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Sunday, April 05, 2020


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To all the kids that read this and feel let down, please understand this is the opinion of 1 single guy with no basketball ability.. Centercourt does a ton for WNY high school basketball and this isn’t meant to put him down, if anything it’s a testament to him in how much buzz and notoriety he gets. due to his massive following he should strongly consider doing a panel of coaches and refs next year when determining these teams in order to deliver a fair opinion to these kids that work so hard only to be let down... There’s no other way to say it but your credibility is important when you have the audience that you do and it’s important for people to know your resume when your opinion is so highly touted. To my understanding centercourt is just a guy that goes to a ton of high school basketball games , he has never played in college and never coached (If I’m wrong please correct me). So if you feel like you got snubbed and it’s brining you down, just remember, it’s just some random dude with no basketball credibility’s opinion.

WNY hoop fan = jackass

I'm glad to see that you talk down CC mentioning his basketball resume (while also claiming not to know it) and criticizing him for his extensive list. Sorry that your son didn't make CC's list or wasn't high enough on this list. CC likely saw every single team in WNY at least once (with many teams, especially the ranked ones, numerous times). If you don't like his list, feel free to make your own website, go to 100+ varsity games each year, do write-ups for each game, promote the kids positively always, and then make your own list.

“Centercourt does a ton for WNY high school basketball and this isn’t meant to put him down”....also....” it’s just some random dude with no basketball credibility.” Ok. Also, what does playing college basketball have to do with with evaluating high school basketball players? Have you seen some of the refs around here that you want involved in the selection process? Not exactly top notch athletes. Look. This isn’t a perfect science and like you said it’s one man who takes in a TON of high school basketball and has to make tough decisions. There are a lot of players. He could have picked every player you feel is deserving and then he’d have whole other handful of parents and trolls criticizing his selections. How about just respectful saying “____ played great this season. I would have put him on a team.” What you don’t realize is by you trashing these selections, you’re unintentionally “bringing down” these players. Practice what you preach.

Congrats to everyone, tough decisions but no one sees more bball. Everyones opinions will vary obviously and that's natural.Hopefully one day the area will look to separate large and small school like Rochester and Cuse does . Possibly selecting 10 in large school AA ad A and 10 in small B,C,D. Although there are some exceptional players in lower classes every year like a Hind and Jones this year , it is a different game. With that said ppl should follow up with a post of there teams. I'm sure they would get picked apart also . Thanks for the coverage CC and it's ok to disagree but let's do it respectfully

Chad u are great at what u do. I really enjoyed every minute watching u do your thing.

Josh Haskell is one of the best players in Western New York. A shame to see him disrespected. Competing at the highest level in WNY this year and he delivered the goods. The stats may not show it (usually don’t for MMA kids) he can go toe to toe with anyone. Only a sophmore. Watch out for that kid. Look for him and SJCI to rise to the top finally after years of mediocrity. Haskell Glover and Slaughter. You’ll be hearing a lot about them.

Good list! Nick O’Neil HM that’s a head scratcher though honestly had a better season then most people on the list. It wouldn’t be fair to not factor that he played with another great player in Jaylen Stewart?

Always tough to make these decisions .My
List of kids who could have made a squad.

Nick Oneil - 2 way player,shared spotlight with Stewart played big in huge games

Jalen Duff- great second half season possibly teams most consistent player 2nd half of year after gayles injury

Keonjay Carter -scored created , best defender ,shared ball hadling duties on possibly best team in area .

Max Dowling- inside anchor for top 2/3 team in area. Shut down opposing bigs.

Jabari Smith-top defender ,huge sho maker keyed second half comeback vs NT with his 3 point shooting

Daesean Asley- most consistent Marauder, guards 4 positions , played on and off ball. Lockdown defender

Not sure who you could remove though, though decisions as every year.

Really should of thought Kolasinski as coach of the year. Probably the best coach in western New York by far. Can’t disrespect him as a coach

Agree with most of All Team Thoughts list. I would also add Joe Ciocca who was a big part of the Canisius team with the Vass, Dowling and Cercone starting group that beat St. Joe’s three times this year. They then went to Long Island and crushed the Long Island champion. Canisius was on their way to winning States, and Ciocca was their big time shooter. Ciocca scored 21 in Long Island to lead all scorers in that game. There are a lot of worthy kids not listed, including Des Davis and Caleb Hutchins from Park. Really good complimentary players on a very good team. Having watched every player on the first team, Vass should have been player of the year. He was the best player in WNY this year. If you saw him play, you know how dominant he was. Everyone has opinions, but my main hope is these players use basketball as a way to a good education more than anything else.

Thanks for all you do for WNY Boys Basketball ,Keep up the Great Work Be Safe.

Excellent job on this entire publication! The whole thing is so well thought out and put together and I can't imagine the amount work of work that goes into this for one person but it's beyond impressive. All the kids on these teams are very deserving. It should be considered a very high honor to see your name on this page! Congratulations to all of them!!

Congratulations to all selected honorees and to the unselected starting seniors whose season abruptly ended. I still believe local is "local recognition" and is biased in that manner. As of 4/8/20 only 3 honorees on the 1st 3 teams (including POY) have D1 offers. 1st Team: Roddy Gayle Jr., Jalen Bradberry and 3rd Team: John Orogun. College coaches recognize talent and ability.

Do the math. There are 347 D1 Basketball Teams. 4511 Total Scholarship Players. Approximately 1128 Scholarships are available each year. That's NATIONALLY. My research shows 99 Section 6 teams, 10 MMHSAA teams and 1 NYSAIS team. Approximately 1430 local high school players. Though not all desire or have the talent or ability to play at the next level or the GPA to qualify, it still goes to reason, those with offers are the best of the best.

This guy again. Keep pushing your Park loves. Just because someone gets offered out of high school doesn't mean that they had a better season than someone else. Granted, a giant like Orogun is going to have further opportunity at the next level, as his size is much more rare than most other kids. That being said, that doesn't mean that he had a better high school season than another just because they're not getting an opportunity due to their projected development.

d1 offers should have no bearing on all wny teams or cc . But just to inform photoguy Massai Graham of Tapestry holds multiple offers also.

Yes he is talented. He may have interest. The NCAA doesn't show any D1 scholarship offers for him at this time.

The NCAA doesn’t publish scholarship offers for any athletes.

24/7 sports and verbal commits do as well as my private sources. they get info from schools (ALL). BTW my son has a Sweet 16 ring so I've been there

Evidently someone asked photo about his son? I thought this thread was about high school basketball. CC has seen every team multiple times. Everyone who frequents this site would value and respect his opinion of the 2019-2020 high school season over the pro-Park poster.

Centercourt does a great job covering the action. I differ with 95% of the posters on this board who have no clue about scholar/student-athletes. Its almost impossible to judge an individual's talent unless they exceed against the best. I stand by my opinion that top talent does not go unnoticed and the true best of the best are those offered D1 scholarships as they are rare and the college coaches compare talent from WNY against every other place they recruit. If you think your team is better than Park, play the game or play the nationally ranked teams on their schedule they lost to.. Park hasn't lost to a local team in 2 years, has not lost at home to a local team since 1/2017. AND will have produced the last WNY NBA drafted player since Niagara Falls in 2005.

"Park hasn't lost to a local team in 2 years and not lost at home to a local team since 2017" You only played 7 local games this season and just 3 of them were at home!

"If you think your team is better than Park, play the game" St. Joes tried to play you but Park backed out. Since you're one of the only ones on this board with a clue, can you please explain why Park backed out of this game?

I understand it had to do with the revenue split on a neutral site.

I never realized that high school sports were based on revenue. I thought that they were for developing boys and girls in their teenage years. Only Park seems to bring "revenue splits" up.

don't be naive.

Lol. You're a funny dude. It really shows why Park wasn't allowed to play in MMA this year (and then really wasn't even allowed to play in NYS independent). If your attitude matches those of the rest of the school, it's not the thought process of the goal of high school sports. Sports are supposed to help kids become better people, teach teamwork, sportsmanship, along with athleticism/competition. Yes, clearly a small percentage are talented enough and driven enough to push towards college athletics, and in even smaller cases division 1. The cut throat, elitist attitude that you project, downing everyone but your Park kids, is sad. Congratulations to all of those kids who CC has placed on his all-wny teams.

Whatever happened to Dan Scott? I know he went to Oak Hill but then never heard anything after.

Will you be posting a season preview for 2021? Always an enjoyable read

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