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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


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Hakeem Dobbins 20 5 and 5 and yale cup champ how did he get snubbed??

This was awesome and well worth the wait! You're the best Mr CenterCourt.

congrats to CC on another job well done. You bring so much more enjoyment to the WNY basketball scene with all the work you do. Thanks for a great job.

Curious to hear where some of these young men are headed next year (seniors) or where they have offers (underclassmen / uncommitted). Can you share?

Dobbins has a case but who do you take out?! I will probably make a call for Bradley to make first team over one of the Park kids. Really good list and some questions but will probably be better than the Buffalo News list.

Who does Dobbins replace? Easy. Hind or Brawdy. Mostly Hind.
Who did Gowanda beat??? Who did Randolph beat???
No one that was ever ranked in any school rankings?? I can name 5 players off the top of my head that would lock down Hind and take him to the basket at will!!!
He shot a lot of 3s and made a lot?? But where did it get his team??? No where!!!
Hind waa about two years early!!!!

Good one double nickle. I see your argument just find it funny all the support just for 5th team?! Really? Give me a break Dobbins is probably where he belongs.

Kids work hard to make any of these teams and you downplay the importance of wanting to be on 5th team. That's pretty shallow of you!!!! But it's all good . You do you.

This year seemed very difficult, there were alot of talented kids. Hind is a heck of a player attacking him is pretty petty in my mind.
Tough to weigh lgs and competition , with numbers and such. will never be a perfect process

Tyler Hind is a good ball player and he's only a sophomore. I also had Hakeem Dobbins on the 5th team but I don't have a problem with Hind making it. To say his teams haven't gotten anywhere is a bit ignorant. He was the best player for his team last year (as a Freshman) when they won sectionals and beat East High while doing it. He went toe to toe with Devin Pope (2nd Team All CC) in the semi-finals this year and won.

Who did they beat? "No one that was ever ranked in any school rankings." They beat Allegany Limestone who finished ranked 15th in the State in Class C.

"Can name 5 players off the top of my head that would lock down Hind and take him to the basket at will." Yeah? Like who? The 20 guys ranked ahead of him on this list? There are 5 guys that can do the same to Hakeem Dobbins as well.

For the record, I had Hakeem Dobbins on 5th Team.

What's wild to me is Ryan Bradley being left off of the 1st Team. I'd like to know when the last time the MMA Player of the Year did not make 1st team. Furthermore, when was the last time the MMA POY did not make 1st team AND other MMA player(s) make 1st team.

5th team is good do not get me wrong. But your claim he should be over Hind like it's a robbery is what's funny. Honorable mention is good too.

I agree one of the Park kids has to be out of the 1st team. Bradley dominated throughout the year even all 3 Park bigs. Personally I would not mind both Park guards off first team.

I just think that there is this perception that because Park won a Federation Title in Class A that you HAVE to include a player from that team on the 1st Team. When in reality this Park squad was collectively a great TEAM. On any given night, Hutchins, Scott or Smith could be their best player. The MVP of the Manhattan Cup was Smith and in all honesty, Park's big men won them the Manhattan Cup and then they kept it rolling into the Catholic playoffs and then the Federation playoffs.

I think this team is different than the 2015 Canisius team because I thought that Reed was their best player on almost every night. Same with the 2010 Nichols team where Regan was their best player on almost every night.

If you put either one of Scott or Hutchins on a different team then yes, they probably are the teams best player every night but you can't play the "If" game here.

Bradley was a steady player but I thought James was there best player. Canisius was a true team where they had 3-4 kids given huge contributions. I think the two Parks kids deserved first team and glad they were recognized as such. Both could easily have been MMA players of the year IMO.

The perception is correct. Reward the best players in the area and the winners. Can't put lower level players above them. Especially if they win Federations. May not seem completely correct but it is basketball and would not want it any other way. Reward the champs and best players. Also do not like Ticket being on first and Briggs on 5th. Briggs was their go to guy in big games.

The top 6 players in the area are exactly how this list turned out to be. If anyone disagree then say who you think should take Johnson, Anderson or the Park boys spot? I know we can't argue Gaines and Dolan

If we are going on the years the kids had Gaines was no show in many big games, Go back and look.It is for sure an argument. I would love to see his numbers outside the Charter lg. Book had a much better year Cunningham and a few others.

Hakeem Dobbins 20.5 PPG...4.9 APG..
4.4 RPG...3.2 SPG...0.5 BPG..DO THE MATH!..Not counting the fact that Hakeem took young men who had never played basketball with the help of his coach lead them to the Yale Cup Championship!...There has to be some other reasoning behind this because it Damn Sure Can’t be Stats!

Neal who are you taking off the 5th team to make room? Not mad at the pick it's just hard to take one off. Good year winning Yale cup though.

Johnson should have won POY. Out played Dolan for the title. Led his teamother as best in WNY as they were best in WNY. Top 2-3 guard in area.

Johnson should have won POY. Out played Dolan for the title. Led his teamother as best in WNY as they were best in WNY. Top 2-3 guard in area.

Popeye! FYI Park was the best team in WNY and best in the state in class a . Canisius was a close second in WNY .Congrats to WSW on a very good season but they don’t compare.

Great job Center Court. It was a tough year to pick the teams but you did a great job. I think the 1st team and POY was spot on. Thanks for another great season.

Let’s be honest here people, Gaines made 1st Team because he’s signed to Tennessee ; Hutchins played his best basketball of the year during Fed and has a 40 inch vertical - those are the real reasons that the two of them made 1st Team. Period. If If Gaines isn’t signed D1, he doesn’t make 1st Team this year - based on the season he had. Same with Hutchins......without D1 offers, his performance just during the Fed run, and all those bunnies, he also would not have been a 1st teamer this season. One could legitimately argue that Brandon Smith was just as good, if not better, than Hutchins as a cumulative season. Pope and Bradley could both be on 1st Team over them - if we are judging objectively and based strictly on this season!. However, we live in an age where euro-steps into missed layups are oowed and ahhed over, turnovers don’t seem to matter to kids, and fans value one good dunk over a collective game of good decisions. So, not surprised that these selections are what they are. It is disappointing that we can’t seem to call a spade a spade anymore though

Hutchins had a very good season. You have to look at more than ppg. He is a very unselfish player that does what’s best for hie team. He’s a great defender. He also shot 57% from the field and sat out when games were decided (not like some others on the all WNY team). I attended every Park game and he is truly deserving.

Adam you have it right it also helps if you post on Twitter all the time also park without the two big men recruits would be just another Yale cup team.Is CC a MMA grad he shows a lot of bias toward that league ?

@Park Proud - Noah is deserving of being on one of these five teams, for sure. Not 1st though. Minus the Fed run (which is only a few games, and at the end of the season), Julian Cunningham was arguably more effective as a point guard than Hutchins this season. If not for his performance in the Fed, we wouldn’t even be having this convo, because he most certainly would not have made 1st team, without it. Again, one could argue that Brandon Smith was just as good for Park as Noah, if not better, for the majority of the season. Watching every Park game, you should have noticed that. Also, it seems laughable that the MMA Class A POY isn’t a first teamed. Talk about a team player! Ryan Bradley should be on there, over Hutchins or Gaines - if we are actually basing decisions on the entirety of this season, and not on hype. However, it’s 2018, and AAU and the countless social media outlets that these kids all have, seem to be the supreme ruler of talent judgements. Thumbs up if you like my comments! I need the validity to feel good today smh

@ Neal Dobbins , I think CC did a great job but I think he missed on one kid and thats your son. Numbers along with winning the Yale Cup which was the second best lg in the area this year. Sorry but there are a couple kids on this list that played horrible competiton and teams were bad that I cant agree with. Great job by Dobbins this year hopefully Buff News rewards him.Overall though great job by CC , no one else puts the time or effort into seeing all these kids from what I understand.

Buffalo News First team reveiled.
Hutchins, Gaines,Juston Johnson, Dolan, Anderson

Daniel Scott was the best player on the best team in the best lg in the area. I am sorry Buffalo news but CC is more in touch with reality. He was the most consistent player all year on the best team . Not taking away anything from the top 5 but they they missed on this. Scott Willard Dolan and Juston should have been locks , last spot toss up between Bradley/Hutchins

@ crystal ball Thanks maybe it will make Hakeem feel better after reading what you and many others had to say about how he was overlooked for whatever reason!..I’m reading about the character of Noah Hutchins vs his stats which is cool because I totally agree but Damn has anyone gave any thought to the fact that Hakeem Dobbins lead a team of kids that wasn’t even interested in Basketball to a Yale Cup Championship beating McKinley twice South Park And East for the Championship while some of these other leagues were much softer?..Even more disturbing is how can a sophomore and a junior who’s stats are equal to or less than his take precedence over his as a senior playing his last year!..Look at the teamates those players had then take a look at the young men Hakeem had to help develop as players!..And we still Won!...I guess Character is only relevant when it comes to suburban kids!

Bo Sireika only HM, and not on any defensive team is a travesty. He guarded the top player on every team. Ask Dolan or Ticket if he wasn't the best defender they faced all year. Sorry CC, but you missed on Bo.

Nate Brawdy did drop 24 points and grab 13 rebounds on MEC's home court while Dobbins scored 21 points. They won (as they should have), but barely.

Tyler Hind scored a game high 16 points in the Class C final against Tapestry. So it's not as if these two kids couldn't put up stats against quality competition when given the opportunity.

@ Neal Dobbins - we live in a society that voted for a reality TV personality as President of the US; the most popular musicians tend to have extremely lack luster lyrics - but thumping beats; and one of the most popular NBA players travels every single time he hits an “unguardable” step back jumper. So, not everything that is popular makes sense - or is deserving of certain accolades or titles! Take solice in knowing that your son put on his hard hat, and went to work every night - and won a league championship! In order to be lauded by the WNY contingency, he would have been fine losing - as long as he had a D1 offer, or he had one great looking dunk per night, or he played for an AAU team that promotes offensive stardom while not caring about any real basketball IQ. Your son is clearly just as deserving of a spot on one of these 5 teams as most any other player on the list. He should know that too. Tell him to use that as fuel for the next level, if nothing else

The top 5 list presented will beat any team you throw at them. Daniel is good but not better than Noah.Still see an argument for him on first team over Gaines. Cunningham is good but not even on either Park guards level. Can not play a game of 'if' Park does not have big men because then we can take away options for other teams. Be fair. Competition matters! If the Yale cup kids averaged 40 or something against those bums then I could see an argument. MMA best league and not close. All others bow down. Go O'hara!

@Trey Cardinal - Ha. Not sure what else to say. Your first statement is not even applicable to anything. Your second statement is just flat wrong. And your statement about Cunningham is uneducated, at best. He scored 28 on those Park guards. And won, I believe. You might as well have mentioned the fact that O Hara’s girls could beat O Hara’s boys. At least then, your comments might hold some weight

I was all over the place. Love this game. But I'd take Hutchins over Scott. Sure most scouts would too Adam. I like Scotts game more bc I like scoring but my basketball mind knows leadership. Together they are best guard duo we've had in years. Timon won 1 of 3 I believe that's pretty educated. Cunningham himself does not believe that he's on those guards level. What offers does he have? And I think Cunningham is just under Johnson from WSW in talent. Can't argue on our girls team. We are really good!

@Adam...I had Hakeem read your comment, he sends his thanks!..Respect!

Bo did not play enough this year to be considered. CC did not miss. One of my favorites to watch. Best on the Franny team last year too. 2 Park kids is weird but post season does count and only thing that matters. Ask Canisius. And James Harden does not travel on the step back.

WSW went undefeated and best South. Surprised nobody else thinks he's not POY. Top guard with best shooting and we play too fast and score too much for Park. If we don't win it will be close

Hutchins is the most overrated player in wny history ,if he goes D1 he'll be one of the bench players doing dance moves when their teammates score, If you think he's a ACC player you better LEAVE THE WEED ALONE.

I remember not to long ago people saying the same thing about Sterling Taplin that the gentleman above is writing about Hutchins. Last time I checked Taplin is enjoying a fine career with D1 Tulsa. Good for him. Good for WNY hoops. Hopefully Hutchins and other WNY basketball players will get as much out of their basketball experience.

WSW didn’t make it to the Feds or we could have possibly seen them play Park. What’s that telling you? Go Park! Triple crown winners, Monsignor Martin, NYS Catholic School and NYS A Division champions. Responding to the negative comments on Noah Hutchins that’s not what this forum is for. Noahs the best PG in WNY.

Canisius beat Irondequoit, Park beat Canisius (twice), Irondequoit spanked West Seneca West. There you go.

90% of kids on these teams could only dream of playing D1 so sitting on the bench is not that bad. Better than you Walker. I do not think he is an ACC player but the coaches do who know better than you. I believe Ticket will shine at the next level and so will Scott when they reach their respective colleges. Also do not know why everyone sleeps on Austin James. Kid has game.

Buffalo News is revieled
1st team
Dolan, Hutchins, Johnson, Anderson, Gaines
Cunningham, Scott, Pope, Bradley, Book
Hemphill, Bowen, Erickson, James, Jayce Johnson
Schmidt, Bradberry, Allen, Radford, Smith

Mad Mike ? Take one of the Park kids out ? You mean add one ...they won Feds

How the hell did you miss Jordan Gompah from Park??!

Honestly easy picks. Only arguable first team kids are arguable not from talent but more of competition and how they were when it counted. Good list CC and Buff News. Glad Johnson didn't get POY bc that would have been hard to watch.

Wow Smith 4th team what a injustice maybe he don't have a Twitter account.He and Scott carried park the whole season also Dobbins not on any team is a joke the news must have a bias against the Yale cup no South Park players I guess he had to put in some from the small schools from the southern tier

How is it that Poumpey was the only 1st team all catholic that didn't make any list. Should have at least been Honorable Mention.

Smith has a twitter Walker. But he cant guard a light post. Nick and Austin would take turns destroying him. All he has to do is hit open shots. Who would you take off to make room for Dobbins? Yale Cup is a joke. Pompey is a underrated talent and may be better than Cunningham...

Who is transferring this off-season, and to where? I've heard some rumblings. I don't really understand why high school kids transfer schools simply due to basketball, but then again, they're all going to the NBA.

Transfer season is upon us. Here is what I got on the wire from my inside sources
Bradberry- St Joes from N. Catholic
D. Ashley- St Joes from Amherst
Gayle- Lewport from Falls
Scott- May not be eligible for season at Park
Johnson- May not be eligible for season at WSW
Stewart- This is on rumor mill but I am hearing Timon or Amherst...
Like NBA offseason and watch Canisius still be on top!

Basketball is just around the corner! Sucks no Daniel Scott, Justin Johnson, or Julian Cunningham. If Noah can't win POY after all those departures he should stick to baseball. Canisius wins the Cup again, can't wait!

Does anybody know if Juston Johnson is eligible for basketball this season?

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