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Thursday, January 10, 2013


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Would be nice for MCKINLEY to make a post-season run and bring some statewide respect back to BUFFALO CITY BASKETBALL with theist defenisive intensity and athleticism!!

They have a great shot to win the Section and then get past Rochester. I believe Regionals are back at Blue Cross Arena this year. The last time McKinley played there, Stink Robinson hit a last second three to send the Macks to Glens Falls.

Last year, I put up a post about where former high school basketball players were continuing with college ball:


If you liked that or even the concept of it, you'll love this...

Jonah Bronstein of the Niagara Gazette has started his own blog focusing on where former high school stars are now, and not just for basketball. His first two posts update Will Regan and Paul Harris. Book mark it! It's sure to provide something fans have longed for, and something you won't find elsewhere.


Also, check out the home page - awesome stuff!


WOW!! CC thanks for posting that info about homebasebuffalo.com I just may be able to add too his list. That sure is some list.

Funk had at least 18 for clarence last night but was not in the box score.

My apologies on that. I stopped tallying player points after the 3rd and relied on the box score, which after re-checking, is definitely off.

Far West Regionals will no longer be played at the Blue Cross Arena, instead this year and alternate years for now on will be hosted at Gates-Chili High School. According to sources, Blue Cross Arena was getting two expensive for Section V to host their Sectional Semifinals & Finals, along with the Far West Regionals, when it was their turn.

If that is true what a JOKE this State is. We have enough 2 pay 4 all the welfare cases in Niagara Falls but no money 2 play at Blue Cross? Playing the Far West Regionals at a HS? I hope that is a joke. How much could it possibly b? I'll pay 4 it.

Blog is boring lately btw...I need 2 come up with a rumor or something, give me a few days.

Here is a rumor for you, CC is replacing Keith McShea as high school sports reporter for the Buffalo News and will host Prep Talk TV with Lauren from now on...

Oh ya, Canisius wins by 15 on Saturday

i think for 1 man CC does a great job....how many places can one man be at one time.he gives alot of info and he certainly knows a bit about what going on here in the section and even beyond.when it comes time for Buff Stateyou can rest assured that he will have it up right fast and i'm guessing right on from a un-biased point of view...anyone that would like to do and dedicate what he does for a season.....step up or sit down.i enjoy all the info as im disabled and get to go see limited action. so this is it for me....positivity and kindness will continue to make it a great place to talk hoops!!!great job CC.

What's a blog without some rumors, right? I heard MIG would be filling his shoes because they were looking for a more controversial point of view.

As long as Mary Jo stays put, I'm fine with it.

I discovered the comment below in the spam filter. It wound up in spam, along with several others from the same author, because the author continually attempts to be funny by beating a dead horse, then asking "Why does the moderator keep deleting my posts". Your answer is they weren't deleted, they just never got published because your comments were re-routed to spam. Find a new name to comment under, stick to contributions like the one below, and I'll remove the block so your comments get posted with the rest of the free world.

Anyway, here's the comment that was worth releasing from spam. I'll rename the author "Big Bopper":

"Who's the poll voter who nominated Lancaster with a 2-7 overall record in the large school poll? They should have their head examined and be stripped of the voting and driving privileges."

- Great question. Someone who should have his ballot sent straight to spam with illogical voting like that! -cc

Canisius wins by 8 Saturday. At least. Not even going 2 waste my time, need 2 prep 4 NFL playoffs.

I'll go 2 the 3rd game on Feb 27th.

CC is it TRUE about no Blue Cross 4 Regionals? I am FINALLY not at Spring Traing during them and I have 2 go 2 a freaking HS?!?!?! Can't u make some calls and fix it? Show us if u have true power.

Who cares where they play on the off years, as long as the Buffalo State venue never changes. Gates-Chili is a pretty nice gym (we saw Aquinas beat Roch East there last year). It'll be on par with 2009, when regionals were at Brockport. Did anyone consider moving the games to Lafayette?

If I had any real power, Falls would have played Canisius & Olean this year.

Go to Timon on Saturday instead. Have 50% more fun. Who wouldn't want that?

I was surprised they scheduled a game on the same day & time as the Canisius/Joe's game.

The Militia don't care...
what they're doing over there.

Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses!

I have heard nothing about the Sect. V sectionals and regionals being moved from BCA to Gates. The sect. V site still states BCA as the site for the regionals as well as AA1/AA2 sectional semis, all sectional finals and large school crossover games.

The website is updated daily so I do not think they would have failed to change the schedule unless it is soemthing that is not yet official.

While Gates is a great gym and is a fantastic place to watch a game, particularly the lighting, the concern I have is space. It will be fine for the small school games but for a AA with the potential to be between the top two ranked NYSPHSAA teams in the state, things could get a bit dicey. Most of the large schools in section V draw very well, with Fairport hisorically being one of the largest. It could make for some uncomfortable and "too crowded" feelings, which is unacceptable for a regional. Also, sitting in bleacher-style seating for 10 hours really sucks.

That's wasn't a rumor about Section V Semifinals and Finals being held at Gates-Chili High School. They made that decision at the end of last season. If the games have been retained at Blue Cross Arena for this season's playoffs, maybe someone came through with some funding to support the venue. Gates-Chili maybe a high school but has a very nice and large facility. Nicer and bigger than some D3 schools.

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