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Friday, December 09, 2011


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Well done with the preview CC. Looks like WNY should be poised for another exciting b-ball season!

Nice job by CCentercourt of including a little something about most schools in this area. One question though: Where is your prediction for the MMA?

WOW! This is excellent. Thank you for a great preview Mr. Centercourt.


I predict Canisius will win the Cup.

Great job on previews CC.

Yes great job CC on the preview. After watching B Kearney 2nite it is clear why Aquinas moved up 2 AA this year - 2 avoid having 2 play them in the A Section 5 final. I hope Falls can beat Aquinas on March 10th at Buff State cause no way our A team will beat Kearney. Jamesville Dewitt-Bishop Kearney will b a great Class A state final. U can book that 1. Still don't get the Crumpton 2 Canisius thing...Parotta will b gone by the time he gets there anyway. A 6-4 D1 Power forward? What? Not quick enough 2 play the 3 and not good enough outside shot 2 play the 2.

And not that it's Sal's fault but that stupid 18 game crap....they had 2 great tests this weekend now have 2 wait a month 4 the 2 games in Erie then another month and a half until the Section 6 Final 2 get a real game cause the NFL is a joke (please TML-No Ken West talk here). At least if they could do 1 game each it would leave 7 more no leaguers. O Well.

How about Syracuse! Going 2 #1 this weeek w Kentucky and Ohio State losing! Bernie would b proud!

No, I will put in some KW talk....KW played them tough for 6 out of 8 quarters last year and the area where NF dominated was in the paint....NF's paint advantage is gone this year. Williams and Wilkins will not dominate KW's guards by any stretch. Why are most of the games NF has played in the NFL the past decade a joke...because they had a huge athletic advantage to go with their talent. KW is just as athletic and quick at the 1-3 spots. I'm not saying NF will lose but to say those two games will be a joke is dumb. Canisius is better than the Falls so we'll see how much of a joke KW will be on Tuesday.

Talk about a joke...Cuse at #1 will be a joke. They were pushed hard against the only two decent teams they've played and also against Marshall. I would take Kentucky, UNC, OSU and Duke over Cuse.

Who have been the most emotional/passionate players in your 3-5 years on the beat?

TML Falls will crush Ken West by 15 both games your guards can't keep up with their guard's. Falls will run them off the court. I'm not saying Cuse is the best team jack - just that they will b ranked #1 Monday.

PS I may wanna fight u at Mary's this week so look 4 me next 2 CC let's go at it. Hollywood will ref

Great job, Centercourt. So great, in fact, I'm stealing it and putting it up on BSD tomorrow, heh :)

Ha....that would be a more exciting halftime show than a wing contest. Ive been working on my Kimura.

This might be the best Ken West team in years. Bailey is one of the best point guards in WNY and they are athletic. Outside shooting might be a problem for them. The Falls hasn't been the vintage Falls the last couple of seasons. Look how NT won the NFL two seasons ago. Canisius will be a good measuring stick of how good the Blue Devils can be this year.

Pat M,why didn't Sal keep Aquinas from moving to AA?
Sam,you work in the school system. Maybe you know?
MiG,that would be HILARIOUS!!!

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