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Tuesday, January 11, 2022


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There's a big difference in East from 2018 and Avoca-Prattsburgh now. What class is East now? A-P merged for all sports from 7th-12th due to low numbers. Kids now have opportunities they didn't have before. Prattsburgh kids can now wrestle, run cross country and participate in Track & Field. Not to mention kids live either in Avoca or Prattsburgh. Not sure you can say the same thing about that East team.

Besides even NYS sportswriters complained about it. Said it wasn't fair. Schools are combining sports programs all over the state . I guess though some people would rather kids not have the opportunity to play sports,but will complain when they sit in front of a video game all day long.

All of the kids from East lived in Buffalo. While district choice teams should likely never be a D school, they all did live in the district of their school.

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