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Sunday, April 09, 2017


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Where is Dom going next year?

Nowhere. Prep school

Which Prep School?

It hasn't been stated. I always thought that high schools were supposed to be the prep schools for college. I guess I was wrong.

Too many kids going to prep schools because they can not get the work done in high school. Part of being a star player is getting it done in the classroom as well. Why no all academic team by Center court? Part of the problem is the kids do not apply themselves and the other problem is the kids choose high schools to attend that have no academic policy. Case and point is Park School. The Coach and Athletic Administration need to hold these kids accountable for their school work at Park. Also, do points count for career totals if they are scored in forfeited games by an unjustified player( not the players fault)? They do at Park school by the AD. Last comment, too make the all center court team you have to be the leading scorer on your team or be able to dunk the ball. Is that a true basketball analysis..... for the fans to decide. Although, thanks to center court for all he does for high school basketball.

First off anyone who doesn't think Welch should have been POY is a jealous idiot who probably voted 4 crooked Hilary. And as far as people wanting an 'all academic team' give me a break. The only 'avereges' that matter r points per game, rebounds per game, assists, etc...nobody in 20 years is gonna say 'remember that time u got 100 on a science test?' - spend more time on the court, less in the classroom. Getting a job is all about who u know anyway. Just be able to BS your way through 'what is your vision' and u will make 6 figures. I never asked anyone I interviewed 'what were ur grades like' - WHO CARES! If u were good at sports or cool - ur hired! The team is right, and Park has the best team in WNY history this year that won exactly nothing!

Park was not close to the best team in WNY history. That would be 2004-05 Niagara Falls, hands down.

Paul Harris - Syracuse
Johnny Flynn - Syracuse/NBA
Greg Gamble - UB
Rob Garrison - UConn/Niagara
Tyrell Lynch - UMass
James Starks - UB/NFL

And also Park does have academic policies. In terms of admission policies, that is their prerogative as to who they want to take in their school, but when Fred Foster was there he was ineligible for a significant portion of the season.

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