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Tuesday, January 28, 2020


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We see when the time comes.

Sounds like another classy event at Jamestown High School last night. Someone needs to get a grip down there - who is in charge of the athletic program?????

Dont stoop Lancaster!!

What happened at Jamestown?

All that happened was a a very close and scappy game where two Lancaster players got separate technical fouls for exhibiting poor sportsmanship through out the game, then chucked the ball at a Jamestown player as the clock expired at the end.

Stay classy Lancaster.

Still alot of basketball to be played before anyone can claim to have the D's for this year ...Big game Friday--- Prattsburgh at Avoca

Inappropriate fan interaction according to Lancaster coaches twitter - the AD needs to take charge in his own building. He is at every game after all!

That is a bold faced lie. The kids are rowdy and spirited as always, but there were no interactions between any Lancaster players and the Jamestown student section.

Sounds like a coach looking for excuses.

Yeah, that's what it is....a bold faced lie. Out of sheer boredom a bold faced lie was created and tweeted about.
There is no chance a teenage kid would ever do or say anything inappropriate that was hurtful and the mere suggestion of it by a very credible adult could only be a bold faced lie.

Thanks for clearing that up anonymous Jamestown guy who probably works at the table during home games. Everyone go back to what you were doing. Just a bold faced lie from those poor sportsmanship Lancaster. We could all learn a thing or two about sportsmanship from the angels at Jamestown and their anonymous employee who comments in this forum.

Accusations without any details or proof, in my view is either a lie or over exaggeration.

Sitting here waiting for the details of what “atrocity” occurred...

Regardless of what happens in a game throwing the ball at a player from the other team at the end of the game is poor sportsmanship. If it truly did happen.

Wnyhoops if you dont know details,how can you call it a boldfaced lie? Typical

Because I was at the game, and there no such events as you are insinuating. In comparison to the 10 different alias accounts you have to use to make an overplayed and tired whine.

Bald Guy, I agree with WNY hoops after our game vs Lancaster today. One of the lancaster players slapped one of our boys in the handshake line. The coaches had to get in between. The Lancaster coach is classless if he doesn’t discipline his player. By the way when we played Jamestown at Jamestown there weren’t any issues. I’m just a concerned fan.

Apparently a Jamestown fan had a picture of a Lancaster players deceased grandmother and made inappropriate comments about her demise.
Lancaster also needed an escort to the bus due to rowdy fans waiting outside.

That’s to bad if it’s true. I saw lancasters behavior over the weekend. Very bad.

"My buddy Tracy may never let me live this one down if the rankings hold true in March."

I just saw this now and I'm dying laughing.

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