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Sunday, March 04, 2018


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A1 MVP - Greg Dolan. You saw what happened when fouled out. WSW scored at will and press was effective first time since opening part of the game.

WSW has an excellent team and will be competitive heron out. If they play a team that breaks their press without a sweat like south I hope they stop pressing so they don’t lose a game they should win. They run a nice high/low which was extremely effective last night. I was surprised they didn’t go back to it when they had the ball at the end of the OTs rather than pounding the bell near 1/2 court.

I agree with hoopster on ALL points he hit on. Dolan should've won MVP. Not that it matters too much because he's going to win WNY Player of the Year.

I don't like WSW full court press. I think it's extremely weak. I know they were able to run up scores on inferior teams with it all season but like hoopster said, when you have a competent PG like Dolan running the show, that press is useless. That's what happens when you play against a team that can dribble the ball with their head up.

I thought Dorsey and McKinley had a better game plan for Dolan and South than WSW did. Dorsey just didn't have the horses to finish the race like WSW does.

Looking forward to regionals at Buff State this weekend.

Johnson may be up for POY now. Good team. Canisius and Park would throttle West seneca though. 20+. Falls and Timon both probably better too. Johnson can't match up with James at all IMO. Not to mention the other elite guards!

Agree with statechamps2003 and hoopster on their points. Surprised no one brought up the foul shot disparity. Unreal a game was that close when one player gets to the line more than one team!

Press is pretty bad but it might have worn them down. Sloppy D and missing crucial shots down the stretch for South. West Seneca played how they did all year plus a lifetime game for Johnson. Still glad to have been there no matter the result. And I think South and west Seneca could beat anyone in WNY.

The foul shooting disparity was incredible. WSW took 37 free throws and South took 21, as noted above, Johnson had 28 FT attempts by himself. My issue is that calling all those touch fouls encourages and rewards all the flopping which really hurts the game. Just hard to believe that neither of the 2 highest rated officials (O'Bryan and Bluman) were not on this game. That being said, Congrats to WSW, they won the game, it was the first time I've seen them play an entire game and they were much better than I expected.

Johnson deserved the A1 MVP , you guys have to be kidding saying he should not get it . As good as Dolan was (he is def POY WNY) . He missed every shot to put the game away including the bunny that he missed after running over a guy in OT. Give give credit where it is due , Johnson got by Dolan all night long and forced the refs hand by getting to the second level of defense . On top of that he closed the game out when it counted , something Dolan had numerous chances to and did not.

Johnson did not get by Dolan ALL night long. Dolan had two or three blocks on Johnson alone. 20 of Johnson's 38 points came at the free throw line (12 in the 1st QTR!!!!). 2 of Dolan's fouls came on charges which were bogus so it's not as if Dolan had to foul Johnson to guard him. Johnson also closed the game out with Dolan on the bench scoring 5 or 6 points AFTER Dolan fouled out of the game.

Dolan made 16 of his field goal attempts to Johnson's I believe 7. I'll give credit where it's due and saying Johnson had a great game but I'm perfectly OK with people clamoring for Dolan being the A1 MVP.

Awesome game West Seneca. South did not finish point blank. But... Almost offensive to put Johnson in same breath as Dolan. Johnson is not top 5 guards in WNY. Take James, both Park Guards, Dolan, Cunningham, Willard Anderson and Bradberry before him!

Good job centercourt.i agree with you with Johnson being a1 mvp.his team won and he put them on his back.these guys are confusing a1 mvp with poy i think.as a South Park fan i thought alot of the calls they gave him tonite were bs.but he played great and carried his team.and congrats to South Park played their hearts out

Awesome CC. Canisius, Park and Timon would handle WSW easily. But their still works perfectly great work Des. West Seneca will go down in history.

Justin Johnson deserved mvp and they should have let Roger the ref award him with it right after the game. He could have blown his whistle and Johnson could run out to the ft line to claim it. Most one sided game I ever watched. Johnson is a great player but if that game made him poy then Roger better get a lifetime acheivement award

Justin Johnson is the best guard in WNY after Dolan. Period. His team may not win against the top teams I guarantee it will be good games.

Coach Des scratching his head looking at Irondequoit tonight. That's what a deep team looks like. WSW hasn't played one of those yet.

It all depends on the players age. Has nothing to do with being held back.

It has nothing to do with age it is about the clock on his high school career beginning in middle school when his high school career began. He will not be eligible to play next year without a waiver from the State Athletic Board which is very unlikely. There are a few kids in WNY who were held back in order to offer them a better chance athletically. This is one of those situations.

So are you saying no hold backs in middle school can play or only those that have played jv or varsity ball and then held back @ home school rules(lol) funny name.

From what I understand only those who played in MS and then held back. I believe the kid at Park is in the same boat.

What are the chances Des Randall stays at West of his brother can't play next year?

Age has something to do with it. If you turn 19 before July 1st, then you're ineligible for athletic competition.

I dont think that rule applies to MMA only to section VI public teams. So any kid in MMA should be good.

That's correct. Johnson would have been fine if left at Timon, now he falls under this rule because he is at a public school. Now he cant transfer back to a MMA school due to the non-senior transfer clause soooo they have to pursue the appeal, if they haven't already. I would think they would have applied for the appeal before even moving him but who knows. Should make for an interesting story. From what I've heard only way NYS and section 6 grant the appeal is if he had a documented medical condition or was a foreign exchange student.

The rule applies to MMAA schools. Once the state determines that your high school playing career has started the clock starts no matter what high school you attend. Which means yes the Park student is also being affected by this rule.. The NYS age restrictions also apply to MMA schools as well. Which

I think Noah Hutchins and Daniel Scott and a combination that we haven't seen since the old Buffalo traditional days or maybe Marcus Whitfield and Ritchie Campbell days at Burgard

You put this this year Park team who lost a big man to a prep school against anybody and they are coming out victorous. Any team!!!. Nolan is a great player but you remember last year's Park game. Park came out victorous . Any all star team without any Park players is an incomplete team.

I won't knock any names,but canisius and park have held the top 2 spots all year. So with that being said I would hope that 2-4 players from their respective schools receive 1st and 2nd team recognition

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