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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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Observations from the 1st 2 games.

Olean stayed cool calm and collected through out. Jeff Anastasia does a great job. and their game is very disciplined. Lackawanna had some phenomenal athletes but could not crack Olean. At times when the game got tight, it seemed lackawanna was a little selfish witht the ball and dribbled too much. Sylevers will be tough the next 2 years.

Iroquois was outmatched at nearly every position. Wilkinson tried to keep them in there , but i believe he was held scoreless in the 2nd half. Multiple players stepped up for Iroquois, but in the end, the defense of Amherst was too much. The tigers seemed to get hands on many passes and came up with every loose ball. Most of them by Johnny on the spot - Belton. He was all over the place , getting steals rebounds and pushing the tempo. He should be considered, no less than an all WNY 2nd teamer. It will be very tought to break the 1st team.
I believe the last game of the night will be very good and possibly an instant classic. I am interested to see who guards Campion if Wilkes takes Panebianco. J'town should win the other matchup. ON the other end Crumpton will be a difficult I am going to take J'town by 3.
I also hope to see Game(Ken) make it out tonight. He will Love the atmosphere of a packed house and NF band.
See you all in 10.

thanks 6...i made it!!i got most the East/Fredonia game and i'll say i just love H.S.Dunkers!!and the Big T for East threw down 3 just standing under the hoop with one it appeared 3 defenders hangin on him!!great job and it seemed that Fredonia had the chances and personel to maybe steal a win but it would have to have been a extradordinary effort and it just wasnt there.East was good enough to beat back even the best Fredonia could give them...if they worked the perimeter game alittle more they would have stood a remote chance as i saw it all East for last night.Now Olean was a diifferent story and without going into most of what we already know i think Lackawanna late in the game tried to mentally break Olean with in your face intimidation which was not going to be as Olean is far to disciplined to be drawn out of what they do and thats something to many teams do not do.but the Steelers are very athlectic and did linger around for a good portion of the game but when Big Sam fouled out with over 5 minutes to go Lackawanna did not seem to try and take advantage of that,had it been me when he fouled out i would have called a time-out & a revamp how to defend and attack with the big man out but they didnt make any changes and i think anything they may have been able to do would have been wiped out by Bathurst who seemed to amp up his already great playing and hold and type of run by Lackawanna in check.Lackawanna will be back and they are very good so it will be another great year for them to look forward to.After the game i made my way down to visit CC and got to meet one of the guys here who i was very happy to meet as i have a great deal of respect for him and i was not let down when i met and shook his hand..CC pointed you out tarheel but we thought you were heading out so if anyone saw the guy in the long sleeve dry-fit warmup shirt on with "one" on the chest,a cane,and my future basketballer~~my 6 year old boy...then you saw me!!but was getting a bit sore so figured the game to miss and make a break for home was the A2 game and got most of A1 game via CC twitter!.but got the whole NF/JT game and i say it all the time if you dont take care of the ball better than the other team...you will lose.JT did a great job mixing up their zone looks and i think it gave NF a bit of trouble and did what im sure the JT coach was trying to do,keep NF of balance.and another factor was even with the hieght advantage Campion was allowed in the paint time and time again for crazy looking shots that he was dropping in!What a joy it was to watch him play as a senior making many plays knowing it would be his last game if he didnt give it his all.I mean take just 4-5 turnovers NF had down the stretch and you would have had a closer or different game,but i love the Falls,but just plain and simple got beat,and congrats to Jamestown for doing what they set out to do with great execution and IMO thats the way "GAME " saw it go down!!!im surely going to try and be there tuesday for some great hoops action and to meet and shake hands with all those of you that i enjoy so much posting with weather we argue or agree thats what its all about and again im surely looking forward to making every attempt i can to come.and it was a pleasure meeting the person i met and shook hands with....it was a pleasure and you obviously know who you are!!!thanks againg and to you as well CC for letting me have a voice and post here....AND TO SOME THEY MAY SERVE AS BEDTIME STORIES!!!!..i will learn one day to learn how to change paragraphs to sentences!!LOL.God Bless and take care all...Ken

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