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Sunday, February 26, 2023


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Always appreciate what you do, but I believe you’re giving far too much credit to St. Joe’s & St. Francis in the rankings.

And why the sudden upgrade from Small to Large for Bishop Timon. I was hoping for an explanation? Is it because the state rankings made the sudden change in classes?

CC watches more games than anyone and recognizes how good the top 4-5 private school teams are.

Who do you recommend putting in his rankings over St Joes and St Francis?


Moe -

I think I'm giving credit to St. Joe's where it's due - a 3-point loss at Timon & sweeping Canisius in the regular season, splits with Francis & Nichols, & a 15-point win over Will East warrants the credit

Jamestown sliding ahead of Joe's at this point might happen, I left Joe's ahead last week because of the Canisius common opponent

St. Francis played McKinley on a neutral court and lost by 9. McKinley also lost to East Aurora & South Park. Frannies made it through without anything that would be considered a bad loss and just came off a closer game against Manhattan Cup champion Timon than McKinley gave SF

NW looks to me like a Top 10 team and will be that if they win Class A1, but they lack the signature wins. They scheduled Salamanca & Depew, losing to both. Played Hamburg, Frontier, & Will East in showcase events who combined for 21 regular season wins between them

Why isn’t Jordan Alexander playing for Amherst?

Alexander did play in the regionals. District issues worked out just in time for that game I guess

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