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Sunday, April 09, 2017


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I think you should rank student sections that you saw this season

Yale Cup guy is on first team any other year. Harris got robbed. Would love to hear CC take on why kemp is ahead of him.

Harris got robbed,not taking anything away from Kemp.but Harris should of been 1st team.but overall good job CC

Great work sir. Thank you for all you do. Also congrats to Dom way to send off one of WNY best to lace em up. Feel bad for Dan Reid a little too.

I'm no where on this list and I had better numbers then some people on here. Smh

Justin u do deserve to be on here. Keep working hard in the classroom and on the court. Your time will come. Congrats to all the guys on this list. For those of u who may have been overlooked.....stay in the gym. Guys in this area need to be training year round. Lets keep building basketball up in Western New York.

I'm absolutely no where on this list this is crazy focus to much on people who are hyped up

Justin's right

Who is Justin Allen? Who did he play for? What were his season averages? And, as CC has made clear - don't just say that someone should make it. Tell us who you should make it over and why....

Justin Allen is a junior forward for East High. Probably their second best player. He made second team all Yale Cup I. There were two players on the first team of Yale Cup I, Tyreek Edwards and Nakye Booze that also didn't make it to the All Centercourt Team so it's really no surprise that Justin didn't make it.

Don't get how Hutchins is on 3rd team when Wiley, Hines , and Fulciniti were all big players in big games.

This has to be the lowest number of BPS players on the all-star teams in it's history. Not surprising to me either, based off of the quality of play this year. Although when you look at their all-star team list from league play, everyone was named to 1st/2nd/3rd/HM.

Willard Anderson is on 2nd team and East couldn't even win class C this year. How good could Justin Allen even be? You would need more kids from Randolph first, because they beat East, unless Justin Allen wasn't playing that night.

Matt Burney should be on this list he is a elite post man wih grata finishing around the rim and he swats anything in sight

Can't question the Hutchins kid from park especially not with those names WNY. I like kids mentioned but they are where they belong.

Curious to of why you have Hutchins 4th team, when all WNY and catholic don't even have him at all, understand he has a lot of talent and offers, just didn't think he produced well enough to earn that position, feel like he held back from what he really could've done this season

Hutchins is top 5 in the area (Maybe 2 with Welch gone). With a stacked team not likely he will make a top team but does well with what he needs to do. Like 'Facts' said I doubt he cares. Anybody believe Dolan should have gotten player of the year instead?!

I think Hutchins cares more now that he made Centercourt's 4th team after the Buffalo News didn't have him in their top 20 but had two of his teammates in the top 20.

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