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Monday, April 11, 2016


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Great job buddy! Congrats on another year of outstanding hs hoops coverage!

I normally agree with you on all of your picks... But not having Nick Montgomery from East Aurora as at least an honorable mention is a crime. Kid averaged 15 ppg 6 rebound and 2 blocks and one of the best defenders in WNY on a team that lost to state champs olean in B1 final

I second that, the job you do is second to none!

Jernard Jackson definitely should of been a first teamer, hands down, I think you could throw him on a team like Canisius and he would dominant the competition just like he did at Lewport, Nate Brawdy definitely was deserving of at best a fourth team spot, also Trevon Thompson might be the biggest snub of all time, that kid straight balled out... You went a lil Catholic wasted on this years All Center Court Teams.

Watched the all star game the other day. Jackson is good but not dominant by any stretch. No list can be perfect but I agree with this one more than I disagree.

@WNYBBALL I'll go off a season before I go off a all star game, first majority of the people he played with he had no chemistry with so all star games are the most bs excuse you can use.... Second, what he did at Buff State speaks volumes, HE WAS STRAIGHT DOMINATING, when it mattered most...

Jayhawks - Who would you drop from 1st team to make room for Jackson? Who would you drop from 4th team to make room for Brawdy? Same for Thompson.

@statechamps2003 I said at best fourth team so I was referring to anywhere from 5th to 4th, Brawdy had a great season, look at it this way for both guys, Brawdy and Trevon where stars for there respected schools, if you take both guys away from there teams how good would Silver Creek and Gowanda be??? And I most definitely would put Jackson over Greg Dolan, compare the seasons, Jackson was great at buff state, not to take anything from Greg, great player but in my opinion Jackson had the better season...

@Statechamps2003 I would of subbed Trevon and Brawdy for Jake and Harris, look at things from my prospective. OK, Do you think if you put Jake on a team like Silver Creek or Gowanda he would he lead them farther than Brawdy and Trevon did? Or do you think they struggle? Same for Harris, you think he would be able to lead a Silver Creek or Gowwanda team with a lack of support? Both Harris and Jake are great players but imagine if Trevon and Brawdy had the fire power both of those guys had.

Tremendousest job by the only 1 that matters other than the Buffalo Evening Newz of course

Jayhawks - You speak in a lot of hypotheticals and imagination to support your case for Brawdy, Thompson and Jackson. "What if so and so was on this team..." or "What if so and so had better support on their team". You can't put together an All-WNY team like that. You have to go based on what the teams and player actually did.

Greg Dolan is one of the best pure point guards this area has seen in a long time. He led his school to it's first ever state final four. They played top flight competition and he always showed up in the big games.

Breon Harris led a Niagara Falls team full of underclassmen to an undefeated league title and won sectionals in the highest classification.

Jake Cavana was the starting point guard on a team that went undefeated until the Federation final. He was probably the most important player on the court in their semi-final and state finals wins. He also played in Class B, the same class as Gowanda. I look at Gowanda's schedule and I don't see any big time quality wins. They split with Silver Creek, split with Ellicottville, lost to Franklinville and got blown out by Fredonia at home in the Quarterfinals. The same Fredonia team that only lost to Olean by single digits 3 times. So, I guess if Gowanda didn't have Brawdy, they'd be right where they actually ended their season...a loss in the sectional quarterfinals.

Brawdy is definitely a talent and I expect would him to build upon this season and would probably peg him for a top 15 player next season. Best of luck to him.

@StateChamps2003 I'm just speaking facts, I'm pretty sure without Brawdy and Trevon both schools would have losing records. Trevon and Brawdy teams might not have advanced far in the playoffs but thats from the lack of supporting cast. Also, I'm pretty sure Falls was a veteran team this year, last year they where young this year they where grown up so your harris lead nf to a undefeated league record with underclassman is out the window, PERIOD. Nf was a vetern team!!! Greg Dolan might be the best talented wise but Jackson was the more productive player this year....

@StateChamps2003 if you are going to get on Gowanda about its schedule, how many top 10 small and large school teams did Olean face this year??? 3? Fredonia, Timon, and Jamestown..

What are your facts? Stating that a team would have a losing record if a certain player wasn't on that team isn't a fact, it's an opinion. Silver Creek actually advanced pretty far in the playoffs losing to eventual state champion. They also had a pretty good team. Scanlan and Lewis are quality players that played extremely well in the playoffs.

Niagara Falls only had two seniors on their team, Harris being one of them. They're next best players were Williams and Ralands, a Junior and Sophomore, respectively. A veteran squad would be a team like Fredonia that started 5 Seniors.

So, you named three top 10 large and small schools that Olean played. Already more than Gowanda and Silver Creek. You can probably add Chautauqua Lake (twice) to that list as well. You can add East Aurora to that list (B-1 Final). Blew out Wellsville in the Regional game. Then they beat previously undefeated Hudson by 20 points in the state semi-final. They beat two top 5 schools in the entire state for Class 'B' in Marlboro and KIPP. These are all facts. Do you see the difference?

Centercourt - One thing that I noticed was your exclusion of Terrell Ford from Kenmore West on the HM list. He made the list last year but not this year. Not often you see a "demotion" from your All-WNY list and the News' All-WNY selections.

@StateChamps2003 I stated my case for all three guys... Continue having a conversation with yourself..

OK Jayhawks...continue using your imagination and playing the "what if" game.

Centercourt, I missed not being at the games this year to chat HS basketball with you. So thank you for always keeping me/us updated on what was going on with WNY HS basketball through your blog, twitter, and radio/video appearances. Your knowledge and efforts should be celebrated. We are truly lucky to have you promoting the schools, coaches and fine young men playing this exciting sport in WNY. Keep up the great work! Hope to be back at the games next year chatting HS basketball again with you.

@StateChamps2003 It's a pointless conversation to continue, You have your opinion set and I have mines set and I'm pretty sure both of our opinions aren't changing so why would I drag on a conversation? I supported my opinion on why I believe Jackson should be first team, and Trevon and Brawdy should be somewhere on the 5th and 4th team, so there's no point in keep dgoing back and fourth with you, nobodys opinion is changing.

Really am interested in where all these seniors are headed next year. Buffalo News use to post years ago- perhaps Centercourt could start a post??? i think many basketball fans are interested.

Tough Job selecting the teams. I would have gone with TC Brown on first team in place of Nwora or Dolan (Both Good players, just my view for whole year). Consistantly put up numbers across the whole stat sheet every game. Also..Justin Jones should have been 1st team defense. When Canisius needed someone shut down? Jones was the man. Also.. Welch coasted during games at times but I didn't see a player being able to guard all 5 positions defensively (Maybe not 1st but he could have been mentioned in there somewhere. But Overall a good selection year by CC.

Oh, By the way? Congrats Stafford.

@StateChamps2003 btw Ralands is listed as a senior on the section six website

@statechamps2003 Seriously, "You can't put together an All-WNY team like that. You have to go based on what the teams and player actually did."?

We are talking about the players, not the teams. How many games did you see from the Southern tier? I am glad to see that every proposed player except two, (Stein & Lecceadone) made the list in one way or another, but Bosley and Brawdy should be on the top 25 rankings.

Regarding scheduling, it's no different than the NCAA. Why would a Class A give a C or D an opportunity to prove themselves?

Jayhawks - According to MaxPreps, the Buff State sectional guide, the all league teams listing, the roster for the PAL/ACE game and various reporting by Centercourt on this site, Syquan Ralands is a sophomore. I'm right, the section 6 website is wrong.

Southern Tier - I saw all the playoff games at JCC, I watched Jamestown, Olean, Fredonia and Panama multiple times this year. I'd probably venture to say that those are more games than most "Northerners" have seen of the southern tier schools.

Also, East High was a Class C school this year and besides playing McKinley (Class A) twice, South Park (Class A) twice, Middle College (State Champion) twice, their non-league games featured Timon on a neutral court, Edison Tech (Class AA) on a neutral court, @Bishop Kearney (Class AA), Leadership Academy (Class B), and Lockport (Class AA). That's a lot of AA, A and B schools giving a C school an opportunity to prove themselves.

At this point in time this @StateChamps2003 guy is just having a conversation with himself, In my eye test Jackson should be first team, and Brawdy and Trevon should be 4th through 5th team players... Simple as that my mind isn't changing, StateChamp2003 is going off schedules and Team success while I'm going off of who actually had the better season from a player prospective.

@jayhawks - Although Brawdy, Thompson, and Bosely had very, very good years for their respective programs, and I agree that Brawdy could have been named to 5th team over someone like Harris, I would like to point out that you stated.... " Do you think if you put Jake on a team like Silver Creek or Gowanda he would he lead them farther than Brawdy and Trevon did? Or do you think they struggle? Same for Harris, you think he would be able to lead a Silver Creek or Gowwanda team with a lack of support?". As someone that has coached against almost 100% of all of these kids in WNY since all of these kids were in 5th and 6th grade, you're opinion on these particular kids is seemingly quite jaded. Jake and Kyle, respectively, if put on teams like Gowanda and Silver Creek would ABSOLUTELY lead those teams just as far, if not further than Brawdy and Thompson did. The idea that they couldn't, is preposterous. However, Brawdy did have a much better season than Harris, and making a case for him to be 5th team is valid. Just not with some of the logic that you present. Centercourt did a pretty solid job. Buffalo News ALL WNY selections will be coming this weekend. Don't expect a Brawdy or Thompson appearance on teams 1-4, but both kids are deserving of honorable mention for sure.

It sounds like Jayhawks saw 2 teams play this season and then showed up at Buff state for a Lew-Port game. From reading through the comments section this year, state Champs is probably the most insightful contributor in this forum. He presents his case in a very articulate way and then Jayhawks comes back with definitive words like PERIOD and this conversation is over, before joining the conversation again. The eye test is great if you spend all of your days watching high school basketball. I think if the eye test gets a player on 4th team, the other players he is up against for that slot should at least have been seen by the same eyes. And I just don't get the impression Jayhawks had his eyes too many places other than Gowanda and a few box scores.

Thank you "Just Sayin". I thought I was the crazy one, ya know, having a conversation with myself and all. I liked Brawdy and Thompson and all I asked was that there be something more than the "what if" logic Jayhawks was presenting. Whew, glad I don't have to commit myself.

@jayhawk - It would also be unjust of me to let another of your comments go unnoticed. "@StateChamps2003 if you are going to get on Gowanda about its schedule, how many top 10 small and large school teams did Olean face this year??? 3? Fredonia, Timon, and Jamestown.." If this is somehow meant to imply that Gowanda attempts to schedule the same type of non league schedule that Olean High does (as non league is the only part of a schedule that a coach has any say so in), then I would have to, again, question your basketball knowledge and/or intelligence. As statechamps03 later pointed out, Fredonia, Timon, and Jamestown are all ranked large or small schools. Playing 3 top ranked large or small schools during non league is pretty solid. Olean High also scrimmaged Williamsville South before the season started. I'm not sure that Gowanda can say the same, or that they even attempted to do so. However, if I did want to play devils advocate on myself, and apply some of your logic to all of the above - then I could say "what if "Gowanda scheduled Olean for a non league game, and Jake Cavana guarded Nate Brawdy all game?". But, I already know the answer to that.
also @ Southern Tier Plays Ball Too - your comment of... "We are talking about the players, not the teams. How many games did you see from the Southern tier? I am glad to see that every proposed player except two, (Stein & Lecceadone) made the list in one way or another, but Bosley and Brawdy should be on the top 25 rankings." This is just silly. Seriously. Stein didn't even make the Southern Tier's Big 30 All Star team. Lecceadone should be happy that I even just typed his name right now, and Bosley and Brawdy should reasonably be, and are honorable mention - nothing higher. After The Buffalo News publishes their All WNY edition on Saturday, that will be 2 media outlets that have the same opinion. Well informed opinions. As most opinions should be

@Justsaying my opinion still isn't changing, like I said Brawdy and Trevon should be 5th through 4th team... Don't like what I gotta say don't read my comments since you have a problem with my portion of comments. I'm entitled to my opinion, plain and simple.

@justsayin Why would Gowanda risk scheduling high ranked teams when there team is basically a one man show, Brawdy. I'm pretty sure if Gowanda had a olean type team with pieces than they would. Anyways, we should be focusing on individual performance more than a team performance, Bottom line I'm pretty sure we all could admit individually, Brawdy had a better season performance wise than the guys I mentioned above. So what's your argument? Since Olean and NF went farther in the playoffs both of the guys I mentioned above had a better individual season performance than Brawdy? No, Brawdy had the better season from a performance standard. You guys are going off winning when its suppose to be awarding the better player who had the better individual season.

Jayhawks - Other than Welch, name one player in the top 25 above where their team accomplishments aren't mentioned as a part of their individual success? Most of the time they go hand in hand.

The reason why I bring scheduling up is because can a player like Trevon Thompson and Nate Brawdy do what they do against lesser opponents to more superior opponents? Thompson "only" scored 15 points against a superior opponent in Middle College, on a very big stage. That's 9 points below his average. They lost to Middle College by 8 points. This small sample size says that he can't. But I'm sure your "eye test" says he can.

Back to Welch...he also lacked a quality supporting cast but their non-league schedule included Williamsville North, Williamsville South, McKinley, Seneca, St. Joe's, Middle Early College and Irondequoit. They went 2-5 in those games and in every single one of those games Welch balled out. My point being, there is always a good reason scheduling "high ranked teams", even when your team is "basically a one man show."

***Very interesting historical note: Welch is the first player since Rodney Pierce of Hutch Tech to be named to 1st team All-WNY (assuming the News also names Welch on the 1st team) while his respective team did not advance past the quarterfinals in their respective playoffs. Rodney Pierce and Hutch Tech lost to a Jose 'Ace' Narvaez Grover Cleveland team that ended up going all the way to Glens Falls. The fact that this doesn't happen very often is a testament to how important a very good player is to their overall teams success and where they end up on this list.***Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about the Pierce---->Welch link.

@statechamps2003 correct me if I'm wrong but last I checked how many D1 offers did Welch have compared to Brawdy and Trevon? Welch has to play top competition, or some schools might lose interest. Welch has to prove he can play against top flight competition, I'm pretty sure since Welch is a D1 prospect thats why Cheek beefed up there schedule

@Statechamps2003 and my question to you is who had the better individual season, Brawdy or Harris? Take out team accomplishments and please enlighten me on who had the better season between the two....

I don't know. Please do tell me how many confirmed Division 1 offers Welch has.

To answer your question, Breon Harris had a better individual season than Nate Brawdy. I hope you feel enlightened, if not, my apologies.

@StateChamps2003 Brawdy most definitely had the better season, NUMBERS DON'T LIE!!!


Brawdy - 23ppg, 90 Assists ÷ 21 games = 4.2 Apg, 186 Rebounds ÷ 21 = 8 Rpg, 46 steals ÷ 21 games = 2.1 Spg...

Harris - 12ppg, 2.8 Apg, 2.1 Rpg, 3.1 Spg...

Numbers don't lie, Brawdy clearly had the better season..... Point proven where done here...

@StateChamps You said "You have to go based on what the team and player actually did" so crossing out team accomplishments since where just going off Individual season and "What the player actually did" Brawdy had the better season. We could question if Brawdy can post the same numbers against higher competition but you don't like talkinh hypotheticals, so lets go off what the player actually did, So let me ask again, Who had the better season?

By your own foolish logic, James Daniels & Josh Adams would be 1st team all-americans this year. Heck why are you selling Brawdy short with 4th or 5th?? He had better numbers than Dolan. Must be the best soph in WNY right? I mean numbers don't lie as you so redundantly keep typing. Thanks god we have people that watch these players and have half a brain, otherwise we'd just wait for the statistics to play out.

Actually, Daniels and Adams mentioned above were DI players. The nonsense you keep spewing would actually suggest that DIII players with better numbers than those in DI had better seasons.

Let me start by stating the obvious. All All-Star Team Selections are subjective, as can be seen by the variances among those submitted by person on this site (including my own). Let me also say the difference between a selection on the Fifth Team and HM is slight and that both players had outstanding seasons to be included in any of those designations.

I also believe that had Harris and Cavana played on Gowanda and Silver Creek they would have performed as well if not better than Brawdy and Thompson. That is my opinion based upon my limited times watching Brawdy and Thompson( Thompson twice Brawdy once).

Having said that, there is one person I know that has viewed these players on multiple occasions, has also spent the time to gather other well informed opinions as to the talents of the players, to an even larger extent than the Buffalo News and has no other agenda in this process, and that is CC. Based on upon that criteria I will defer to his evaluation, since it is the most informed one available

Jayhawks is obviously a close friend, and/or relative of Nate Brawdy. Either that, or just someone with a serious man crush. How bout this one @jayhawks....using your logic, what would Kyle Harris's stats be if he was a one man show on Gowanda?

@Sec6 Well, theres nothing wrong with D3 ball, yes D1 is more competitive but D3 players can flat out ball out on the D1 level, Man how about that Duncan Robinson kid from Michigan? Did you get a chance to catch him this season? Some player he was this season after transferring from a D3 school. And My argument was between Brawdy and Harris, leave other players out of it....

Also, there is a sophomore (Dan Scott) that played at Christian Central this year that no one seems to be mentioning - and his season dwarfs many of the kids that everyone is talking about. Talk about a one man show!
And for all of the Southern Tier ppl (jayhawks and Southern Tier Plays Ball Too), Elliot Bowen (Ellictoville) should be mentioned before Brawdy, Thompson, or Bosley!!! Real talk

@sec6 and the reason I wouldn't put Brawdy over Dolan even though Brawdy had the better numbers is because I think if you was to put Greg on a Gowanda team he would make them better and most likely lead them farther than Brawdy.

@justsayin Excuse me? Actually No I don't know Brawdy its called defending my opinion...

And for the record when I speak about eye test that includes my criteria, Stats and hypotheticals mainly, winning is valued to some degree but I don't value winning that much, why? Because why punish a kid for the lack of players around him compared to a team like Olean and NF, Harris had a complete team to some degree around him, If you exchange spots between Brawdy and Harris, In my opinion Brawdy would post similar stats at NF just like he does at Gowanda, and Nf still gets as far as Harris took them and maybe even farther, you guys value winning and competition so much you guys don't look at the bigger picture, Brawdy shouldn't get punished for his team not winning a certain amount of games or going a certain distance in the playoffs he has no control over how many good players are in the southern tier or how many good players he has around him. So with that being said Brawdy should be 4th through 5th team.

@jayhawks - your defense of your opinion sounds like that of a family member, close friend, or man crush victim. That's all. You failed to answer my hypothetical question that parallels your logic though. What would Kyle Harris's stats be if he was a one man show on Gowanda? In your opinion, would they be better or worse than Brawdy?
And it's funny that you are so willing to admit that Greg Dolan would make Gowanda better than Brawdy, but you were so dismissive of the idea that Jake Cavana or Kyle Harris could. This tells me that you know very little about Greg, Jake, or Kyle. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion, but the validity of one's opinion is a whole 'nother story

Jayhawks - A few things..."numbers don't lie"...your numbers and Centercourt's numbers for Brawdy are different so somebody's numbers are lying. Just saying.

If you're going to go by numbers then you're pretty much saying that Brawdy had better seasons than the likes of Brown, Ramadhan, Eckstrom, Jones, Lamar, Staton, Moore and others. Man, Brawdy should've probably been SECOND TEAM!

It's "we're done here" not "where done here".

Again, Breon Harris was the better player this season. We have a difference of opinion, I see that, and that's ok. Your arguments are just weak and feeble...like Gowanda's schedule.

@Jusysayin because I'm talking about Brawdy should be 4th or 5th team, thats the subject I'm not jumping off that topic to jump on a whole other topic about what would other players do at Gowanda.

@StateChamps2003 I'm going off what coaches type on section 6 under the stats, thats the numbers they have posted, shouldn't be hard to go google the website, and like I said before numbers don't lie but also if you was to plug in each of the players you mentioned above that are on the 2nd team they will with no doubt post great numbers.

And of course, we all know that what's on the Internet is always true, right?

@StateChamps2003 from my time doing stats for Lackawanna last year the stats that appear on section 6 are put up by the coaches which are handed to them from the stat books....

How does Daniel Scott from CCA not get even mentioned? I hear people talking about numbers .. didn't he average like 30 plus points for a freshman? Yes I know they don't have the big schedule but he can play with the big boys.

The team stats are of course NEVER inflated by their own coaches or statisticians. I only put stock into the total points stat as there are always two score books for each game. One of them being independent from the other school. I take high school stats like rebounds, assists, steal, blocks, etc. with a grain of salt.

my opinion -

"The View From Centercourt: A website devoted to varsity boys high school basketball in Western New York, focusing on Section VI and the Monsignor Martin Association."

My coverage of the teams in Section VI & the MMA includes 103 teams, but has never extended to the IAC, where teams such as CCA, Falk School, Gow, New School, etc. compete.

Daniel Scott is an incredible talent and easily one of the best in the Class of '19. I really hope to get the chance to cover him next season.

@centercourt - I'm sure you will get to cover him next season when he transfers to Park.

Transferring to Park? Coach B is gotta be getting low on cash and jobs for parents

First I like to thank Chad for all the hard work he puts into WNY Boys basketball. Without him we would only have the information available from the team our children play on.

Second I kept the stats for Nichols for 3/4 of the season with help from 1 or 2 other parent each game. It is not an exact science. For example does anyone remember who made that last pass and if they did it is still a judgment call:

The problem with assists is that, like errors in baseball, there's a human element in assigning credit. The last pass before a basket isn't automatically an assist... a pass to a guard standing out on the three-point line who fakes seven times before shooting might not get credit in the eyes of one scorer, but might in the eyes of another.

A lot could also be said about who gets the steal and the rebound.

For many teams it is the injured player or someone who did not make the team who just loves the game. None of the stats are kept by professionals at this level.

With that being said one should only use the stats as a guideline. The best bet is the eyeball test and no one has seen more games then Chad so I defer to his judgment.

Everyone on this site is entitle to an opinion but there is no right or wrong answer. There are 60-80 kids who all probably belong on this list. There are however roughly 1300 boys playing High School basketball in WNY. Everyone of them goes to practice everyday from November thru March because they love the game. From player 1 to player 1300 they all should be commended. I rather have my son in a gym then 7-11 or a street corner.

No one has every gotten into a college because they where on or off this list.The real opinion that counts are the college recruiters that determine if a kid has the ability to play at the next level. Nation wide this is only 3 % of all high school players.

So sit back enjoy the games and when you child is done watch other kids and hope that you can do the same with your grandkids someday.

I truly find this high school basketball thing twisted.. There's a kid DANIEL SCOTT (cca ) who averaged 30pts plus this season as a Freshman. Not only ddnt he make any of the teams.. He didnt even get a honorable mention.. Thats crazy!!! Even if u never seen him play or covered his school. The hype alone.. Hey ..when ur there covering these big so called schools.. Notice theres a kid from cca droppin 25 to 30 pts on them. That doesnt raise ur antenas?? Is he gettin punished cuz he wants a better education.. In my days (87).. There was powerhouse teams.. Ken.. Ben.. Trad.. River. . S. Park but there was teams such as city honor . P.arts .. Hutch tech who focused more on education.. What im sayin is.. If u lace ur sneakers up and step on a court.. U are a ball player.. No matter what conference.. It all counts at da end of the day.. My man need looks.. Its not fair.. My opinion

If we are gonna include teams and players from the IAC, there are two kids from New Life Christian that put up serious statistical numbers as well. Morris Taylor and Dewitt Huetter (not sure on that spelling). Morris Taylor was a senior this past season, and finished his career with over 2,000 points! Anyone else in WNY have 2,000 recently? And Taylor has never gotten any love. So, I guess it is unfortunate for any player in WNY that plays in the IAC

Daniel Scott dropped 45 against Emerson, 30 against Health Science, 28 against Walsh( and 27 against Walsh when he was in eighth grade). He also had 27 points in the public school/private school challenge( he did this two years in a row)- he single handedly won the public/private both years. He finished this season with an 18-4 record on a team that only had two legitimate varsity players.

@centercourt doesn't cover IAC but he was at two of the games I just mentioned...he had to see this.

Daniel averaged at least 11 rebounds and 7 assist per game.

I honestly never even heard of this Daniel Scott kid. If someone can tell me how he did when he played against Health Sciences and Walsh this year, that would be helpful. If he was putting up 30 points against those teams then he's definitely warranted some attention.

I also never even knew there was a school in WNY called New Life Christian.

Funny that you bring up he school New Life. There are three kids in the IAC that belong in the Monsignor Martin... Two kids from New Life and Daniel Scott from Christian Central Acadmey(CCA).

In fact Daniel scored 49,39 and 42, in three games, against New Life this year.

Correction: Daniel scored 41, 39 & 42 against New Life

What the heck is the IAC? Some kind of feeding ground 4 ISIS? Never heard of it.

Why no notice for the 19th annual Butler Mitchell Alumni Association Silver Hoops Classic?

Always a good fun time for the seniors of WNY.

Exposure! Goes a long way in sports if you are looking for accolades. Teams in that league could be beat by public and private JV teams. I am sure Daniel would have gotten more looks if he stayed at his public school. Word is that his father wants him where he can dominate and score a lot of points. To each is own. But sometimes its where you play and what stage you are on. Maybe Park will pay his way next year like they do the rest of the players on Coach Bs team. Thats another story, teachers over there not happy with him !! Daniel is a nice player.

@kobe24 - Couldn't agree more. In WNY, the IAC is seriously like modified basketball. I attended their playoff's, and it was a joke. The two kids from New Life Christian could have been playing for Olean High or Walsh, instead of wasting their time playing against competition that is laughable. Daniel Scott is a definite talent - but I believe he is a "reclassified" type of freshmen. I could be wrong, but I believe he was either held back, started late, or reclassified. At this point, if he doesn't transfer to a MMA school, he will be wasting his HS career (at CCA). But back to Morris Taylor from New Life - as I mentioned earlier - this kid finished his career with 2,000 plus points. Not alot of ppl in NYS history can say that. So, if Daniel Scott is gonna get some love - so should Morris Taylor.

Scott is a talented kid.With that being said,his league is trash.Who cares if you score 30 a game is a modified league. It gives him no credibility and that's sad because he is really talented. It's the age old question would you rather score and be on bad team or score less and be on great team.Great teams get more pub then great players....

Coach B paying 4 players 2 attend Park is so cool. Love that guy. Maybe he will pay 4 that wall Trump is gonna build too!

Mig is god...And what a school does for it's students is your business how??? Lot's of schools help out with tuition thru the school scholarship funds and sponsors. That's their business not yours. As long as they keep the classroom end standards legitimate that is more important to pay attention to correct?? I've seen students removed from school, kicked off the team or suspended from basketball until the student starts performing better. THE BASKETBALL IS EXTRA CURRICULAR TO MOST PRIVATE AND CATHOLIC SCHOOLS. BOTTOM LINE? IF YOU DON'T TRY IN THE CLASS, THEY WON'T BE PLAYING THERE!!

It would be great to hear an interview with Coach B to enlighten WNY on how he gets all of these players from around the city to his suburban campus. Players transferring from ALL OVER THE PLACE - Randy Gould (Global Concepts), Foster (Tapestry, etc)...

CANISIUS, TIMON, ST. JOE'S St. Francis, O'hara, Nichols...Don't recruit ???? THAT WOULD BE FUNNY IF YOU ANSWERED NO!! Matter of fact....HILARIOUS!!!

Music ^ how does 'I think it's so cool' make u think I am AGAINST it. R u ok? Can u read? I don't think talented basketball players should have 2 pay 2 go 2 those schools anyway. They make the schools money by winning games, getting them publicity, etc.

I don't care how they r doing in the classroom, let their parents worry about that! I only care how they perform on the court!!! Make America great again people!!!

Mig is god...He's not paying for them. The scholarship fund is. As for you not caring about the academics just the basketball?? I'm sure those parents you referenced would love to tell you about that statement. And of course I can read!! THE COACH DOES NOT PLAY FOR THE PLAYERS!!! IT HAS TO BE APPROVED YOU mig!!!

Bernie Sanders would take all coach B's $ and re distribute it to those that didn't work for it. That's the real tragedy music

@Mig is god/@music - we are all now slightly less intelligent for having to read your nonsense. I hope age is an excuse, because if either of you (or both) are adults, there is probably a child in your family that would be embarrassed by your posting. I would explain the exact reasons for this, but I have a feeling it wouldn't be understood anyways.

Just sayin u can tell ur 1 of those kids who got picked on in high school, smile and laugh and b able 2 take a joke u will live longer. If ur a democrat and my posts 'offended' u that's even sadder.

hahahaha, yeah 'Mig is god', you better not be an adult...that would be embarrassing...

@Mig is god - you couldn't be more wrong. I also don't have any particular political affiliation, so your sense of humor didn't influence my comment either. I'll leave it at that, since having a battle of wits with an unarmed person seems unfair.

Hey man I'm 'just sayin' u missed a great dinner at Ilio's tonight. Seems unfair 2 go back n forth with someone who didn't get invited :)

@Mig is god - again, you couldn't be more wrong. I'll be there again next year too, if you'd like to make sure my water stays filled. Thanks

I see the Buffalo News put Maceo Jack and James Rojas on 3rd all wny team? I couldn't have read that right? Those 2 could outball anyone on 2nd team!!! Wow

I stand corrected about the 2nd & 3rd teams.

@justsayin - nobody believes u were invited. If u were there what were the 4 dishes passed around each table and what did the person who gave the player of the year award say about the person it's named after - go ahead prove u were there!!!

@Mig is god - Well, obv you are a kid, so this will be my last response to you. I'm not into "riddles" and proving myself to a child. However, there was chicken, pasta, roast beef, mashed potatoes, and green beans. It was good, but they didn't have alot, which was odd. As I menitoned before, I will be there again next year, so hopefully they are more prepared. Best of luck to you in the future. I wouldn't consider Journalism as a future major though, if I were you.

@music - Jack and Rojas were both on 3rd team all-wny and 2nd team all-cc. Not sure why you said you stood corrected, you were right the first time. I agree with you, cc got it right.

I actually wasn't at the dinner 2 b honest. Felt I deserved first team and couldn't show up 2 support a banquet that didn't recognize my play

Btw just ASK the waitress 4 more food next year, they gladly re fill the dishes, I remember from 2014....just sayin!

How about a BCANY team for this summer representing WNY of ...
Dom Welch
James Rojas
Marcellus Cooper
Greg Dolan
Esteufi (7-0 kid at Park)
as a starting list.
Any preferences you think Larry Jones should consider???
I'd like to see WNY win that Binghampton tourney this year.

Ben Eckstrom Willard Anderson, Noah Hutchins and Joe Jones should be considered

Will Johnson

The 7'0" kid at Park used his final year of eligibility this year.

They only return
Noah Hutchins
Brandon Smith
Joe Jones
From their Varsity Roster

Rumor has it GD from South close 2 signing a 2 year deal 2 join Park....tuition waived, free appointments 4 him and family with coach B and other 'considerations'

Good 4 him

Don't mean to be a homer as an alumnus but how about Bo Sirieka and Julian Cunningham from St. Francis? Tough schedule, put up good numbers, and team ended with votes for WNY Top 10. They deserved some recognition.

Yea the St Francis kids above were consistent, maybe a consideration but not much past that. Young I believe so they have time. As for the conspiracy theorist on schools with 'what they give and do not give', this list has nothing to do with that so do not even bring it up. Now someone talking transfer news just for attention. Relax and enjoy this list!

That would probably be true. No rules at Park. Love it Mig......

GD will b at Park in September and he won't b getting dropped off. Rumor has it he will b driving a 2017 Ferrari provided by 'boosters' - along with free medical from a certain surgeon for him and his family. Good 4 him and the Park program. Forget this 'student athlete' stuff just focus on your game. When GD is in the NBA nobody will say 'what did u get on that science test in 11th grade' but they will remember when he drops 30 on Husband and the Griffs

Park has Noah Hutchins at the point and after watching WILL-SOUTH against Troy I don't get all the hype about some of their players. I don't want to get negative as the hype is more from the media and posters rather than the athletes but let's just say that WILL-SOUTH was less than impressive.

Not sure just a point guard will make the difference at Park.... may be overrated

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