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Sunday, December 17, 2023


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Niagara Falls improved to 3-0, huh?!? Are you trying to help them forget the thumping they took in “The Jungle”?
All love, CC
Go Tigers!

Yikes! I need an editor. And Carlos needs to have all of his games on that section site lol.

I will be sure to mention that result a couple more times throughout the season to make it up to The Jungle.

Thanks for the correction, two shots and possession for Timon.


Why is Timon playing such an easy non-league schedule with the most talented team in WNY?

Bennett, Maritime, Pioneer, Lackawanna

I’d like to see them play more top teams like they did against Niagara Falls.

Surprised that Timon is not really playing any out of area games either. On the girls side, O'Hara has been the top program for about a decade now and they regularly test themselves by playing both the best WNY teams and numerous out of area/out of state games...they already played two very good teams in DC and are currently playing at the Tarkanian Classic in Vegas.

Willl East loses to Health Science by 2 W/O best player …..interesting

health science loses to frontier. What does this do to Frontier and more importantly, Health Science.

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