest while calling the game and it's something I did for years in another varsity sport and never enjoyed getting ripped by coaches & fans.

So I will attempt to make a somewhat diplomatic statement that is positive and you can interpret it anyway you like...I've always felt that the officiating in Erie & Niagara County, at least at the games I see (which tend to be the good teams) are the best officials, with the top 30 or so being outstanding. Last night, I didn't see outstanding.

Always an enjoyable read!!

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