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Tuesday, February 25, 2020


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I’m confused?? 2 of the top 5 five “exciting” semi final games include A2 schools...so wouldn’t the winners make for an exciting final game?? Lol

Confused?? How does A2 have 2 of the 5 most exciting semi finals but not finals?? Lol

Both the western conference semis looked exciting last year but nobody thought the western conference final would be exciting and it wasn't. Portland was a good match-up for the Nuggets but not for the Warriors

If A=B and B=C... then A=C lol

I just saw the all league teams from AA in a Jamestown’s newspaper. Coach Foleys son from Frontier was on the 2nd team. Everyone complains about Kyle Husbands conflict of interest in MMA , how is a coach of a player involved in the process of picking his own son in section 6? (I hope I’m misinformed) It would be very hard for the other coaches to go against another coach when it comes to his son. I’ve watched a lot of AA games and his son is a good player but there’s definitely other boys deserving on teams with better records. Politics as usual in WNY high school basketball. Again, I’m not taking away from the boy just feeling bad for some of the other boys who were overlooked because of politics.

Good God the basketball dads are terrible. You all know who you are and you all stink. You spend your time pumping up your kid who for some reason the majority just isn't as high on. The above comment stinks on so many levels. The name stinks. You're not Disappointed in WNY, you're disappointed in your sorry self and that your kid isn't higher for some award that he probably doesn't deserve. You are misinformed. Coaches don't vote for their own teams. You watch a lot of good AA games? How many that Frontier played in? I'm guessing only the game or 2 your kid played against them. Your sentence "again, I’m not taking away from the boy". Again what? You are totally taking away from him and calling it politics. Others were overlooked. Who? Your kid? What's his name chicken bleep. Support your argument with a name other than the boy you came on here to bash.

My sons not involved. If you read my post I stated that I hope I was misinformed and he doesn’t vote for his own son. That being said thanks for clarifying things. Makes me feel good. Thanks

Retired a Cop, I apologize to the people who run this site and the coach and young man. My intention wasn’t to take away from the boy. I watched him play 4-5 times and he’s a good player. Congrats to all the boys.


AA- probably the most open class. There are 5 teams I think have a legit chance to win (OP, will north, Jamestown, lancaster, falls)
Winner- Jamestown

A1- the potential semi matchup between Mckinley and North Tonawanda is interesting and I think the winner of that game ultimately wins the championship against Will East.
Winner- North Tonawanda

A2- the matchups at Buff State have the potential to be some of the most exciting games, but I can't go against the team that has looked the best all year.
Winner- Health Science

B1- I don't know if I would call it an upset but based on their seeding I guess it would be considered one. I feel Olean has played well all year but with the loss of a legendary coach and some well known players they are under the radar this year.
Winner- Olean

B2- #5 Maritime is a team I could see making a run but I think the best team is...
Winner- Allegany-Limestone

C1- The potential final between Tapestry and Middle College is a game I am looking forward to.
Winner- Middle College

C2- I think Randolph is the dominant team here and I don't see them slowing down now. If they can win the crossover C1 C2 game I could see Randolph heading to a state title.
Winner- Randolph

D1- I will be honest I don't know a lot about these teams except for what I read and seeing highlights of games.
Winner- Panama

Ball is life don’t overlook the Wolverines

Would never overlook the 4x defending champs. Even though falls has a victory over Jamestown earlier in the season I feel Jamestown is playing the best ball right now. But like I said I think class AA is wide open this year and it wouldn't be a shock to see any of 5 teams win it,especially the Falls.

What a game between Wil East and WSW. Ryniec’s new nickname should be Buff State Nate. Congrats to both teams on a good game and on good sportsmanship. WSW in the finals against a very good NT team. How many people predicted these two in the A1 final?

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