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Wednesday, April 10, 2019


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This was awesome CC. Well done and thank you for the year round coverage!!

Excellent job and also appreciate all that you do for the
WNY HS Hoops scene.

Thanks for another great season.

Yall keep sleeping on that kid Daivon March kid at Depew! Lead his team in steals, assist and he can score as a junior!

Jaylen Stewart led Amherst all year and proved he is one the best in the area. He got robbed.

Just remember if you think someone should be on who isn't - tell us who should be off! Don't just be like 'you should have had 27 then' - if Jaylen or whoever got robbed WHO should come off, thanks.

I honestly was not impressed with Vass from Canisius. Plays hard and smooth game but I would take him out 4 Poumpey from Frannies. Also believe we need to give love to Iroquois

Not going to debate but I feel really missed on
Stewart Amherst
Jones Health
Harris Ohara
Eubanks Tapestry
I don't get into replacements to taint ..anyone who made teams..

Eubanks in and Slaughter out. I have the courage to say it.

“Keep on smiling, treat people with respect, be cool even if some may not treat you the same. How people treat you doesn't change who you're.”
― Assegid Habtewold
Cam Sionko - Grand Island, Senior Captain
19.4 PPG / 4.6 APG / 6.8 RPG / 3.7 SPG
- First Team All-NFL
- Repeat Winner ADPRO/Section VI All-WNY Scholar-Athlete
- Game MVP @ Cataract Classic
- Scored over 20 Pts in 11 games
- Scored Season High 34 Pts in First Half of NFL game.
- Ranked 3rd in GI History with 1,260 Career Pts
1. Carlin Hartman 2. Jonas Stalyga 3. Cam Sionko
- 221 Career 3 Pt Shots Made - GI Record
- 275 Career Steals
- 431 Career Rebounds
- Athletic multi-sport HS career and active GI Community Leader

Great season for WNY. O'Hara is top team in area only losing in a tough one to Park and to JG3. Would like to see Siner a little higher but it's ok we still got 2.

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