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Friday, February 25, 2011


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Awesome news!!! Thanks CC.

Centercourt, Will you be at Williamsville North tonight for the big McKinley game?

I'm planning on a couple stops in the city (Hutch Tech & Grover) and then getting to the "big game".

Interesting that Allegany-Limestone will drive to the other end of the state and back, but other Southern Tier schools are holding off until tomorrow.

Well...very interesting game at Lancaster.

It was a great back and forth, physical, close game until the last three minutes. West took an early lead in the first, Lancaster stormed back in the second and looked to have put West away going up by 13 midway through the third. West however fought back and would get to within two with about four minutes left in the game. After Lancaster hit one of two free throws, Bailey drove to the basket and scored but it was wiped away by an extremely questionable charge call...there were numerous other similar drives with contact for both sides, but not one charge was called in the game besides that one save for in the opening minutes of the first quarter.

From that point on, the refs really took over the game....for the worst. They began calling a ton of ticky-tack fouls after letting physical play go for the whole game...in addition to calling many travels that were also questionable. I'm not saying that was the sole cause that West lost, but it certainly played a factor in that there was absolutely no flow to the game from the point on after the aforementioned charge call. Lancaster eventually got out to a 6-7 point lead and converted from the line in the last minute to ice the game.

All in all, a very good season for West and good effort from both teams, especially defensively tonight. Harrington did not play that well and was bothered a lot by Campbell inside. Campbell probably played one of his best games ever defensively, even though he was in foul trouble. It's an exciting prospect for West fans if he shores up some details, on how good he could be. Plonka played very well, even being shadowed by Lobdell. Kroll was a bit shaky in the first half handling the ball, but played much stronger in the second. Bailey was his usual intense, quick self...he really deserves some recognition for how much he improved this season...he matured a ton and is one of the best pg's in the area. Predictably, he was the most upset after the final whistle, emotionally. Grandits played ok, but didn't score enough to pull West through.

Good luck to Lancaster, but I just don't think they will be able to keep up with Jamestown on a full court. The smaller court really helped Lancaster...if this game was played at West, I would like West....but that's just speculation. Looking to next year, West, to me, will have to be the third favorite in AA, behind the Falls and Jamestown. They return all major players except for Grandits.

One more note...I think it's interesting that in many games this season, I noticed newer and younger refs having games and there were very few instances of very questionable calls. However, now once the playoffs starts, the old guard seems to reappear and more often than not, "take over the game." Most of the time it is unnecessary and really takes away from the flow of games.

Please don't take this as complaining that the refs cost West the game...West could have knocked down a lot more shots...but the refs really took away what could have been an absolutely great finish.

Well I picked the wrong game 2nite. W North looked dis-interested....Don't like ripping a kid but Taplin was invisible...any shot at 2nd or 3rd team All WNY now gone. McKinley's speed 2 much.

Can't wait 4 the AA and C Semi's....glad nothing messed up those Top 4 from pretty much all year. I am going 2 say what I told Center Court in November....that Clev Hill will win B2. Watch them beat Wilson next week.

I guess no 'Kensey' final in A2! Ha! No seriously though if I was East and Will South - that overall A final alot of people think will happen - don't b so sure! Olean is on FIRE and COULD upset East. A long shot yes, but I would not b shocked. And the way W South looked at home 2nite - again I would not b totally shocked if Hutch Tech upset them.

Anyway c everyone at M Cup Semi's tomorrow. Hopefully Timon gives Joe's a game.

I would be shocked if Olean beat East and unless they show up at Buff State with Palumbo, Carney, & Moore in uniform, the Huskies late season surge will end on Tuesday night. East is too tough for a team as young as Olean.

If South can contain Maurice Miles, I think they'll be fine. That's easier said than done though, because Miles was a force against Sweet Home today.

My opinion on South is that they're a team that feeds off the situation they're in. Meaning, in front of a crowd that lacks energy (like the Timon game) they lacked some energy as well. I saw the same thing a few days earlier at home against Will East. But when the place was buzzing for the South/North game, the Billies totally amped up, the same way they were against Canisius at the Classic in December.

The Wilson/Cleveland Hill game will be very good, but I think you're leaning the wrong way on a winner.

Well CC,
I am proud of our guys as they gave I-Prep a very good fight. We played them almost even the first half and were only down five at the break. Unfortunately, there was too much Chris Holland (who is a very good player) in the second half and I-Prep won by 16 which was their biggest lead all night. We gave up too many offensive rebounds and gave I-Prep too many good looks at open 3's. However, I must say that Mike Bova easily got the better of his match-up with Kadeem Hillman. We will miss Bova around here. Heck of a player and an even better person (definitely all WNY). Good luck to I-Prep going forward as they have a real shot to make a run at states.

Must be a tough way for Will East and Will North to go out. Im sure there were a lot of emotions after the game there as well

An early exit for East and North after nice regular seasons. Winnable game for East last night.


I would like to hear your review of the pulled pork. Hopefully it lived up to the expectation.

As far as the refs go, I could not disagree more. They let so much physical play go the entire game and that favored Wests style of play. Where you give credit to West for strong defense, I say Harrington played through a multitude of grabs, holds, arm bars, elbows and other interesting defensive techniques.

Congratulations to Kenmore West on a very good season. Hopefully Lancaster will garner a little respect from beating another strong team. And as far as Jamestown goes, hopefully what they say about beating a team three times in a season is true.

I think Harrington has proved his worth to the team and with a good performance Thursday night will be 1st team all WNY. That is a Lancaster team he has led to Buff State, who without him, lost by 15 to Depew!

There is no "I" in team...good thing Harrington is a team player. Great team effort last night... He and all the Redskins had a great game last night... Off to Buff State...

Well Coach...I think you echoed one of my points. It was a physical game throughout until the last few minutes when the refs started to call a ton of touch fouls that they didn't call for the vast portion of the game. You have to admit that they called a different game during the last four minutes. It was pretty evident that Harrington doesn't like a lot of contact, specifically on the offensive end. He played well defensively but honestly, didn't show me that much on the offensive end. Yes...he had 17 points but many of them were second chance opportunities.

Regarding the physical style of play by West, every game in the NFL is that physical. The only time I would say Harrington was "abused" illegally was in the last minute of the game when Campbells frustrations got the best of him. Clearly Harrington is not used to physical defense...he was complaining quite a bit, especially in the first half. As for first team all wny, if you put Harrington on it, then Bailey has to be on it too...;-). Good luck Thursday coach...let's see if you can pull one out on a full court.

The pork was pretty good though...maybe set up a stand at buff st.

I think it's the biggest joke that St Mary's beat Olean Walsh and now r 1 win from a 'State Title' I mean seriously give me a break.

Don't c a '3 peat' this year. New Rochelle Salesian will b a tough out in the 'Final'..they return 2 of the top 7 All State Class B guys. 6-3 Kevin Punter and 6-4 Jason Alleyne....I also think CC should clone himself so he can b at JCC 4 the C semi's and at Canisius 4 Joe's-Canisius Part 3

The Buffalo News correctly stated that CSAT becomes the first charter school to advance to Buffalo State. That is technically true; however, if we are looking at the sectional semifinals, our Tapestry Thunderhawks advanced 10 minutes earlier to the semis at JCC with our win over Seneca. Or at least, we called the game in first....

I think the News was waiting to mention Tapestry as the first charter school to advance to Blue Cross Arena on Friday.

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