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Monday, March 03, 2014


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Does that mean that St. Mary's goes to the B states? Also, I saw that Hilbert College had a great year but what happened to Paul Rath a St. Mary's alum who was playing for Hilbert? I didn't see his name even on the roster anymore. Any info?

I believe he was dismissed from the program for a violation of team rules.

My daughter played for John. Not only a great teacher of the game, but it would be hard to find many people as passionate about the game! Congrats to you and your team!

MMAA-Thanks for the infoon Rath. I thought he was a pretty good player. Hope he surfaces someplace else with no issues.

just heard Jaysean aige verbaled to Southern Miss.

"Nichols chances of knocking off mighty Cansius was in my mind, an order taller than Cam Lewis standing on Chris Miner's shoulders"

Very nice CC

Sports makes you sweat and smell. Stay in school, use your brain. Be a thinker not a stinker.


check out Katie Healy's accomplishments at Bonnies this year!! One of the best female basketball players to come out of WNY.

I can confirm Welch - the best Freshman in WNY - will b spending the next 3 years at St Joe's. Will make the MMA VERY interesting next year. Nichols, Timon, Canisius, Park, Mary's all have key players back, now Joe's will have the best Soph in WNY.

Tyson's height is exaggerated in the program. Tyson didn't show the heart to bang with Eckstrom and Bathurst. Lewis and Ayala kept them in it. Nice to see that St. Joe's recruited Welch. I am sick of the privates saying that they don't.

Tyson was playing on ONE LEG. He tore his knee up and gutted it out.

And what is with those THICK SICKENING hot dogs Buff State sells? It's bad enough I have 2 pay $1.87 for a Mountain Dew (I would rather just get charged an even $2.00) but bad Hot Dogs, no pizza? What venue ANYWHERE in the USA doesn't sell PIZZA slices when 2,000 people will b there?


We recruit ALL of our students, it's how we get people to go to Joe's. And as an integral part of the Joe's program for the last 15 yrs. I have no knowledge that Mr. Welch is coming to Joe's next year. And I think I might know before MIG.

But you CC and McShea went in on a Mr. Pizza pizza. Why would you need hot dogs too?

Sorry, didn't know about Tyson's injury. Hope it heals and he is back playing in top form.

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