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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


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First of all I think more than a 1 sentence write up is in order! C'mon man, put your daughter to bed and get to work!

GREAT game. Canisius looked lost on offense in the 1st half and Joe's in the 2nd half with great D by both teams. I hope Nevins can FINISH some of those great drives if they have any shot Sunday. Lyons WILLED them 2 a win 2nite. I get WHY Reggie was on the bench at the end but HE would have gotten those 2 offensive rebounds that KILLED Joe's at the end of the game. Unless he fouled out in which case I am wrong but if not I can't believe he wasn't in there 2 get the rebound.

I mess with Earl on here alot but props 4 sure 2 him and his team going into a hostile place and beating a Maple Grove team that has played there MANY tims. Good job Earl. Good luck against the old team. Wasn't there but sounds like Holland carried his team 2 the win over OTC.

FINALLY I can't believe Sean Brusso witnessed me being personally attacked and didn't step in 2 difuse the situation! WTF! C'mon man! Not going 2 get into detail but a weird incident indeed.

FINALLY I hope McKinley and/or Lancaster don't screw up tommorrow and win. We all want that Falls vs Jamestown rematch! I'm out!

MIG: Hopefully this can hold you over til Centercourt gets those two index fingers typing his commentary:


Great game and despite the loss, great season for St.Joe's as well. They were the two best teams this year and it wasn't even close.

Congratulations to the Crusaders and especially Gordon Lyons. A great kid from a great family. Nice to see him have such a great game and get some serious props by earning the cup mvp.

A sour taste to be sure for Joe's tonight, which in no way diminishes a truly outstanding season.

Tonight, I got to say that I really saw the human side of sports, especially in high school when they're memories (either way) you'll carry for the rest of your life.

On the one side, Nevins shed a couple of tears of joy with his teammates and coaches. Well deserved, he's not only a fantastic player but he's such a nice, and unselfish kid.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Rehbaum was visibly upset, completely understandable. Remember, these are still teenage kids and when you leave everything you got on the floor and reality sets in it's the last time you'll hear the roar from the crowd at the high school level,it's tough to take. More than 30 minutes after the presentations were over and everybody else left, I saw him at the end of the press table still sloped over.

I stopped and stepped away from my laptop and made it a point to go up to him and tell him that as someone who covered a lot of hoops this year, I was very proud to have written about him. Great game or terrible game, there are few kids I've seen in recent years that play with the passion he does. I told him he had a lot to be proud of with all the great things he did and that his basketball days are most definitely not over; he'll be playing again at the next level somewhere for sure.

Ironically, The two are good friends and Aaron told me after the game that wherever he goes to college, he's trying to get Connor with him.

Great stuff.. It's why I love covering high school sports much more than the pros. These kids truly care about the game. Now that the at least the catholic season is done here, I can step back and boast about what a pleasure it was to cover both those teams, and both those guys.

Pat, The Rehbaum family would to thank you for all your coverage this season on St. Joe's basketball. It really is a team effort and we are so proud of our boys. We thank all our friends and 'fans' who have shown support in the team and Connor after last nights game. We are finding out today if his nose is broken. Congrats to Canisius on Manhattan Cup Championship. Game is played for a full 32 minutes and Canisius did just that.

spoke to the trainer after the game and i was told rehbaum had suffered a broken nose at the end of the 1st quarter.

Just checking in on Connor; how's he doing? Anyone have any updates??

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